Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Let it snow!!!

hi all

my first blog of 2010... is it just me or is anyone else struggling when writing the date down.. i keep going to put e.g 4-10-01.. i just cant get my head around the 01 and the 10!!!!..

well I'm very much aware that over the holidays most of the country was snowed in . not were i live.. there must have been some sort of force field that only allowed ice to fall down and stick but no snow..

that is until today !!!!!!!!!!!

hubby woke me up at around 6 with great excitement in his voice.. he absolutely loves the snow.. and thinks nothing of getting a HUGE piece of plastic to sledge down snowy hills on . I'm more of a spectator .. i.e looking through the window and saying ahhh it looks lovely doesn't it!!

so here's what we had first thing this morning.. i do have to admit it is so pretty snow isn't it.. its a real shame for all those who are really sick of it now and especially those who have no gas in this weather..brrrr how cold must they be ... and for everyone else the novelty of it has probably worn off .. but im just still a little bit excited by it !!!

here's one of the boys getting ready to throw his first snowball.. before going to playgroup..

hubby drove the boys to playgroup, on his way to work.. as i wasn't in work until 10.30 i thought id carry on with some glossing that has turned into a huge job.. when i had a phone call to say work wasn't opening today and i had the day off ...Yipeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

how marvelous is that.. so I'm all cosy up in the house...

got out my wellies for the first time this year

and took myself to the shop before bought myself a gorgeous piece of walnut layer cake.. going to have that with a nice hot coffee..

the much needed diet will have to start tomorrow!!


have put on one of my woolly snuggly jumpers

and am going to sit in this armchair and read until i fall asleep!!!

i haven't had the house to myself for ages.and its just soooo nice.. so peaceful, ( and tidy!)

I'm thinking that this is what life will be like when the boys go to school !!!!


  1. Oooh the snow looks nice, but as you say, looks nice when all snuggly in the house and not having to go anywhere or be cold in it! Quiet in the house is amazing isn't it?!!!!! When my youngest started nursery and I had 3 hours of quiet in one go, ahhhhhhhh pure joy! He now does a whole day......bliss...the only trouble is, that I have a million things to do in that one day a week of freedom! Have a lovely snuggly rest of a day! xxx

  2. Lovinv the hunters...great colour!
    Christmas pressie?

    Enjoy your snooze!xx

  3. We have so much snow here! 8 inches and it's still snowing. Happy new year.