Saturday, 5 December 2009

how hard can it be!

until this week .. i never knew that there was so many shades of grey!!!!!!

i thought you either had a dark grey or a light grey!!

Ive been back to Homebase now four times each time buying a tester pot of a different grey, the man who mixes the paint up even knows who i am now and is finding it ever so amusing that i still cant decide!!

can anyone help me.. I'm looking for a nice pale grey.. not to cold.. not to bluey .. something that perhaps looks a bit Swedish..somthing that will look nice with reds and whites..

anyone make any recommendations!!


  1. Ha ha! We're decorating our guest room at the mo, it's sooo hard to pick the colours isn't it! We got a colour chart from farrow and ball and they have some GORGEOUS shades of grey - you can go online and order one! Good luck deciding!

    L xx

  2. Thank you for your lovely comment on my choice of dress for my friends wedding!

    I know it was typical that the X Factor tickets were for that Sunday – this weekend would be far more convenient!

    Victoria x

  3. hello! Thanks for stopping by. Well, the wallpaper is from (drumroll...I am so impressed with this ...)B&Q! Yep, good old B&Q.It's called Vintage something or other, can't remember exactly the name. Under £15 a roll, so much cheaper than Cath or Laura Ashley, and just as pretty. They do it in a sepia~ish version too. Have to say I love it so much, every time I walk into the room I think 'Yey! Got it right'!

    Sadie x

  4. Any luck?
    Hope you get the shade you

  5. Hi charl,
    Yes there are swo many to choose from. I only use F&B or The Little Green Paint Company. they may be a little bit more cost wise but I have found the cover is excellent. I like Strong White for a very place grey which only looks grey when you use a white next to it, say the ceiling paint. I also love Cornforth which is pale but a bit more grey, Blackend is another fav.
    Good luck with it all. I shall look foreard to seeing the results.