Wednesday, 30 March 2011

wednesday wardrobe find!

just had a mammoth eBay listing session.. i have been at it since about 10am ..
have been spending probably a bit to much on eBay lately all the £2.99 and £3.99s start adding up when you buy a few don't they!!..whoops !
so i got the hubby to get all my summer stuff from the loft down .. thought i could sift out all the stuff that i cant get into anymore ( boo hoo..this is stuff that i could actually wear after i had the baby's .. but now i seem to have gone into eating overdrive!!).. there was stacks that i was putting so its just taken ages.. taking photos and then listing it all.. just watch now..nothing will probably sell!!!
honestly i still haven't put all the things on that i wanted to .i just lost the will to live in the end.. !!

anyways i was taking all the clothes back upstairs and was shoving it all back into the wardrobe as i have no were else to put it for now ( so it better had sell!) and found this bag lurking right at the back under boots and allsorts..

at first i thought it was a bag of clothes that id bought and stashed.. ( you do that to don't you!!??)...but it didn't feel like clothes.. so i thought id better bring it down and have a look..

ooo how exciting!!

first out of the bag was this pretty cup..

and then i remembered what it was id bought..

a saucer to match the cup

and a plate come out of the bag to...

all for £2. 99 not bad hey...!


.. it wasn't just these three pieces.. it was for all this set.. six of each.. wowser!!..

its so pretty .. i love the pale green flowers against the gold edging .. ..

and now i have a proper little set for tea parties this would look perfect alongside cucumber sandwiches wouldn't it !!

its in my china cupboard now just waiting for its first outing!!..

i am happy that i found it as I'm stuck in today.. my youngest bubs has his wheezy chest again and its raining round here so i don't really want to take him out in the damp as that tends to make him worse.. so as i couldn't get to the charity shops ..its like the charity shops have come to me!!!


  1. Great tea set, good find, maybe we should all rummage a little in our own cupboards a bit more :) you never know what you might find!

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  2. Wow, what a find - it's amazing what you find at the back of the cupboard!

  3. I'm laughing...I spent ALL day yesterday getting stuff ready to list on ebay. It flippin' took forever. Figured I needed to get rid of some stuff to clear the house a bit as it's getting overrun with just about everything! I love buying from ebay but I HATE selling! Ooooh how nice though to find a great stash in the bottom of the wardrobe!!!!!!


  4. Wow, Lucky you, The last time I went through the bottom of my wardrobe I found a bag of rubbish! It is a lovely set and such a bargain as well. w
    Well done!

  5. wow thats beautiful :D great find x

  6. Isn't it great when you find things you had forgotten about! Lovely tea set.

  7. I usually do lots of ebay listing when it is a list for free weekend, and I know what you mean - it is so time consuming! I also hate wrapping the stuff and taking it to the post office - so don't really bother doing it anymore.

    Why was those lovely bits stashed away and not out being used???!


  8. wow i need to rummage in your wardrobe!! Fab tea set and a bargain! Ive been taking photos of a lot of vintage clothes that no longer fit me (yes the dreaded baby weight that wont go)that im going to put on ebay - a few each night as i know what a killer it is to do it all in one go. Wishing both of us ebay success! Scarlett x

  9. Sure you will get some sales. I have had lots sell in the last couple of weeks. I always find the sales of clothes improve when the seasons change over. off to wrap some parcels !
    Good luck
    Sue x

  10. PS what is your Ebay seller name so I can have a look ?! x

  11. Good luck with the eBay sales! That was karma, having a clear out and finding forgotten treasure.
    Hope your son gets better soon. The good thing about charity shopping is that you'll never know what you missed when you take a shopping break.

  12. I just love the tea set and you naughty girl had it hidden away for all that time... shame on you. Know what you mean about ebay it is adictive and I have lots listed at the moment. Do you find yourself keep popping on to see if the colour has turned to green - I do and as they say a watched pot never boils. Hope you do well.
    Take care, keep safe, be happy

  13. wow can i look in your wardrobe to ;-) What a lovely find so pretty and a great bargin. You have to invite your girlfriends round now for afternoon tea and cake ;-)) dee x

  14. How exciting to find such a treat again! I finally got round to tidying some bags yesterday, and my husband moved them all into the garage and behold broke a new teapot I had been hiding! gutted! he said it was my fault for not wrapping it properly! hehehe
    funny now.
    Becca xx

  15. Listing things on ebay should come with a 'danger to your health' warning flashing across your screen. It's never simple and takes at least 3 times the time you had allocated in your mind.
    Chocolate....chocolate and cups of tea are the way forward, who needs to be slim! I'd rather be sane ;0) xxx

    Lol, by the way - gorgeous teaset, how on earth could you forget that! :)

  16. Hope your youngest bub feels better soon - these blooming lurgies!

    Nina x