Tuesday, 4 September 2012

time flies

well i cant believe its been so long since i last posted... April..was months ago and that was the last time i thought to leave a little blog post..
i think i just get  caught  on the wheel of life and i find myself going round and round without particularly anytihng interesting or extraordinary to say or write about but i am also rather busy at the same time so i hsould technically have tons to talk about!!

anyways tomorrow is a big day for the pretty vintage household.. the baby of the family is donning his Clarks sensible school shoes and his owl emblem school jumper and crisp white polo shirt ( along with horrendous black tracksuit bottoms which have been introduced for the reception class..but lets not go there!!) and will be making his gorgeous cute little footsteps into the infant playground that hes been going to for the past two school years but this time will actually be going in through the classroom door

oh my days...i cant believe that my baby is going to school...it seems such a short time that i was writing this post about returning to work after my maternity leave


i actually cant believe Ive been blogging for so long you know it doesn't feel anytime at all but the move-arounds that this house has seen ...theres been tons!!
i cant believe how that time has flown...and I'm filled with all sorts of misgivings.. "have i wasted the time we had just me and my little man??" "have i done all i can to prepare him for school life?!" "if he stays hot school dinners for a change will he know how to carry his tray of food!?"....
am i normal in thinking this ?? when my oldest boy started school 2 years ago i didn't feel any of this..he was so confident ..in fact i think he'd been waiting to go to school since he was 18 months!!.. now i just feel that my little boyo is going into the big wide world of education and i have to watch from the sidelines when all i want to do is carry him through it and speak for him at every stage...( this is possibly coming across as control freak mummy and I'm sure i am so no excuses really!!)

so anyways i cant say much more than this as its all a little bit emotional and you know i hate this salt water coming from the edges of my eye!!.. so all i shall say is at least i shall have abit more time to take lots of lovely pictures of makeovers and room changes and even possibly a Friday frock or two!! ( ahh remember them days..oh well maybe i'll come back with a bang (....or a sparkler ... we dont want to get too excited!!)