Tuesday, 19 July 2011

in my garden

the past few days here have been wet... wet, soggy, downright depressing actually.. i cant believe its actually summer to be honest, if i was a betting woman i would bet that it was actually October in disguise!!..
so i thought to cheer myself up i would post some piccies of my little tiny yard, some i took a few days ago when the sun made a cameo appearance for the season!!..
i have totally disregarded the house over the past few weeks. and its all been about the garden!.. now when i say garden that is me using a touch of poetic license as its a very small l'shaped yard ..buts its my little space and its somewhere that i find myself wandering up and down drinking the first cup of coffee in the morning ..checking on each floral progress and dodging the slugs to!!

these pretty bedding plants always remind me of ladies faces with little bonnets on!!

a little bit of bunting that i made from cath kidston samples Ive had for ages.. don't look to closely though the sewing is shocking.. i blame my machine though not me!!!

a little sun trap for me

some home made candle holders using empty coffee jars and various stickers!.. still waiting for a balmy evening to light them though!!

a nice bit of chick lit to pass the afternoon.. this one "meet me at the cupcake cafe" immediately made me want to abandon my diet ( which i did!) due to the gorgeous cake recipes found within the pages .. and also open up my own little shabby chic shop ( which i haven't because I'm poor!!)

a sweet pea .. that i bought for about 10p in the woopsie section of homebase!

some old and some new hydrangea's

my lupins before the slugs had a feast on them!

some impatiens ( are these busy lizzies?? ) .. in my vintage enamel bowl..

my little corridor of happiness.. that i stand in my french doors like a loon and just stare out at.. the people at the back of me must think I'm some sort of crazy stalker just staring into space but i do get a bit of joy just looking!! ( At the flowers not the neighbours right!)

troughs of lobelia ..

Sweet Williams and trailing geraniums

the red corner !!

more hydrangeas ..

love my little blue planter from B&M's..really emphasises the pink of the geraniums i think

a mish mash of bedding plants and stuff that should come back next year .. ( here's hoping the snow doesn't have its own agenda!)

lovely blue delphiniums.. again bought in the bargain bit of homebase.. i gave it a good home and its seemed to have flourished..!!

so there you have it .. a mini tour around a mini garden, I'm no Percy Thrower but i do get enjoyment from choosing plants that have colour.I'm going to try and incorporate a few climbers this year so that i can benefit more next year.. what ever the case Ive enjoyed so far. will have to think about my autumn garden now!!


  1. Pretty garden Charl, hydrangeas are my favourite. Wishing you some lovely summer weather soon. Tamara x

  2. Your garden looks fab! So many beautiful flowers and arrangements, well done :) like 'a treasured past', hydrangeas are one of my favourite flower x

  3. What a lovely garden you have made, I love the seats in the sun. I can just imagine sitting there in the sun with some crochet to do.

  4. That look's a beautiful space! You've really made the most of it, it looks really lovely. I love the plaques on the wall.

  5. Yeah it really feels like October although yesterday was nice but still not very summery. It makes me feel so miserable!

  6. You've made a lovely garden out there. I don't think you're mad staring at your corridor at all.

  7. How do you fit all that loveliness in that little space?!
    What a gorgeous place to sit and relax.

  8. That's looking wonderful! It realyl is worth the time you've put into it.

  9. You've really cheered me up with your wonderful and beautiful garden. One of my friends has a back yard just like yours and I keep saying how pretty it would look planted up. I'm going to email him your blog and hopefully it will inspire him to get off his backside. x

  10. Very on trend, a garden room! Thats what it reminds me of. We used to live in a terrace but it went quite far back so had plenty of space for a garden after the previous owners just kept it as a yard.

    A lovely space and gorgeous plants.

  11. The slugs have attacked my lupins too! What a delightful garden,you have made the most of the space and have a lovely selection of plants there. :0)

  12. Oh your little garden is so pretty some lovley plants and lots of colour.I think my family think im a bit mad cos i spend a lot of time just looking at my garden and smiling,maybe we could start a club,lol.Lots of love Jill xx

  13. i too have a court yard garden char, but you have made yours so pretty with all your beautiful flowers, such a lovely place to sit and read and ponder ;0)xx

  14. Looks so pretty with all those wonderful blooms :) xxx

  15. Hello, me again! Jon's told me to tell you that the wallpaper is stuck on with thick wallpaper paste and that's it. If you do it please share it on your blog, of course we don't mind if you try it! x