Tuesday, 24 August 2010

V FEST 2010!!

well the hunters were out again for this weekends V Festival!!!

it was great.. i had thought it was going to be a complete wash out after looking at all the weather reports and yeah we had some rain on Saturday but Sunday was sooo gorgeous.. baking sunshine all day until the last band had played and then the rain set in..

my sister and bro in laws camper was having work done on her so wasn't going to be ready on time so we ended up hiring a lovely camper called Romeo from camper van hero's website!!.

it was great..the hubby got to drive him and i do think he has now got the bug for a camper i can see us having one .. it would be soo pretty as well lots of bunting and gingham fabrics!!..well i can dream cant i!

we had a great time.. we got to see Peter Andre ( yes Peter Andre at a festival.. madness!) he was great..sooo cheesy but great!!..
Paulo Nutini.. ( not so great!)
Madness, Plan B.. ( we was gettin down with the kids to these!)
oh my giddy aunt we got to see Faithless... i have been waiting to dance to Insomnia for years and it was amazing.. everyone went crazy jumping up and down.. i tell you what its a real work out going to festivals.. i should be about 3 stone today!..
ooo me and the hubby went down to the signing tent and got to meet the Magic Numbers .. we had our picture taken and are now currently on the NME website heehee..

i keep going on and looking at it.. yes there are about 40 other people who had their pics taken to but still I'll pretend I'm a bit famous !!!

heres the hubby having a massage in the secret garden which we had wrist bands for.. you could have your hair done and everything.. it also had flushable toilets which was a winning point for me!!
looking at this pic.. notice the man in the velour dressing gown type clothing.. how strange..!!!

Kings of Leon were the headliners on Sunday and they were just amazing.. we were right at the front for them... it was just fantastic !!

so that's it for another year.. we're not sure if we'd be able to go next year as it has been a pretty costly affair this year but we'll see..
the other thing was our boys looked all grown up when they came back from the grandparents we'd only been gone 3 days very long time when you're a mum aint it!!!

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

So were was I !?

hellooooo is there anybody there!!!!! ...

well that was a very long absence.. longer than i thought i must say.. today has been the first day that we've had the Internet for about 3 months!..

i feel sooo out of touch.. Ive not read any ones blogs for ages so i cant wait to catch up with every ones news !!

i have to say the first few weeks of not having the Internet were a bit strange... the nights were very long but i found solace in my books !!.. no actually it did me a favour us not having the Internet.. i have read a whole lot more and Ive been not so reliant on the world wide web like i was before.. ( and it helped that Big Brother has been on..!)

anyways what have i been up to over the summer.. well here goes, my last post was on the freecycle bench id just got well i did makeover on my garden bench with a little bit of red gloss . and i cant remember a time that i didn't have that little bench now!.. it sits so pretty in my little yard... here are some pics showing the back garden at its blooming best!!...
now when i say garden i know that's over exaggerating somewhat..its a little L shaped backyard..but this year it has given up tons of courgettes .. a whole heap of herbs and a few cucumbers and peppers to so we've not done to badly!!

oh i took voluntary redundancy as well...remember i said there were possibilities of redundancies well it was really taken out of my control and the jobs that were offered i just couldn't take so for the past month Ive been a lady of leisure.. ( well with two children . hardly leisure.. in fact i realise now how good it was to having a working week as well !) .. it still feels like I'm on hols or maternity leave at the minute.. Ive never not been in some sort of employment since Ive left school so this is a new experience for me! its been a bit sad for me as well..Ive worked in this job since i was 19.. Ive been a bit of a wild child, Ive got married and Ive had two children all in the space of working here.. it has felt like Ive grown up here so the prospect of starting all over again when i haven't got the confidence of youth behind me ( now i know that makes me sound ancient doesn't it and not just 30!..but that's how i feel!!) is a tad bit scary!

anyways back to the summer well we went on hols to criccieth which is in wales... fantastic house..right next to the beach.. absolutely amazing.. only trouble was it rained from the minute we got there to the day we left.. oh we were gutted.. the man whose house it was had asked us if we could swap the original date to the date that we eventually went on.. the original date turned out to to be the hottest weekend of the year i think and we went on the wettest!!.

here is the view from the gorgeous old sash windows.. pity it felt like we were in the middle of November haha.. ( actually if it had been the middle of November i would have loved it and would have stoked up the fire and pictured myself in a Rosamund Pilcher novel with the fire roaring .. but it was to blimmin warm for fires!)

the house itself was gorgeous and i think if we had been in a caravan or a tent we would have come home but this had a massive kitchen with an aga.. we just couldn't leave!!..

so the hubby just cooked amazing meals for us each night on the gorgeous old aga and i opened another bottle of rose!!

this was the pretty little courtyard on a very rare dry occasion.

well that's all for now.. just thought id pop on and say hello and say I'm back ( not that you're all going to be jumping around for joy but you know what i mean.!!..) .. hopefully have lots of piccies to show you of all forth coming events that will be taking place in the pretty vintage household..
( i.e. now that im not working 3 days a week the house will drive me crazy and all the half done jobs will be done and new jobs will be created!!)