Monday, 27 July 2009

why i love charity shops!

because you get to pick up gorgeous Pyrex dishes for 50p each...!!!!

tucked behind a pile of bedding that no one will touch as it looks like its ready for the dog bed...until i come along with my beady eye and spot the loveliness peeking out at me!!!!

i bought these today ..i really liked the fact the pattern is in a gorgeous green colour which i haven't seen before,

just need to have a nice dinner now and use these lovelies for serving!!!

heres to pyrex love!!!!


  1. Great dishes, loving the pattern to. Gotta love charity shops, I find it hard to buy anything new these days! x

  2. i love pyrex, have a bliddy shed full and still can't resist it at the bootsales!

    Mm xx

  3. Great finds you got there! I also love a good rummage through charity shops and car boots. I've got two car boots planned this weekend, can't wait!!
    Laura x