Friday, 1 April 2011


this weeks Friday frock is an outfit i wore this week for the school run!!

i find this time of year is quite difficult in thinking of what to wear.. its getting warmer and i tend to feel a right tramp wearing my winter coat, but then don't want to start wearing summer clothes to soon as by the time its properly warm to wear them you're already sick of the sight of them to!

well it was a lovely sunny morning and i fancied popping on a nice pretty dress..

so i picked this dress out of the wardrobe that Ive only worn a couple of times..

i think because it is a nude/taupey colour it doesn't look particularly summery so doesn't look silly worn with black opaques ( which was what i wore with it. .it might have been sunny but these mornings still have a right chill to them and purple legs are not a good look!)

i love this pretty old vintage dress.. bought from the charity shop at £2 59 it really was a little bargain.. i love the detail on the front

and on the sleeves

and then along the hem.. i mean lace and floral what more do you need in a dress.!!

like i say i popped on my black tights and then these cute Chanel style ballerina pumps primark but via the charity shop for £1.99..

i wore my heavy knit cardy that was full price from river island ..

( bought last year though and it has been worn many times so it has paid for itself now i feel!) which colour belongs to the same family of colours like a taupey shade.. i love the button detail on the pockets..

its a lovely snuggly cardie and as its rather thick i don't need to wear a coat..

then just a little accessory.. a rather large flower in the hair.!!

but what is the ultimate accessory for today's yummy mummy... a screaming toddler in a buggy of course!!!


  1. Lovely outfit - i have those pumps too :o) Scarlett x

  2. Such a great look for the school run - I know what you mean about the weather at the moment - I'm usually changing my outfit by lunchtime because I'm too hot/cold/soaked. Layers are deffo the way to go!

  3. I can't read this font colour, sorry.

  4. Another winning combo, Charl. That dress is so pretty and I bet it all looked lovely together. A perfect Spring ensemble!
    Have to say screaming toddler/pushchair accessories have never caught on with me!!
    Z xx

  5. I am so glad to find you!
    I can already tell we have a lot in common :

    1. the vintage rose back-drop ( i buy anything with roses on it.....)
    2. that outfit is perfect and i LOVE the grey sweater. Perfeection!
    3. You are a thrifter! Yipee!
    4. your bed is awesome !
    5. you like fairy lights!!!
    6. you collect pastels AND barn red, my favs!

    i'm hooked ;)
    a new follower for sure.
    Nice to meet ya!

  6. Fab, reminds me of regency frocks :) xxx

  7. Oh a really lovely outfit & so me too!