Saturday, 28 May 2011


ooo i have been waiting and waiting and waiting to be able to get into blogger for days now!!..
i haven't been able to sign in, so couldn't post, make a comment on anyones blogs its been a nightmare and something that i realise i do take for granted..
so I'm not sure if this is a fluke and how long I am able to stay logged in so I'm going to make the most of it anyway!

well the hubby has just got back from a freecycle pick up!!..its not even been a week since we got the free bench.. has been a good week hasn't it!..

so the latest addition is this sweet little tea trolley...

its a bit ropey and will need a sand down, and the wheels need a bit of oil on them !!

i think I'll paint it a nice pale pastel shade as you know me and dark wood don't really mix!.
(i have so many things that need painting I'm just going to have to do them all at the same time!!)

but i love it, i can be Mrs overall whenever i want now!!..

i couldn't resist dressing it up so just put a little floral cloth down with afternoon tea apparatus!!..

unfortunately there are no cakes on that stand to tempt me!!
Ive no idea where I'm going to put it there is practically no more space to put anything but I'm sure I'll find a home..

i quite like it at the end of my sink cupboard.. how inconvenient then that the back door is in the way.. will i get sick of moving it out of the way every time i want to go outside or will I just be pleased to see this pretty little thing with even more surface space to hold more things!!?...


  1. Wow - you're local freecycle sounds much better than ours! I had a Lloyd Loom bedside table from ours about 3 years ago, but haven't seen anything since. Am jealous about the bence too! I love the tea trolley. We have one at school as a writing trolley, complete with bunting, and I am very tempted to wheel it home one day!!

  2. Well done, I am sure it will look great when you have finished.

  3. I agree with Cathy - our freecycle never offers anything of any interest!!

    Cant wait to see the finished article!!

    Glad you are back - btw

  4. It just looks great with your pretty things on. The floral fabric is sweet.
    I've been having a bit of a 'mare with blogger too. All ok now, though. Xx

  5. Hey Charl,
    Lovely trolley! I bet it would look so pretty in a pastel pink or blue :) or anything really, I'm not a fan of dark wood either.
    Love the bits you've put on it for now, so pretty.
    Looking forward to seeing it made over in its new (and convenient) home!

  6. oooh that is a lovely trolley, it will be great with a bit of love!

    Blogger has been very naughty of late! Glad you are back in touch xx

  7. That's so cute, it will look great painted pastel-y and that little floral cloth has made me think it would be great with something girlie decoupaged on it? I have a little white one that carrad gave me as a flat warming present a few years ago, I use it as a very useful sewing machine trolley! x

  8. you'll need some coconut macaroons, miss babs!

    fab. Bet it'll look great when you've waved your magic over it.

    Blogger has been such a pain lately. I noticed the followers were back at last, so hopefully it means they've sorted out the rest of the problems too.


  9. I had exactly the same, got it an auction about 8 years ago as an impulse buy. Didn't have any room so I gave it to my sil. I don't know what she did with it :(

  10. That trolley is a fabulous freebie. I'd like one of those next to my bath with soaps on a cake stand and my crystal decanters of bubble bath close at hand. xxx

  11. We have one that was my mother in Laws sadly it has the printer on it I would much rather it had a nice teapot :)
    Cate x

  12. I can't wait to see it's transformation!

    Victoria xxx

  13. That trolley is going to be lovely when you've painted it.Are you going to put pretty wallpaper on the surfaces too? I've seen some done that way and it looks really nice.I have to resist buying bits of furniture to revamp,as I've run out of space to put them.Yesterday I saw two gorgeous little bedside cabinets,that had been painted white and the tops had CK wallpaper on,but alas no room :0(
    Had problems with blogger last week's a pain when that happens.

  14. Thanks for popping over to see me again- I learned to crochet just before christmas and it honestly is very easy. I've really enjoyed the challenge of learning something new. Xx

  15. Loving it - I'm seeing it in a nice duck egg blue. What do you reckon?

    Have no luck on freecycle ever. Well done.

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