Friday, 13 April 2012

Fire Fire!

the other week me and the hubs actually got the chance to spend the day together on our own without the boys..its a rare thing and even more so mid week when he is usually in did involve a hospital appointment so it wasn't a total dreamy day to ourselves but pretty much!!..
so we popped along to the flea market that is on once a week in the next town to us,
and we found something that we both liked.. wasn't a least bit floral covered or pink and was only a fiver, so we bought it

we think it must have been in a school or something ..its very loud when you ring it..perfect if the children are being really loud and you need to get their attention!!

( our neighbours must hate us!!)

so we put it up on the stairwell as i thought it would go with what is already up there..and its actually turned into the hubby's little patch on the house.. the picture is of Amsterdam were he went a few times pre children and pre responsibility days, the small pic is the song lyrics "all you need is love,love is all you need" by the Beatles who he loves...

the nautical bunting could be from when he was in the sea cadets and now the latest addition of the fire bell which is a bit retro,a bit like him!!..see how good i am to him.. he gets a patch on the stairs what more would he want or even need hey!!


  1. love, love, love it. what a corking find. I want one!


  2. Love it and it is good he has his own little patch.

  3. Maybe that will stop my hubby moaning about all the pink and pastels - give him his own patch.....I dread to think what he would put on it though...........Tottenham posters??!!! Might have to be a patch in the understairs cupboard! lol!