Monday, 27 July 2009

why i love charity shops!

because you get to pick up gorgeous Pyrex dishes for 50p each...!!!!

tucked behind a pile of bedding that no one will touch as it looks like its ready for the dog bed...until i come along with my beady eye and spot the loveliness peeking out at me!!!!

i bought these today ..i really liked the fact the pattern is in a gorgeous green colour which i haven't seen before,

just need to have a nice dinner now and use these lovelies for serving!!!

heres to pyrex love!!!!

Sunday, 26 July 2009

funny shoes and jugs!

well today we went to ikea for our breakfast..if you haven't been yet for your breakfast you really must go, it is gorgeous.. and only about £1.50 to .. today i only had a bacon roll but even that was so tasty, but i think that was because i have been doing the special k diet for the past few weeks so the taste of any real food past my lips was pure heaven!!!

anyway after we had our late breakfast we went along to the nearest tenpin bowling alley type for something to do that's a little bit different to what we normally do

now I'm sorry but i think theres nothing more funny than a grown woman in a little tea dress, a pair of leggings.. a pair of hubbys socks and them awful bowling shoes!!!

but then something topped that in the funny we were paying for the games,shoes etc. .our 3 yr old ran off.. and ran straight down someones lane and fell over right in the middle of their game.. which i know when reading that back isn't that funny and i did tell him off but you had to be there.. it was funny!!!
i just thought he was going to carry on running really!!!

anyways after we had our game we were going home but i made hubby pull into dunelm mill as i fancied a nose around.. i bought this gorgeous little pink jug as it really reminded me of my johnson bros china that i already have

and it sits so pretty along side the green and the lemon, it immediately found its own special little place on the shelf so it must have been meant to be!!

it was probably my reward for having to wear them terrible shoes!!!

you get the picture!!

Saturday, 25 July 2009

our day out!

we have had a lovely day out today.. my little family and then my sister, bro in law and their children
we went along to Anglesey in Wales to a lovely place called Traeth, Ive never been here before but i would really recommend it the beach was lovely all golden and sandy which i think tends to be pretty rare on British beaches they are usually quite pebbly arnt they but this was lovey
.. however just as i took my cardie off as it finally got warm the tide was coming in rather quickly so we had to pack up all our towels, picnics, prams, gather children back in from the sea and head up to the car!!!
also want to go back to this part of Anglesey as i noticed a good few charity shops and antique shops.. its always nice to go to new charity shops isn't it!!

we then went back along to Llandudno which is about half an hour from Anglesey and had a quick look round the charity shops were i bought a gorgeous little top that looks most vintage.. but was in fact from Dorothy Perkins!

i think this will look so nice with a pair of skinny jeans and little flat will be very sienna mills/kate moss esque. but obviously they dont have my muffin top in their skinny jeans!!!!

.. and then we all had a nice walk along the front to the pier and then up to the Great Orme ( well we actually went in the car for this as last time we did this walk the senior citizens were over taking me as i took deep breaths .. its sooo steep!!)
the only thing that i don't like about being by the seaside is the seagulls!!

Wednesday, 22 July 2009

new additions to the family

hi all

i feel like Ive not posted a blog for ages, i have been logging on and having a read of all your lovely blogs but i just haven't felt like writing much myself

i think i feel more inspired when the weather is nice and we have had such awful weather of late that i just haven't been in the mood!

i mean can anyone tell me were the sun has gone.. do you think we should file a missing persons report on it. I'm missing it a lot!!
saying that there was at least 15 mins continuous sunshine this afternoon which i took full advantage of so that touch of vitamin c must have broken my bloggers block!!

anyways i thought i would show you the newest additions to the pretty vintage family !!

all from the amazing freecycle website honestly my house has been practically furnished from this website, the quality of things that people would otherwise be taking to the tip is amazing

theres nothing that a bit of love and a tin of paint cant do is there!!

