Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Old and New

hi all

well i popped down to my local charity shops this morning after failing to buy the paint i need for my kitchen ( that's a long story which I'll tell another time!!!)... anyways i come across a lovely little dress which i think will look lovely on a warm day..

its a little vintage number ( well its at least from the 1980s!!) a candy stripe number which I'm sure some of you will be thinking "urgh .. turn it into a pair of pillowcases don't wear it !!! " but i just really liked it when i saw it!

now what I'm loving about all these little pieces is that all the brand new things in the shops go so well with the older things as well..

i thought that for a dressier day i could wear my brand new yellow wedges from primark with it

and perhaps if don't feel like tottering around i could throw on my coral coloured flat sandals for much of a casual look.

which ever way i think its great that the old and the new mix so well don't they.. i wonder in 20 years will girls be hunting out primark and new look clothes in the charity shops and calling it vintage.. that will probably make us laugh wont it, as I'm sure it does to the likes of the ethels and brendas who work in the charity shops now when we are going in saying how much we love our vintage clothes!!!

anyways moving on.. we bought this lovely red wooden high chair for the baby last week.. I'm made up with it as he can stay in it until hes 10!!!!..

I'm sure that wont be the case but its obviously a long lasting product!. i also love the fact its red and goes with my other painted chairs to! the hubby has been trying to get me to get a nice bright plastic number for ages but i just couldn't bring meself to do it.. i knew i would get a nice one in the end!!

since i started my little collection of china posies Ive wanted the one that was on my mums dressing table when i was growing up as it just reminds me of happy times
i used to love all the little ornaments she had in her bedroom, anyways mum thought that she must have threw it out or perhaps sold it on a carboot or something as she didn't have it.. until she found it in her shed last week yay!!
so now i have it as well.. its a simple little thing ..bit like me really!!!

so now i have the four on my dresser.. i think that's enough to keep me going for now isn't it!!


  1. Ooh Charl what a lovely dress - don't cut it up! You should definately wear it :)
    P.S love the coral sandals - I wanted them but they didnt have my size :( xx

  2. What a lovely post, Love the dress...... oh if i was 30 years younger....... ok 20 years younger. *sigh*
    I have a wooden highchair that my grandaughter has grown out of it has a nice baby blue tray, i love it but really shouldnt keep it just as an ornament, so i shall freecycle it. :-( i hope someone gives it love.

    Love and hugs Mwah X x X x X x X x X x X x X

  3. Vintage clothes are in! AND I was talking to one of my neighbours today and he was telling me that 80's stuff is going to be in in a big way soon.
    I've only just met him but he goes to all the sales and bootys and buys and sells stuff and seemed an absolute font of knowledge. So for gawds sake don't cut up that dress!

    Love the dresser with your new posies :-)