Monday, 9 November 2009

Lunch time lovelies!!

took myself off into town on my lunch break today.. thought i would take advantage of that gorgeous winter bright sunshine before the fog set in on us.. and it really did..really quickly so glad i went when i did!!

its such bliss when you can nip in and out of shops without getting a buggy stuck in the doorway .. or you look down and realise you're baby is/has getting sticky hand marks all over the clothes ..or is just pulling them off all the hangers as a little game... its so nice to just walk around the little charity shops and not have to buy 4 broken toys for them just so that you can look in peace!!!

anyways I'm going off the subject somewhat there arnt i!
were was i...oh yes.. i took myself off all wrapped up, enjoyed the nice brisk walk into town and came across these little lovelies

these gorgeous little glasses.. who's blue is sooo vintage looking i think.. I'm in need of a new shelf being put up in the kitchen just for these as i think they should be on display

this lovely picture all the detail is sewn on. really lovely.. just going to whack a bit of cream paint on the frame and then add it to my ever growing collection of pics that are waiting to go up in the living room

this pretty water glass/carafe type thingy.. with really pretty rose detail..very delicate,

this is going to have to go somewhere out of sticky fingers reach as i think one drop on the floor and it will just smash.. very thin and pretty though..!

and last but not least this lovely picture of a lady walking in what looks like a very pretty garden..

oh and then on the way back into work i bought my self an iced bun..but obviously that got eaten very quickly so couldn't take a picture of that particular lovely... MMmmmmm delicious!!!!!

diet starts tomorrow !!!



  1. thanks so much for stopping by my blog and taking the time to comment! Your blog is lovely! I am in love with those blue glasses!

  2. wow, what lovelies you found! I know the feeling with regards to buggy's and children shopping. It makes me so stressful! I have to buy a car before I start shopping (terrible I know!) but I would never get anything done otherwise! I was in a wool shop the other day and the wool was being pulled off the shelves quicker than I could pick it up and put it back. The looks of the old ladies thinking what a bad bad mother I am! Ah well, we all have those days! Have a great one! xxx

  3. Wow, those glasses are very cool, not seen any like those before! I love being in town on my own, it's very rare because although I work 9 hour days (part time) you're pretty much only allowed to go to Tesco's and back!


  4. I have the sausages in cider gravy for dinner tonight in fact! I’m not a great fan of the WW ready meals preferring the Tesco lighter choice onces but the sausage and mash is great and for only 5.5 points means I can have plenty of snacks in the evening!

    Victoria xx