Monday, 30 November 2009

the things you find!

tomorrow we are having our loft insulated...brrrr its getting so cold now that I'm glad its getting done. think it will make a big difference.. our house feels like a fridge at the moment..Ive constantly got the heating on and am normally found in weird and wonderful layered outfits just to keep warm.. ( saying that. the kids are always warm and hubby is normally in shorts.. so perhaps I'm just very cold blooded!)..

anyways because everything has to be cleared out of the loft i came home from work to find this little lot in my bedroom

ooo looks nice doesn't it!!!!

....lots of bin bags and all sorts of bric a bac!!..

most of it is pure tat.. and hence the reason why its up in the loft and not around the house on show.. but then Ive re-discovered a few things that i shall be keeping down stairs from now on!

this lovely picture.. in a lovely silver frame.. now when i finally get round to doing my hallway which i want to do in whites and greys i think this will look really nice with it.. its quite modern but i think its rather pretty so who cares that its not very vintage looking!

this lovely old green vintage quilt.... id completely forgotten that i had this.. this will be great on my sofa especially with the cold nights now.. it will really tie in with my pinky red and green theme that i have in the living room.. cant believe that's been stashed up in the loft all this time!

a lovely cream little lamp table..perfect for displaying some pretties on of some sort.. not sure where this is going to go yet..which is probably the reason its up in the loft anyways!.. might paint it a completely different colour and pop it somewhere though. theres always a home for abandoned furniture in this house!!!

awww my wedding dress... its rotten now.. and a bit smelly from being stored up there .but its still big and fancy!!.. i tried it on before and it fits!!.. 2 baby's on i didn't think that was to bad really.. it was huge and so heavy Ive no idea how i managed a whole day in it!!!..

a funky red chair that we bought for our oldest but he started using it to climb up on things..being only 18 months at the time we thought best to take it off him but i think he can have it back now.. hes 3 now so I'm sure he'll be fine.. just have to make sure the baby who loves climbing doesn't use it as a "get me up" on to things!!

and then diary from 1999..when i was 18-19.... Ive been having a laugh reading it tonight.. oh its so full of angst!!..

isn't it amazing though the things that are so important to you when you're younger that now just wouldn't bother you. i literally went shopping for clothes nearly every other day..worried about my figure and my hair.. and was out 3 nights a week .. now i never buy clothes .. wash my hair when i remember and go out about once a year!!!!.. having children really does make you take a back seat when it comes to yourself doesn't it!!!!

i found some more mundane things like bags of clothes that Ive been collecting for my little boys and just shoving up in the loft until they would fit them..and now they do fit into them.. so there is tons of clothes that need washing and ironing now but its most handy as we needed to buy them new clothes and Ive been worrying a little bit as they were in need of new stuff and its been under my roof the whole time!!

so it just goes to show you sometimes the things you want and need are under your own roof anyways!!!!


  1. How exciting! The green vintage quilt is fabulous and definitely needs to be on show. You must have had so much fun going through it all, like early Christmas pressies! x

  2. It's great to rediscover old things .... daren't empty my loft it has 25 years of accummulated tat!

  3. Fabulous post Charl, yes my life BC, before children, was very different, used to get my nails done, my hair done, clothes shopping, out with the gals, etc, LOL

    Wouldn't have it any different though ;) Well maybe :)

    No, I wouldn't :)


  4. What fun you've had, and your conclusion is very much something I've been reflecting on recently, as we've been short of cash - it's incredible how much good stuff we already have at home for re-use when you're forced to reuse not buy new!

  5. Thanks for your lovely comments Charl, lifted my spirits and helped me feel a load better :)




  6. What a good sort out you've had - your wedding dress is beautiful. If you click on my blog and look at the photos in my header you will see I have exactly the same table as yours. Mine was dark brown and I painted it cream - how spooky is that? xx