Tuesday, 26 July 2011

something old.... something new

something borrowed...something blue...

no I'm not getting married again.. ( ooo wish i could go back and have my wedding day again, to the hubby of course not to someone else.. would love the idea of planning it all again.. a different dress and a lot of country flowers and masses of bunting this time around me thinks.. i was a bit more "footballers wag/wife" when i got married !!..

anyways I'm off again there aren't i.. do have a habit of going off topic!!

anyway just thought id show you the recent additions to the Pretty Vintage household..

starting with something old which basically covers most things in my house.. always second hand or "vintage" we call it these days don't we, I would say majority of my house is either charity shop, freecycle or carboot and my wardrobe is made up mostly of ebay and charity shops.. i think its much more interesting ( but would so love a massive wad of money to go shopping though!!)

the hubby's gran gave me this original oil painting the other week, they've had it for years
.. i love it..
i love the pale shades , it all seems so calm and it goes perfectly in my bedroom

this fake flowery plant came from the charity shop the other day .. I'm not really sure about it but i just wanted a bit of floral goodness on my fireplace and it was only 70p so i bought it..not sure how long I'll keep it for as its a bit naff, but i do think the flowers are a bit pretty!!

picked up this pretty little barge plate , i really love these type of paint work .. id love a few more of these.. have to keep my beady eye out.. think it would look really pretty all grouped together !

and a sweet candle stick.. its small perfectly formed!! ( would like to say a bit like myself but then that was before i started to eat whole
packets of jaffa cakes to myself!! )

something new
my mum bought me this lovely heart hanging piece .. she wasn't sure of the colours but once i hung it up in my kitchen the colours seemed to find their place in amongst all the others !!

my fave shop B&M's came up trumps with these lovely canisters .. i just love the brightness of the colour combinations and i think they look a lot more expensive than what they actually cost

i bought this sweet little oil lamp .. well its oil lamp effect as you stick a tea light in the bottom, Ive popped it outside in the vain hope that we get a balmy evening and i can sit outside with lit candles dotted around ( here's hoping anyways!)

Something Borrowed

well technically its not borrowed, but i got this lovely mirror off freecycle ( what a surprise!) i haven't found a home for it yet so its just next to my dressing table.. i quite like it there actually it reflects light in to that little corner of my room.. i love the shape of it as well rather pretty!!

Something Blue

i came across this little haul the other day in the charity shop .. its a mix match of "Iris, Woodware" and "Royal Art Pottery".. all for £3.99 i wasn't going to leave it!!
its a bit of a rubbish pic as it was rather dark when i took it .. but I'm just loving the different shades of blue all together..


  1. Ooh Charl what a haul! Well done you. My personal faves are the mirror and the china :) xx

  2. What a lovely post. I love peeking around your home, you have such a good eye for grouping stuff together. Can't believe those blooms are fake. x

  3. Oooh I can't choose my fav between all those beauties...............probably the hanging hearts from your mum and that mirror - I do love a mirror!!

  4. What a great bunch of finds! I purchased my first haul of woodsware this week on ebay, jasmine and beryl though. Not as amazingly cheap as yours, but still pretty good (the charity shops near me never have any woodsware). I also love your canisters, such pretty colours!

  5. LOVE those canisters! Have never heard of B and M's.Going to look them up right now. :0)

  6. Beautiful things you've got there, I love the mirror. I've seen the those little tea and coffee holders in B&M, I think I might get them and turn them around so I can store other stuff in them as the are fab and I must have them! I'd re-do my wedding too, not because it wasn't a brilliant day but just because I'd do it so differently, Mollie Makes did a gorgeous spread on vintage/English style weddings.

  7. You are a little bargain magpie!
    Love that mirror.
    Enjoy your weekend.

  8. Thanks for your kind wishes! Will keep you updated on job front!

    wilkos also had another nice set of t-towels - but had to be good!

    I agree - think we have quite a few similar things! What good taste we have! lol!


  9. Pretty finds!! I love the mirror and the canisters. Bargain hunting is so much fun!!
    Cathy XX