Sunday, 26 July 2009

funny shoes and jugs!

well today we went to ikea for our breakfast..if you haven't been yet for your breakfast you really must go, it is gorgeous.. and only about £1.50 to .. today i only had a bacon roll but even that was so tasty, but i think that was because i have been doing the special k diet for the past few weeks so the taste of any real food past my lips was pure heaven!!!

anyway after we had our late breakfast we went along to the nearest tenpin bowling alley type for something to do that's a little bit different to what we normally do

now I'm sorry but i think theres nothing more funny than a grown woman in a little tea dress, a pair of leggings.. a pair of hubbys socks and them awful bowling shoes!!!

but then something topped that in the funny we were paying for the games,shoes etc. .our 3 yr old ran off.. and ran straight down someones lane and fell over right in the middle of their game.. which i know when reading that back isn't that funny and i did tell him off but you had to be there.. it was funny!!!
i just thought he was going to carry on running really!!!

anyways after we had our game we were going home but i made hubby pull into dunelm mill as i fancied a nose around.. i bought this gorgeous little pink jug as it really reminded me of my johnson bros china that i already have

and it sits so pretty along side the green and the lemon, it immediately found its own special little place on the shelf so it must have been meant to be!!

it was probably my reward for having to wear them terrible shoes!!!

you get the picture!!

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  1. hiya!

    I'm a relative newbie to fact made my first post today!! Have been following for a while though and love your blog..I had to go back and read from the start!
    I too love the johnson bros favs are the pink and blue!! Have looked at that jug many a time in fact I went today!! It looks lovely on your beautiful dresser...ENVY!!!
    hope you dont mind have linked you to my blog!
    p.s love the red high chair!!!