Monday, 23 May 2011

a box of loveliness, fancy stickers and even more!

so i was on my nightly eBay window shopping the other week and i came across some very sweet spice tins on offer.. didn't really have the money for them at the time so i left them.. sold a few things last week on eBay so finally got some money in my pay pal account hurrah and was able to buy the darling tins!!
they came the other day i was most excited..especially when i opened the wrapping to be met by the lovely packaging.

and then once opened this lovely sight greeted me..

i just love all the pastel colours together and the sweet little bird print on top..truly a box of loveliness!!

so here they are lined up together.. how cute are they at all..

i love em !!
now i had hoped that you could buy the same tins but with a variety of spice names on the front but having searched through all of eBay and going on to the gift shop were these originally came from i think these are the only ones that are made.. which is a pity as i think a little shelf full of these would just look gorgeous ... and was what i had planned to do...

so as i cant do that i just thought i would have to think of ways to pretty up little jars myself..
so again was doing an eBay wander through and came across a book of Cath Kidston stickers now I'm probably about 40 years behind everyone else here.. but i cant understand why Ive never bought these before or even seen them before.. were have i been!!

so this book of gorgeous stickers came through my door on Saturday morning..
i am so going to have to restrain myself because I'll want to put them on everything.. the children will wake up in the morning and I'll have labelled them in the night!!..
so i thought i could use some of the floral ones and if i pop them on some smaller jars they would look quite cute!!

later on Saturday we popped up to my mums so the hubby could have a look at building some arch or something, its wooden and for the garden anyways!!.. well i came back with a right haul of things including this lovely red flowery plant.. which I've popped in to a spotty mug and it really brightens up my day every time i walk past it.. its so bright and cheery and lovely,..

and a gorgeous skirt which I'm going to save for a Friday frocks post ( oh haven't done one for ages must get back into that!) a couple of dresses and a pretty little floral box,(which ive forgotten to photograph but its very sweet so will take a pic for next time!)

so I did rather well from mummy's boutique there didn't i !!..

Sunday we went for a drive and also to pick up a garden bench off freecycle .. the hubby has just got roof racks for our car ( don't ask me why.. hes not a window cleaner so cant quite understand why he wanted them!) so it was the first chance to try them out !!..
i think it would have been quicker to shove the bench in through the boot with the seats down but no we stood there wrapping rope round this rickety old bench with the wind howling and the children getting more and more lively in the car!!!..
so Ive got another bench for my tiny tiny yard .. i got one last year from freecycle which i painted red. you may remember from this post....

well this is this years one!!.. so they are sort of in a L shape now

I'm thinking of painting it pale blue or pale green.. not sure yet.. I'll see whats in the back of my cupboard!!
. it was a bit wonky but the hubby just tightened it up when we got home and its fine.. so this will be my breakfast bench as were this has been put is were the sun goes to around breakfast time
( if it ever comes back out .. I'm freezing!)

so there you have it.. a few bits from the weekend, all random but nice!!

thanks for all your fantastic ideas for my dresser as well they were very helpful and am at the moment constantly checking the colour charts and looking at paint!!..


  1. love those tins. I've got a page ripped from a magazine featuring them. I've resisted in buying them so far, but I really like them.

    ooh yes, paint your bench. It'll look so nice.


  2. That bench will look lovely apinted up and a couple of nice cushions scattered on it. I've got that book of stickers and apart from making my parcels look lovely I've got some clear plastic drawers in the bottom of the wardrobes and each drawer has a pretty label on and a couple of the round stickers aswell, they "pretty them up" a bit. Love the tins and the shelf will look lovely with some jars on, Lucey x

  3. Those tins look cute on your shelf and the CK stickers? Well they'll just make anything look pretty.
    Look forward to seeing your bench painted.

  4. aww love the spice tins such pretty colors. And those stickers to you did make me smile about labeling the kids up bless you ;-)) Great bench to be lovely painted. enjoy the rest of your week, dee x

  5. i would love your luck when it comes to freecycle!i would love to spruce im garden with a nice bench but all my freecycle offer are coat hangers and empty cardboard boxes normally...

    ooh and i love a nice sticker!

  6. I have the very same spice jars and CK sticker book, they're fab aren't they?! :)

    Oooh, the bench is just ripe for painting, can't wait to see what colour you pick.

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  7. Those tins are so pretty and were obviously destined to be yours. They look lovely on the dresser and the stickers are a fab idea.
    I love that bench, can't wait to see what colour you choose to revamp it with. xxx

  8. ooo paint the bench blue!!!!

    I have those gorgeous stickers xx

  9. Oooh, I have some cream spice tins that I bought for about 12p each in a Dunelm Mill sale. However, they do not have spice names written on them, so I have been on the search for labels before I use them!!! Might have to have a look for those CK labels - might just do the job (and look pretty too! even better!)
    I have two of those plants on my kitchen window sill in spotty laura ashley cups. I got them in Tesco for 25p each as they were "out of date". Got them months and months ago and they are still going strong!!

  10. I painted my bench blue last year - only the wood, not the frame and I think it looks great. Even hubby who was at first doubtful was pleased with the look once I'd finished.

    Love the spice pots.

  11. I have to stop myself looking on E bay I can always find something nice.There are loads of sites on line to print off labels of all kinds
    cate x

  12. Those little spice tins are supercute x Looking forward to your next Friday Frocks....I miss it :) x

  13. I really like those tins, they are so pretty! Look forward to seeing how you "pretty up" the bench.

  14. I love those tins...even better that they aren't CK, which would have meant they would've probably cost three times as much!
    Like Red Riding, I never seem to catch Freecycle when there's anything good on it! Decisions, decisions, oo, what colour ya gonna paint your bench? And the dresser in your previous post?
    Looking forward to Friday Frocks, having just realised that is TODAY!
    Have a great W/E and isn't it half term next week too? More kiddies holidays...they'll want every term to be like this one!
    Z xx