Saturday, 30 May 2009

pretty dishy!

take a look at this lovely dish i bought for 20p.yes a whole twenty pence...!!

its a little serving dish with little sections so i think i may use this for when I'm having a cheeky gin and tonic and do require a selection of peanuts as an accompaniment!!!

you cant really tell with my rubbish photography skills but the edges are raised flowers..its so prett, its got a crack in it so i'm just hoping it doesn't break the first time i use it!

we are having my sister, bro in law and family round later for a BBQ so this may make an appearance at one point in the night even if its just me boring them with how pretty i think it is!!

speaking of dishes ..did anyone catch Brandon flowers from the killers on Jonathan Ross last night ( see what i did there!!)
honestly i think I'm in love with him!!

me and my sister went to see them in March and had such an amazing time.. they were fantastic he is such a showman as well..ooh this fancying a band member is taking me back to my Take That days when i was at school, I'm going to end up putting posters up of Brandon above my bed ..ha ha can you imagine the hubby's face if i did that!!
well i taped it so you know what I'm going to keep watching now don't you.. all 5 minutes of Brandon's loveliness.. ( although saying that he doesn't say a i would probably start to wind him up with my big gob!)

well it looks like the lovely weather is staying with us .. yippee.. there were a few miserable days this week but this is more like it don't you think ! we are off to a big park today with a picnic, we were going to go to a beach but the weather man says that there is a cool breeze on the coast so I'm staying inland!!!

hope you all have a good weekend..

Thursday, 28 May 2009

coming up roses!

i was looking at these beautiful  roses that the hubby had bought me the other day that were sat on my mantelpiece when i realised that i had so many other things that either had a rose pattern or were indeed roses!!

so i went on a little hunt around the house and took pictures of some of my many rose covered objects!!!
to be honest i am more of a fan of peonies but I'm obviously a rose fan to!!

i did have a few more things that were rose covered but i got  a little  bored!!!!...

Monday, 25 May 2009

carboot goodies

what a glorious weekend we've had ey!

lovely sunshine and i think this has been the first bit of sun were it was really warm as well oh happy days i hope it stays like this all summer now ( is this a little bit to optimistic!!?)

we went to the bank holiday carboot today and it was packed because of the good weather which didn't bode well for bargains i thought especially as we didn't get there until mid morning!

but i did manage to nab a few things.. you know I'm trying to build up a nice little plate collection so that i can put them up on the wall and make a feature well i got hold of a few more today

and along with a nice little serving bowl which will come in handy now BBQ season is upon us.. need nice bowls to put salads in etc don't you think!

bought a lovely little china posy .. oo I'm so in love with these pretties they are soo delicate!!

i was made up when i came upon this bag of drawer handles . they are porcelain ones and the lady only wanted £2 for all 10 of them.. i bought them in a flash just in case she changed her mind!

I've put them on my chest of drawers in my bedroom.. which Ive now realised needs a good ol repaint..its a bit like when you try a new pair of shoes on with an old outfit you can just tell!!

and i got this lovely double handed little bowl.. i thought it was lovely,

for my rocking chair i bought a lovely cushion cover but now i need to find a cushion insert that's big enough!!

looking back on most of my purchases they mostly involved a floral pattern of some sort.. is there a theme starting to build up in my house do you think!

oh sob sob.. i bought this lovely Johnson's bros grey dawn little milk jug and a matching bowl and a little sugar pot all for £2.20 and i smashed the sugar pot before as i was trying to find a home for it.. i couldn't believe it .. gutted i was!!!

i think i could have bought more but me and hubby had given ourselves a £10 budget each!!
i did end up with really bad blisters on my heels so had to take my little pumps off .. oo i felt like a free spirit walking in the grass with bare feet!!
hope you've all had a good bank holiday weekend.. mine has been very laid back, lots of reading in the sun and had some friends and family round.. love weekends like this just wish i didn't have that sick "going back to work tomorrow" feeling in my tummy now!!!

Saturday, 23 May 2009

question time

I told you i was a geek when it came to filling these in .. i will always jump on the bandwagon and have a go!!!

