Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Simply Amazing!!

hi all

well i had the V festival experience and just loved it!!!

it really was an amazing weekend.. i went with the hubby, my sister and brother in law

we stayed in Primrose the camper van!
the weather was amazing for us.. we had sunshine all weekend so there was no dodging the rain and trudging around in mud it was lying on our backs in the sun listening to live bands and then watching the sun set as bands played their anthem tunes..

it really was a great weekend.. and it finished to soon !!!

on the Saturday we saw Daniel Merriwether, Biffy Clyro, we waited for ages to see Lady Gaga who was late coming on and then left early.. i was a little bit frightened in this tent though as it was sooo crowded so we left

Elbow were playing as the sun was setting and that was amazing.. I'm not really a fan of them but they can really play to a crowd..great stuff!

we saw Snow Patrol who were great.. the whole crowd sang "Run" which gave me shivers!..me and the hubby went off to see Oasis.. ( they pulled out the next night in Essex though id have been fuming!) who were good.. did all the ol faves...and then we had a little look round all the stalls afterwards.. i was trying on all the hippie dresses and hats.. ( even at festivals I'm still looking for a bargain!)
then it was back to Primrose for a good old sing song and a few nibbles..( and a few cheeky vodkas!).
Sunday the sun was shining again ( i think its rained the last 5 years or so at V so this was just great!).. we walked down and listened to Star Sailor whilst we chilled in the sunshine.. then it was on to watch the Noisettes, we saw Lilly Allen.. who in real life has the most loveliest voice.. and she had an amazing pair of shoes on!.. hubby and bro in law went to watch "the specials"

we caught the end of the Wombatts who were good, then hubbys weekend was made as some members of "the Goldie looking chain!" were walking around having their pics taken..they are some mad, often foul mouthed quite funny welsh rap band.. so we got to have our photos taken with them.. the hubby loves them ( i think its a boy thing!) so to meet them would be like me meeting cath kidston!

i of course jumped on the bandwagon and became their biggest fan and had my pic taken with two of the members!!

Razorlight played and were amazing but then the whole highlight of my weekend was the killers!!!!!!!... oh my goodness i just love The Killers!!.. we had the most amazing spot ever.. right at the front!!!!.. i could see Mr Brandon Flowers so clearly ( even without my glasses on!) and they just played to the crowd so much.. it was the best performance Ive ever seen.. it really was..

and then that was it.. its all over now for another year..

i think we are all a little depressed now .. well not depressed just having the V blues.. its back to work and normal day to day things..were for a couple of days at least you forget all this and just really chill out..
but then theres always next year !!!!!!!!!!!

me and maggot and adam hussain from goldie looking chain.. actually really nice lads..very friendly and no ego!!! ( check out my box of noodles.. i was hungry and wasnt putting that down for anyone!)



the beautiful brandon Flowers.. you cant really see him on the pic but just wanted to show you who close we were!!!

the Noisettes.. very good.. but i did only know 2 of the songs..!!!

Biffy Clyro.. very good.. quite rocky .good to have a bit of a rock out to!!

whos this.. a blonde boy george !!!!
********* i have just noticed that there is a "weres wally?" character behind me in this picture.. he really does get everywere doesnt he wally!!..

Saturday, 22 August 2009

The Road to V!!

hi all

im writing this at midnight saturday morning!! **well in about 5 hours time me and the hubby will be getting ready to set out to the V Festival in Stafford..
we are going with my sister and bro in law in their camper van Primrose!!
the children are at both parents..we could have gone today as that's when most people go but me and my sister both felt a little bit funny about leaving our babies for nearly 4 days!
so its an early start tomorrow to set up camp and then enjoy a bit of music for the next few days
the hunter wellies have been bought.. the bag is all packed and the fake tan has been applied.. ( if I'm going to wear shorts I'm not getting out my white legs for no one!!) oh and plenty of baby wipes to keep us clean!!!
will let u know how we get on when we get back.. so for now its goodbye and rock on!!!!

