Saturday, 7 January 2012

breaking through the fog

hellooo there anyone out there!!

well deary me that was a long blogging break..i cant believe that its been since September since Ive last sat down and wrote a blog i might have mentioned before that i do get obsessed with things and i started slimming world at the beginning of September..and i have been completely wrapped up in writing down my meal plans for the week and how many syns id had that day although as a friend pointed out eating a crunchie isn't what they would class as a sin!!..
so i was really good and lost nearly a stone and half which was what i needed to lose..yay.. - until we finished for the holidays and then me and the hubby ate after eights and all sorts of treats nearly every night and i have put on a good few pounds over the last couple of weeks..not a good look again..but hey ho these things happen and I'm sure it will come off again once i get my mind into gear again!!.

anyway how have you been!!??...
theres been a few interior changes in the pretty vintage household (whats new i hear you ask!!) so instead of me waffling on about it and boring you to death.. I'll just show you the pics and put a little sentence underneath about it!..

well first of all..we changed our middle room from sitting room into a dining room again..which meant moving things from the dining room back into this room .. such as this mirror and can you see a bit of the welsh dresser.. i wasn't sure about the dresser being in this room as the ceiling heights and proportions are a lot bigger and higher and i thought as a piece it might get lost but its grown on me and sheer laziness has prevented me from moving it now!!

we have moved the tv into the room by the kitchen now and that has become our snug (will do a whole post to that room soon !) so the bookshelf which has been in almost every corner in this house was moved again and I actually like it the most were it is now.. i have a proper reading corner and there is no distraction of computer or tv in this room now !!

candle holders and homes for all here!!

picked up this lightbox in ikea in their bargain corner for £3 last week.. i wasn't sure were to put it but i found a space above the bathroom door. it keeps making me laugh when its on as its right at the top of the stairs .. it kinda gives the impression that the mother ship is guiding you up the stairs into the spaceship a bit sci fi i think!!

heres some pics of my new dining room and the beautiful table that my lovely hubby built...yes actually designed and built himself..not from a flat pack instruction manual but actually from his own hands... so proud of him for making this.. we really missed our old long dining table and wanted to get one again but they were so expensive so he just thought he would get the wood himself and make know like you do!!.. its got a solid oak top and pine legs and its so huge that its not going anywhere for a good few years * don't think we can get it out of the french doors actually!!* think this is going to become a family heirloom to be honest.. and Ive been told that i cannot paint the legs of it!!

here's our stair well..its pretty much been empty as its such a big space that i couldn't really fill it without it looking a bit "bitty" but i think the bunting helps fill the space along with the huge ikea print of Amsterdam..the hubby pre children and pre marriage responsibility actually stayed in one of the hotels in this picture so its a little bit of him in a house of floralness.. im good to him aint i.. i let him have the stairs!!
my mum passed me on this lovely mirror and i was going to put it on the wall..but then i had a flashback of a time when i visited Laura Ashley and in one of their sets they had a lovely Venetian glass tray on a side table and i thought i would recreate that a little bit here with the mirror and some candlesticks ..

ive brought my dressing table down and put it in my front sitting room.. i was going to have the computer in here but something went wrong with the Internet when we did that so we had to keep the computer were it was so now its just another space for me to plonk things on and have a play!!

here's my front room now.. i love it .. it feels so cosy and lovely especially as its just for grown ups (well me really!!) my sister gave me a rug which id actually been after for ages as i loved the design and it really makes a difference to the warmth and brings out the colours of the sofas as there are reds and yellows in there

loving my little pompom polka dot lampshade fairy lights..i think they go perfect in this room!!

my mum bought me these gorgeous cushions from B&M's they are such amazing quality and were only something ridiculous like a fiver each..

..these are such good quality ..all stitched not painted on and they have withstood pillow fights from my two boys !!

so there you have it .. a mini tour around..i will be back soon..probably with another picture heavy post..but you dont mind that do you..are you as nosy as i am and love pictures of peoples homes i do.!!!