Just seen this on another blog so thought i'd have a go. Feel free to do it too.

1. What are your current obsessions? the thought of decorating my bathroom !!

2. Which item from your wardrobe do you wear most often? skinny jeans

3. What's for dinner? steak with peppercorn sauce and chunky chips!

4. Last thing you bought? last night i bought a gorgeous top from river island and a pair of v high sandals from dotty p's ( am now feeling a little bit sick about how much i spent!) 

5. What are you listening to? at this minute im listening to the verve 

6. If you were a god/goddess who would you be? the "get men to clean " goddess were nagging actually worked!

7. Favorite vacation spots? greece and dumfries in scotland ..lovely people and lovely place

8. Reading right now?personal shoppers revenge

9. Four words to describe yourself   silly, organized, calm, tired!

10. Guilty pleasure? smirnoff vodka!

11. Who or what makes you laugh until you’re weak? my sister who is my best friend and my hubby who is so funny but a total idiot for it! 

12. Favorite thing to do in the summer? lieing in the sun with a good book and the music on

13. Planning to travel to next? nope not this year defo next year though but not sure were.. hopefully somwere hot!!

14. Best thing you ate or drank lately? sweet potato chips at my sisters the other night.. ooo i could eat bucketloads of them!

15. When did you last get tipsy? last night!.. children being looked after by grandparents ..we took to the pub only had two glasses of wine got piggy back of hubby home!

16. Favorite ever film? breakfast at tiffanys every time !!!!

17. Care to share some wisdom? never eat yellow snow!!!!.

18. Least favorite part of your day? when i hear my baby start waking up about silly oclock and the house is freezing!!.

19. What make/model was your first car? i dont drive but OUR first car was a little black escort ahh it was great!

20. Favourite song to sing? somebody told me by the killers.. my two year old knows it to so we sing it together!!

Friday, 22 May 2009

what do you do??

what do you do when the weather out of your window looks like this???

do you turn your lamps on and make the room feel lovely and cosy

make a bed on the floor and snuggle up watching Lazy Town

put some warm snuggly socks on as you cant have the heating  on as your'e trying to get that huge gas bill down but tootsies are cold!

play hide and seek

and then eat a load of cakes from the shop and feel  a bit sick afterwards

we do!!

what type of things do you get up to on miserable rainy days

Monday, 18 May 2009

Garden Party

nipped to Tescos the other day and happened to find myself buying a paper tablecloth as it looked rather pretty and it said it was wipe able which is an added bonus when you have a very messy toddler and  a baby trying to feed himself at meal times!!!
thought it would be a little square really not much to it....
but no.. its quite big and its sooooo pretty... and its called Garden Party, which conjures up loveliness in my mind!!! I'm not sure how long it will actually last before its ripped etc but it only cost 75p so I'm sure i can afford to go and get a couple more!!!
i think i might make some bunting for the garden with it as well... 

now i was sent an email from decorative country living today and there was this picture on the gorgeous is this.. 

doesn't this just make you yearn for a warm balmy summer evening... this is defo the look I'm going to go for in my little yard in the evenings.. once it starts warming up at least!!..
do you think we'll get a nice summer this year.. i do hope so body is calling out for some vitamin c!! 

Ive been collecting a few little bits for my little yard ( shall we call it my courtyard terrace instead!!) now all i need to do is get a few more plants ( even though hubby has said noway we have enough.. is he daft or summit!) so if the carboot is going to be on on bank holiday i might get some from there

so Ive picked up  these tiles from a few different charity shops over the past few months that i think will look lovely up on the wall 

and then these different style lanterns are sure to look gorgeous with flickering candles in

and last but not least a tray to hold my drinky and perhaps a nice jug of flowers 

oh take a look at this .. it is a weed but i think its so pretty ..its got lovely little purple flowers and i love the way its growing around the trellis and over my plant holder.. would you cut it back as it is a weed or keep it because its pretty... ???
arnt weeds just friends you haven't met!!!!???

