Sunday, 1 November 2009

Night out!

well me and the hubby actually went out for the night on Friday... a proper night out.. with no kiddies, or child friendly pubs were you can eat a meal together and have indigestion because your up and down slides with the kids in between meals!!
just me and hubs together on our own!
a first for quite a while.. we havent been out for so long that we didn't even know were to go!!..
we had to ring some friends up and ask them were the cool young beautiful people go these days!!!
how tragic is that at all!!..
anyways Ive been worrying all week about what i was going to put on.. what do people wear to go out in now, i wanted to feel comfortable but not look to mumsy and i just wanted to feel young again!

so i found in my wardrobe ( which is made up mainly of rubbish) a little black lacey dress that i bought from the charity shop in the summer for something silly like £2.99 and thought how very similar it looked to all the little black lacey dresses that are in the shops now so ahead of my game in the fashion stakes arnt i!!..

so with that i was on all the websites asos, topshop, river island.. to see what i could wear on my feet to go with the dress.. didnt want to look like id made to much of an effort either ( oh isn't it a minefield now.. i never use to be this bothered..just went out and danced all night then!) so i
actually went and paid full price for a pair of shoe boots from new look.. and guess what happened.. got the heel stuck in a grate in the floor and ripped the leather off the heel..can u believe that.. i never pay full price and look what happens when i treat meself gutted!!

fuming over the ripped heel!!!!!

it was so nice getting ready though..the boys went over to my in laws about tea time so i had about 3 hours all to myself to get ready.. this is sooo unusual that i was actually a little bit lost as I'm used to getting ready in about 10 mins .. but id just recieved my cath kidston mag friday morning and there is a page all about getting ready for a night out so i was trying to follow all the steps, long soak in the bath, doing my nails.. i added a few steps of my own to.. slapping on the fake tan and pouring a large glass of rose wine!!!

anyways we had a nice evening.. had a laugh together and actually were just a young couple for the evening again and not just mum and dad!!

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  1. Aww what a shame about the shoes, what a gutter!!! Nice to have an evening just the two of you though X