Thursday, 20 August 2009

Handme down housewife!!

this mop bucket is a little piece of vintage when I'm doing the cleaning..

it was my mother in laws nanas!!.. she used to run a guesthouse for years, apparantly the "monster raving looney" party leader stopped there!!! ( oo the glamour!)... this house apparently was full of goodies.. why wasn't i around then, and i never got to meet her as she died a few years before i met my hubby..but from the stories ive heard about her i think i would have loved her!

the clothes dryer was my mums who bought it before i was born,( so that makes it atleast 20!!)
i love it .. you can get loads on it and it doesn't take up any room when its folded!! i remember this being in our boiler cupboard when i was growing up.. it always had washing on it being as there was 4 kids and 2 adults there was always a wash on!

my peg bucket was a pound from the car boot a few years ago.. its a little old enamel tin.. but it holds quite a few pegs!!
and i love the little chickens on it!

isn't it great when things that you have, have little stories attached to them and also when things can be either re-used for something else or passed on to someone. i think that's what makes me a handme down housewife ..loving everyones cast offs!!..
****** ooo just to say ..thank you for all your advice on the leg painting!.. i think im going to keep them the brown for now .. as i want it to go with my little green wing back chair which also has dark wooden feet.. so think this would look quite nice along side it!...just off to paint my own legs now.. the fake tan needs applying before the weekend is here!!!*******

Monday, 17 August 2009

brown or cream legs....you decide !!!!!!

hi all

have been off work today so had a pretty much of a lazy day.. in fact i was still in my pj's until tea time ...very slovenly of me i know but i was comfy!

thought id use my new staple gun and have a go at recovering a little foot stool that my mum gave me months ago.. it was banished upstairs as it was brown velvet and i didn't think it went really!!

anyways i have been looking for the right fabric to cover it but not really came across anything..then going through my stash this afternoon i found the lovely fabric that i got from freecycle the other month,

there is tons of it so i thought if i made a mistake then i could always have another go!!

so anyways here it is before.. v 1970's me thinks

here is a work in progress

and here's the final result.. what do you think.. its a bit raggedy around the edges a little but we'll just not talk about that!!!

my only thing now is ..should i paint the legs cream or leave them in the brown.. I'm not sure???
what do you think ???...

Sunday, 16 August 2009

Booty bargains!!

well we woke up this morning to an awful burning smell..

our oldest who has just turned three decided to make his own breakfast this morning while we were still asleep

his breakfast consisted a spoonful of green and blacks chocolate spread into his plastic postman pat bowl and then put into the microwave wacked onto high!!

so you can imagine the smell of burning plastic and the smoke everywhere... it was disgusting!!

our kitchen stinks of burnt plastic now. he was a bit excited because there was smoke so he thought fireman sam would be coming to see us....eeeek

so i think the baby gate will be put back on now to stop these early morning culinary attempts!!

anyways to escape this horrible smell we decided to go to the car boot, just for a look!!

and we came back with tons!!!...

i thought i had loads but when i got home i didn't have that much really but very pretty what i did have!

first off i saw this pretty t-pot..very Emma Bridgewater inspired i thought.. i asked how much and when he said 20p i nearly snatched his hand off!!!

Ive realised when i got home that i have pretty egg cups that match this..which is always nice to have a few matching items isn't it

i picked up this very pretty patchwork cushion cover on the next stall for 10p!!

i don't know if you can see that well on the picture but lovely little patches of roses.. its found a home on one of my red arm chairs!!

there was a lovely stall full of gorgeous plates and lace tablecloths most of it was out of my price range.. i think he was more of a dealer than someone just clearing their attic!.. but i did pick up these lovely pillowcases.. trimmed with gorgeous lace,and with the prettiest little bit of embroidery

and this gorgeous candy stripe pillowcase that he threw in for free as he only had one.. i would have liked to have two but never mind.. I'll just have to keep an eye out on me travels for the other one!

the thing is these pillowcases are massive.. i think they must be oxford pillowcases ( is that right????) and my pillows are like biscuits so it looks like I'll have to be buying some new ones.. these are to nice to go on flat squashed numbers!