Saturday, 16 May 2009

lazing on a rainy afternoon!!

well its been pretty miserable today hasn't it...well if not round your way its defo been round here!
its been a little strange really the weather today because at some points of the day its actually been cracking the flags..which has meant Ive felt awful for having my heating on but i needed to get the washing dry!!..

anyways i didn't get dressed until about 4.30 gross is that!! but we had such a slobby day, we were up at silly o'clock with the two boys who seem to now be in sync with each others waking habits which means we both have to get up as well!! ( i do lie in bed sometimes remembering those special times when me and hubby would get a lie in and then wander over to buy a bacon barm from the buttie shop and then read the papers.whilst recovering from a mad night out and then get ourselves ready for another mad night out...ahhhh memories!!!!) anyways i digress!!

now please don't laugh.. i haven't been able to stop thinking about "hens" home and love cushions that she made herself and i thought that i would have a go at making one even as a trial run!
it took hours and it really isn't the best but i thought as I'm so rubbish at invisible stitches i might as well make a feature of them so you can see all the stitches ..but that's deliberate OK!!!

this is only the first go so i may get better as i go along!!

i mean when you look at other peoples crafting and sewing their talent is amazing.. I'm so obviously an amateur with very little patience so my things never turn out how i picture them but i suppose its all a learning curve really.... !!

then i decided to have a go at making a bag..Ive never made one before so wanted to have a try at making one at least

so take one dress that I've been putting on eBay for weeks that no one wanted to buy

and hack it up and try to make it into a bag ..actually i don't mind it you know.. i think its worked out quite well and it was mostly done by freehand so its not to bad!!
i do need to line the handle as its a bit floppy really and could do with a better finish to it

right some last minute charity shop buys ...

a lovely blue petal ware jug complete with fake flowers which I'm not sure about but I'll keep them for now

and a lovely red throw which I'm adding to my other fleecy throw collections.. honestly they are treat in the summer if you have outside bbqs etc you just wrap yourself in them

right everyone hope you are all watching the eurovision..wonder were we'll come this year..1st or 25th..we'll see ey!!!
whatever I'm missing terry wogans little comments!!!

Friday, 15 May 2009

hello sailor !!

found a piece of forgotten fabric the other day in my linen cupboard, it was a piece of laura ashleys nautical range that i won off ebay about 2 years ago now,
it was way before i had any inkling to do any real sewing and i had used some of it to make some bunting for my babies room
how did i make bunting without sewing... with straws and glue!!.. id got the idea from a childrens craft website !!

anyways i was left with quite a good size so thought id make a blind. well i didnt have that much so i just made a pelmet but i think it looks pretty effective.. i think the red blind underneath with the eyelets in also has a nautical feel to it ( they could be the windows of a boat!!) so im quite liking it together

what do you think ??

i love this room.its such a bright room and i was a bit worried that when we moved the baby in here aswell as our toddler that the cot would make it feel really cramped but it hasnt i dont think..
obviously we'll have to get them bunk beds in a couple of years if we dont move as we only have a two bedroom house but even that i think will work heres a couple of pics
i love the nautical theme that it has got running through it . im sure as they get older they'll want to change it.. so im going to start brainwashing them to like the cath kidston cowboy range or the london design..which i think is quite cool!!..
who says its got nothing to do with me.. its their space pah.. its my house!!!!!

what do you think of this lovely quilted throw i bought for both boys from ikea ..they only cost £7.99 or somthing a bit daft, until i learn how to make one they can have these as i think its really nice. they are lovely and snuggly and my toddler uses his for his afternoon nap!

i made another cushion aswell this week seen as i had the sewing machine out i thought id go mad!!
.. a spotty one this time..although i really want to make the "home"cushion that hen has made ..check out her blog ..... ....... they are sooo nice.. i think i'll have to have a few practise runs first though as i am pretty rubbish at slapdash !!!
but im really loving the stripes and flowers and spots just works doesnt it, thats why i love the whole shabby chic look..nothing has to be to matchy matchy.. but somehow it still goes together !!

right i have both boys asleep at the minute so im going to take advantage of the peace and quiet and have some homemade chocolate cake and a nice cuppa hmmmm!!
( it actually looks disgusting doesnt it but it does taste nice!!!)