i have been wanting this style of dining chair for ages, i had been watching on ebay for them but they always went for more than i was willing to pay for, seeing them at the flea market but not being able to get home with them as I'm on the bus! i got four of these gorgeous farmhouse kitchen style chairs last week

i plan to paint them like i had painted my other dining chairs in red, pink, lemon and I'm thinking a nice mossy green, i have to admit to being a little nervous of painting them as the wood is such good quality but i do find the wood along side my table and pew a little boring!!
my sister thinks I'm mad to paint them but they were free and i will be extra careful painting them!!..

then i got three lovely chairs off freecycle again this week, i knew i had to have them the minute i saw the email in my inbox as the person had put "3 shabby chic chairs!" off hubby went again in the car to pick them up uttering the last famous words " were are you going to put these, we do not need any more furniture!!" so they came back to me and they were bright yellow!!

but i loved the shape of them

i got some little tester pots from b&q and just painted two of them and put a clear varnish over the top so that they can withstand a little knocking!...i have fallen in love with the red paint that i used its only a b&q own one called cherry red but i think its gorgeous

i found this bit of Rosali fabric in my linen cupboard now at the minute its clinging on to dear life on the chair pads until i can buy a new staple gun !!.. so i don't think the chairs look their best yet but once the pads are covered properly i think they'll look smashing

i still have yet to do the 3rd one but I'm not sure were this chair is going to live yet, so the colour is yet to be decided!! but i love the shape of this one even more, really vintagey looking, I'm thinking shall i keep it in my bedroom or perhaps put it in the bathroom with a jug and bowl on?? we'll see.. sometimes things just find a natural home of their own in the house don't they, i find they do!

now here is the newest addition to the family.. she came today!

its the lovely singer of the singer sewing machine family!!!....she has come to work for us!!

this again is another freecycle gift, i have had this for a few months but when the hubby picked it up it needed restoring as it was in a real mess, so he took it to his work ( he works in a big ol workshop type place! ) and gave her a good clean, re-veneered the top, galvanised and repainted all the metal work and brought her home today..

i love it.. i keep looking at it and i have even found the perfect home for my holiday lamp i bought the other week, so it was meant to be!!!

so there you go a few bits to keep me going for the next few weeks!!!.. my chairs are going to take a bit longer to do because i want to do them right and although the look is "shabby chic" i don't want to do my usual "slapdash chic!" on them as i think they deserve a bit more than that!!
having read back this post.. am i the only person who refers to furniture like people.. i think I'm getting more weird by the day!!

Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Old and New

hi all

well i popped down to my local charity shops this morning after failing to buy the paint i need for my kitchen ( that's a long story which I'll tell another time!!!)... anyways i come across a lovely little dress which i think will look lovely on a warm day..

its a little vintage number ( well its at least from the 1980s!!) a candy stripe number which I'm sure some of you will be thinking "urgh .. turn it into a pair of pillowcases don't wear it !!! " but i just really liked it when i saw it!

now what I'm loving about all these little pieces is that all the brand new things in the shops go so well with the older things as well..

i thought that for a dressier day i could wear my brand new yellow wedges from primark with it

and perhaps if don't feel like tottering around i could throw on my coral coloured flat sandals for much of a casual look.

which ever way i think its great that the old and the new mix so well don't they.. i wonder in 20 years will girls be hunting out primark and new look clothes in the charity shops and calling it vintage.. that will probably make us laugh wont it, as I'm sure it does to the likes of the ethels and brendas who work in the charity shops now when we are going in saying how much we love our vintage clothes!!!

anyways moving on.. we bought this lovely red wooden high chair for the baby last week.. I'm made up with it as he can stay in it until hes 10!!!!..

I'm sure that wont be the case but its obviously a long lasting product!. i also love the fact its red and goes with my other painted chairs to! the hubby has been trying to get me to get a nice bright plastic number for ages but i just couldn't bring meself to do it.. i knew i would get a nice one in the end!!

since i started my little collection of china posies Ive wanted the one that was on my mums dressing table when i was growing up as it just reminds me of happy times
i used to love all the little ornaments she had in her bedroom, anyways mum thought that she must have threw it out or perhaps sold it on a carboot or something as she didn't have it.. until she found it in her shed last week yay!!
so now i have it as well.. its a simple little thing ..bit like me really!!!

so now i have the four on my dresser.. i think that's enough to keep me going for now isn't it!!