a jaunty little red scarf was thrown in for free when i bought a hairdryer.. mine did blow up on me the other week so have been having to let my hair dry naturally which is all well and good when you have the time but when you're running late and your hair is sopping wet its not ideal.. you cant beat little scarfs though can you..i have drawers full of them but do tend to wear the same ones!

oh i got myself another dress that is obviously from a maturer lady but i loved it.. and the button detail on the shoulder is so pretty.. Ive got some gorgeous red patent wedges which will look fab with this i think..very 1950s!

i have been after a light for my bedroom ever since we moved in.. at the minute its just a brown and cream Capiz shell style one which was left by the previous owners..as pretty as it is.. it doesn't really go in my bedroom but Ive not seen any lights that i liked or could justify paying £100 for so when my beady little eye spotted this twinkling i dove straight in.. ( u know i must be one of those very annoying people at car boots who people complain about!!!)

we got it for £3.50 and its in working order.. how fab is that.. I'm not to sure on the faux candle dripped wax things that go on the bulbs but I'm thinking if i just paint them white/silver i probably wont notice them!
i think it just needs a bit of a clean up to get its sparkle back and then find someone to wire it up!!

to add to my slowly growing collection of pastel coloured china i bought this sweet little jug, its called "almond petal". I'm not sure if its part of any range I'll have to have a look on the Internet later to see but its sooo pweety!!.. its got a little frill around the rim and is a lovely sage green..

i don't know if you have heard of this book "were the wild things are", perhaps you read it as a child.. well hubby was at the pictures the other week and this has been made into a film.. he said it looks amazing....well this book just reminds me of my childhood.. i don't remember the story as such but the pictures are just fixed onto my memory so we bought this lovely book for 50p..our oldest has already had us read it to him a few times .. so it looks like this will be now a firm fave in my little family to !

we also bought the obligatory kids toys that are broken by the time we got back to the car!!..

hubby went a bit mad and couldn't stop buying electrical things.. sega megadrive, sandwich toastie maker, cheese fondue set, camping stove ..haha.. and this is the man who is always silently fuming when i wake him with the words "car boot today darling!!"

then we went to my inlaws for a nice roast..absolutely scrummy roast potatos..hmm i think i had about 6 talk about carb overload.. but then i obviously needed them to build up my energy again dont you think!!!

Saturday, 15 August 2009

She knows me so well !!!

my sister is my best friend ( apart from hubby that is!) she is ten years older than me and when we were growing up i thought she was the bossiest thing going!!!

when you look back though she was 18 and was having to share her bedroom with a pretty awful 8 year old, who read her diary and ate all her secret stash of chocolate i would have hated it!!!

now though i love her to bits.. she really is the bestest mate ever!

we have such a laugh together, she is one of very few people who can really make me belly laugh, we cant really ring each other when we are in work as we spend most of it laughing thus drawing attention to the fact we arnt working!

.. and she just "gets" me.. do you know what i mean.. she just understands were I'm coming from.. even if she thinks I'm a little strange for being excited over Pyrex!!

so here's how i know how she does.. what do you buy someone who loves cleaning and pretty things

why a shabby chic inspired feather duster of course!!!!!!

just look how pretty this is!!

the lovely little flowers on the handle match my kitchen so well.. I'm going to have to find a hook for it to go on.. this needs to be shown off!!

i mean look at them high ceilings with picture rails, coving. imagine the dust that must get stuck up there..whats a girl to do ???
why use her extendable feather duster .. yes it even extends so i can get to the hard to reach bits!!!

cant you tell I'm just a little bit excited about this!!!.. it just goes to show how well my sis knows me.. thanks love for the pressie!!!!
Ken Dodd eat your heart out mate!!!!