  1. Hello! I have missed you. I always love seeing your pretty home. I am in love with your stairwell ! X

  2. Nice to see you back. LOVE the pillows on your sofa!

    Lori Lynn

    ps: Just an FYI...the color of your text is extremely hard to read! Pretty color, tho!

  3. So lovely to see you ;-)) Well done on losing the weight ;-)) Your home looks lovely and cosy. Love your dining room. Happy new year and welcome back. dee xx

  4. Hooray.........Welcome back!!

    Well done on the weight loss - I keep thinking about joining a class but dont know which one to do or is that just an excuse not to get round to it??!!!

    Your house is looking as lovely as ever! I certainly like a nose! Cant believe we have something else the same........I got those pompom lights as a birthday present in October but still havent found the right place to put them!

    Good to see you back - cant wait for more piccies!

  5. So pleased to see you back, I missed reading your posts! You always give me a giggle and I love love love seeing what you do with your bits and bobs around the house. It's all looking gorgeous and so cosy.

    Well done on losing all that weight, I'm impressed! Xxx

  6. What a beautiful home you have. Everything look lovely, but I particularly love your dining room - absolutely perfect! Welcome back!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  7. So pleased your back! Was wondering if all was well.
    Love all the changes,and the table! clever is your man...very impressed with his skills.
    Well done losing the weight,I find it a constant battle.I'm just finishing off the rest of the Christmas chocs and then that's it..NO MORE....until Easter!
    Happy weekend! :0)

  8. What a lovely house! It looks so beautiful! I especially love those cushions! I am very jealous xxx

  9. Woohoo! So pleased to see you back!
    Glad it was 'only' weight loss that kept you away from blogland, not something more worrying! Well done for that weight loss!
    I LOVE those little lampshade lights...where are they from, if you don't mind me asking?
    Your home looks so inviting, you have a real knack for 'tweaking' your decor.
    Have a great 2012!
    Z xx

  10. Yay you are back i have missed reading your blog and friday frock posts .. your home looks lovely and inviting.
    Have a great day :)
    Mantha xx

  11. Welcome back Charl, I have missed your posts!
    Congrats on the weight loss thing, I need to do a little bit of that myself this year :)
    Looking forward to seeing more pics of your lovely home, as always xx

  12. Well done on slimming world, I lost 5 stone with them 13 years ago. The daily mirror has eating plans in today. It really is the best but I would say that ;)

    Loved seeing your house, it really is so very homely.

  13. Well done on your weight loss! Your home looks lovely. I also did my first post since the end of September too!

  14. I think you have given us a lovely post !!! Thanks!!
    All I want to know is where could I get a lovely buffet like yours!! Im diying for one just like that!! (not my hubby though...)

  15. Your house looks lovely, thank you for the tour.
    Carol xx

  16. Welcome back. It all looks fab, nice and cosy and how wonderful to have a reading corner. Your hubby did a fantastic job, love long dining tables.
    Course we don't mind more pictures, as you say we're all nosy.

  17. Welcome back adn a very happy new year to you!
    That weight loss is a brilliant achievement and it's lovely to have you blogging again. x

  18. well do re slimming! I joined in October and I've lost a stone and a half on slimming world, but I don't drink or really use the syns (hate all that counting sh*t!). I do a lot of exercise (an insane amount) so I don't beat myself up if I have a day where I have to go out for dinner etc. I was really good over xmas actually, but then I'm training for the atlas mountains at the end of this month and half marathon in feb so didn't have much choice. I can't quite believe it but i actually lost 3.5 lbs over xmas! The table looks lovely, what a clever husband you have!

  19. Your home really is stunning! I love EVERYTHING about it!

  20. Welcome back! Your home is looking as gorgeous as always, can't wait to see/hear more from you. I really like your cosy reading corner and the little pom pom fairy lights.

  21. lovely to see you back, and Happy New Year.

    Gorgeous photos. those fairy lights are just fabulous


  22. Welcome back. Thanks for the tour.
    Love from Mum