Saturday, 21 January 2012

guess were ive been...

last year for our anniversary the hubby got me some vouchers for Cath Kidston...

although its quite hard to believe Ive only just spent them .. Ive had them since August!!!..
i was waiting for the right time haha..and since there is never a spare moment when you have little rascals for children i thought the Saturday just gone was the day!..
we went to Liverpool and took the boys round the museums and for a burger king.. (mummy had to have a bk as well as it would have been very rude not to!!).. anyways the first place we went to was to Caths but that was just to peruse what things i wanted to get, didn't fancy walking round the dinosaur exhibition with a bag of loveliness the t-rex might have wanted it for himself!!..

so after we'd been round the museums, had lunch it was up to that beautiful shop for bit of mummy time!!..
it was hideous... the boys were running wild.wanting to get into the bed that was in the middle of the shop ( well you cant blame them..i wanted to looks that cosy!) playing with all the toys that were on sale, being very loud, then wanting to be taken the toilet and then our debit card got declined how shameful was that so the hubby then had to go and find a cash machine and actually draw the money out..not sure what happened there maybe my card was just excited because it knew it was buying gorgeousness!!.
..not the cath kidston shopping experience i had promised myself when the hubby first presented me with my vouchers!!..
but it doesn't matter really because i still came away with two big carrier bags slung over my arm so alls well that ends well !!

want to see what i bought.. ..of course you do !

it made me laugh when i was taking everything out.. it all matched..

i hadn't intentionally done this but it all was from the same pattern..

i bought this lovely table cloth that had been reduced from£40 down to £20, its quite a good size and as our table is rather large it does cover the majority of it which is good..

i thought it would bring the blue dresser into the colour scheme as most things in the dining room are green and red so thought the blue would tie it all in as theres green and red and blue in the lovely pattern..

some cake tins..

because i just love cake and i love cake tins..and i found that they finish off my pink shelves in the kitchen perfectly.

i have put the little pink tin from the trio on my microwave

..i love this little corner its so bright and cheery and a bit pretty i think..

then i picked up this darling little set.. and for £12 i just couldn't have said no could i..

I'm kicking myself now that i didn't buy two sets but never mind.. i knew it would have to go on my yellow shelf in the kitchen..and i think it just looks perfect there ..

there isn't actually room for one of the saucers on here so that's just sat on my bigger dresser at the minute .. I'm sure that will find a little home somewhere soon though!

and then because id spent over £50 i got a free laundry bag ..and look at the pattern

must have been a Provence rose day for me hey!!

also picked up some rolls of wallpaper for the boys room which I'm decorating this week here's a little glimpse for you ..

ooo excited about that little project i can tell you!!

so the only trouble is now Ive seen all the other lovely items for sale I'm wanting to go back and spend a small fortune.. i saw a beautiful dress and cant stop thinking about it.. it was so pretty and I'm sure i would be happy every time i wore it..but i don't think i could justify£85 so I'll keep an eye out for a primark wish it was version or look in the chazza shops for anything remotely similar!!


  1. Your CK haul looks fab, I'm very jealous! Let us know if you find a nice dress in Primark.

  2. You are a Provence rose girl aren't you?!
    Think you spent your voucher well.Isn't it hard to make up your mind what to buy when surrounded by all the CK lovelyness? I also found a bargain in the sale.
    Hope you find that lookelikey dress! :0)

  3. Hiya Charl,
    Gorgeous selection of goodies you got there and I love how you've styled it, soooo pretty. The yellow shelf is my fave, but I love it all!

  4. Wow - a lovely Cath selection! I'm sorry the shopping experience wasn't a restful, elegant experience, but your purchases look fab in your home. I love that little shelf - so pretty XX

  5. Everything looks great and in the sale too! Lucky you!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  6. Wow, you've had a good day! Great haul!

    I do love Cath so everything that you bought.....


  7. I love getting a snoop round your kitchen, it is so pretty! The yellow shelf is gorgeous and I love all your tins on your pink shelf.

  8. I had my cath fix for the year earlier. was great. roll on next jan.

  9. Always nice to pick up a Cath bargain. I was there last week and came out with a bag filled with goodies. I really should stay away! I love your bits and your full shelves are a treat to see!

    Have a super week!

    Vanessa xxxxxxxx

  10. Your kitchen looks so lovely - very pretty. I love what you've bought. I have to say, I'm awful with vouchers. I usually lose them, and then find they've run out. I'm very silly!

  11. Fab CK finds, and I love your kitchen :)

  12. Oohhh fab!!!!
    Such pretty photos too!

  13. get thee to Primark, they've got some very 'Cath' homewares filtering in.

    What a fabulous spree! That pattern is lovely, so I can see why you ended up with so much of it.

    I had a little online spree last week, and got the free laundry bag. I wouldn't use it as that, so I chopped it up and turned it into napkins (blogged about it earlier this week)!

    have a lovely weekend. Glad you got to spoil yourself, and have BK burger too! xx

  14. This blog is the cutest thing ever!!!!

  15. Loving all your cath kidston bits and pieces you bought and your kitchen is adorable the colours of all your things are perfect xx

  16. I love your bargains got to love Cath Kidston