Thursday, 13 August 2009

Miss Piggy has left the building!!!

hi all

well its been a week since i last posted.. the reason is this time last week i came down with the influenza that's been taking the nation by storm!!
honestly it happened so quick.. i had to go to bed around nine o'clock as i started to feel so rough and that was it.. i didn't get out of bed until Tuesday.
i have never been so ill in all my life!!.. temperature through the roof, aches all over, headaches..urgh its something that i hope i don't go through to often again!!

hubby got the tamiflu from the local medical centre for me, and that was like my knight in shining armour!! it has received a bit of a bad press but it did the job for me so I'm not complaining!!
this did become my best friend this week!!

i am so glad though that i had a lovely bedroom to lie in this was my view for best part of about five days .. but i have to say i was getting a little sick of it by the end!

now my family have always said i have trotters for feet and Ive always hated my nose.. as i think its very snout like so there you go .. i really am Miss Piggy!
so i think I'm alright now anyway.. have terrible cabin fever though

so what do you do when you cant get out of the house.. well you move things around don't you!
had a move around in the little room next to our kitchen ( which i think originally would have been the kitchen)..put up some photos on the wall and brought the little bedside table down from our room as my mum has given me a gorgeous little table that Ive put next to our bed ..
do have a few more photos to put up but thought id show you
now the lights on my pictures always makes the room look really dank and depressing but this is so not the case in real life..i love this room its really cosy so i don't know what goes on with my pictures half the time!!!

here it is before..

just by moving the bookcase against this wall it feels bigger!

how messy is this bookcase..must sort that out tomorrow!!

here's the view from the other side..

so anyways here's the table that mummy gave me, she had already painted it up so i just needed to find a little home for it.. (please ignore my actual disgusting skirting board there.. i think its full of orange juice and coffee.. and i haven't cleaned it.. how gross am i !!)

going to have a lovely old clean of the house tomorrow, give it a good ol spring clean even though its nearly end of summer! so there should be no more dirty skirting boards for me !!!

Thursday, 6 August 2009

charity shop amazingness!!!!!

Hi all
had a good morning at the charity shops.. the sun is shining to so always great!!

i bought this stunning bag for a pound..yes a beautiful beaded bag with the most gorgeous flowers on for one hundred pence!!!. they did want £1.50 but i used my charms!!!

its on both sides of the bag as well, theres a lot of work that's gone into this bag.. so I'm going to keep it for special occasions as i don't want to ruin it with bags of wipes, nappies, and little bags of baby crisps now do i !!
Ive been looking at everyones crocheting and all the lovely blankets that they've made and i thought to myself i really must have a go.. Ive never done crochet before but theres always a first time

so here it is .. my first attempt......

what do you think???

HAHA as if !!..
how lovely is this.. i picked it up for £1.50 its huge and the colours are so vibrant and lovely..the photo doesn't really do it that much justice as it looks a little dull but in real life its just lovely.. I'm not sure if i will keep it on my bed i might have it in the living room for night time snuggling in front of the tv.. i don't know about you but i get sooo cold at night now..i sit with about 20 layers on!!!
i do actually want to learn how to crochet though, that's going to be the next thing i learn to do!!

i got this little serving dish for 39p were they get their prices from i don't know!.. i think its a little bit art deco looking with the corners etc..

it matches some of my other little vintage dishes so i think the effect when they are all laid out on the dinner table will be lovely

now I'm always on the lookout for pastel coloured crockery/china so i was made up when i saw this jug.. its from the iris woodsware range and i love it.. its quite big as well so will be great for the breakfast table filled with ice cold milk to pour over our cornflakes!

Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Happy Anniversary Hubby!!

he probably wont even read this as he thinks my blog is all about plates and furniture!!
but today is my 4th wedding anniversary!!.
we've been together for 6 years and how quickly time has flown!
our wedding day was one of the happiest days of my life,
we've really grown together since we got married.. we've had good times, bad times and happy times.. i think we are a good little team.. and since having the children we've become a proper little family
he is my best friend, he loves me for me, and puts up with the house being taken over by all things floral and shabby!!
times can be hard when you've a young family and not a lot of money but i think we work well together and we get through it..
i know we'll continue to grow together and i cant wait to plan our 25th wedding anniversary party.. imagine how many vintage plates we'll have collected by then!!!

love you loads Mr B..and if you are reading this.. theres just some things from freecycle id like you to pick up!!