Tuesday, 21 June 2011

a little bit of a tadda moment!

well Ive been off the blogging radar for a while again.. its really not intentional .. its the fact that our camera is broke so i have to rely on the hubby's camera on his phone.. so by the time he gets in from work and I'm pulling my hair out with the boys the last thing on my mind is setting up and taking pretty pictures.i really should just buy a new camera shouldn't i !!..

anyways i took a few minutes the other day to take a couple of pics of some of my latest projects...

now remember the sweet little tea trolley from my last post..

well i found some pale pink gloss lurking in the back of my cupboard so i slapped that on it the other day .. i forgot to put an undercoat on, instead i just sanded it down a bit and painted on two coats of the paint

id forgotten how long gloss actually takes to dry.. remind me never to use that again !!..
it is a bit patchy but that's the beauty of the "shabby chic" look isn't it.. it doesn't have to look perfect !! ( luckily for me!)

i had seen on the Wilkinson's website under children's storage this rather cute box which i think is meant for toys for a little girls room .. but i just saw the tea cup and tea pot design and the fact it was pink blue and yellow and knew it was meant for my kitchen !!..

i bought it and it now holds my tea towels.. which is great because the drawer that did have my tea towels in is now officially my "messy drawer!".. you know the drawer that holds takeaway menus and unwanted bills!!..

i bought this lovely shelf the other week from the charity shop.. it was orange wood so i just knew it was going to be painted but couldn't think of what colour to do it..then i did my post asking for ideas on what colour to paint my dresser and a couple of you said to paint it yellow.. well i loved the idea but knew that i couldn't face a whole dresser painted in yellow.. but that the shelf would be perfect in that colour.. so i was talking to my mum and i said oh I'm going to get some yellow paint for that shelf.. and guess who had two un-opened tins of yellow satinwood in just the right shade .. but mummy of course.. honestly that shed of hers is amazing.. its like a mini B&Q without the annoying orange aprons asking if you need any help!.

so out came the paint brush and i painted up the shelf.. silly old me didn't get a before pic of the shelf but let me assure you it was very orange!!..
i think my little spice tins look very sweet against it.. and it really cheers me up seeing this burst of sunshine in my little space...

what else have i wielded the paintbrush over.. oh yes.. remember my garden bench that i got from freecyle the other week ..

well with a swish and brush of cuprinols "forget me not" and some "moonlit white" on the arms its a lot brighter and cheerful than the mouldy old green bench that i picked up don't you think..

i painted my other bench in the same colour as well which last year id made over in red

.. remember this was also a freecycle find so for the grand price of 10.98 ( i had a 20% voucher to spend at homebase!) i have two new benches!

and finally i got round to painting my kitchen dresser and i used my Johnson Bros "green cloud" gravy boat as the colour inspiration!! i took it with me to get the colour matched up to the paint i was getting mixed!!. so i painted this last week as well ( no wonder I'm shattered this week.. Ive been blaming it on the low cloud its more to do with the fact i was painting everything in sight!)..

at first i thought it was disgusting.. it actually made me feel sick when i looked at it.. the green was all wrong it was to sickly and just didn't feel right ..

but then once i popped all my goodies back on the shelves and put the little yellow shelf up along side it..

the colour has sort of mellowed out and Ive just got used to it!!..

so its been the longest day today and we've had rain this evening.. i had planned on sitting out this evening and enjoying the summer evening.. it wasn't to be.. so instead I'll just stand in my kitchen and look at the primrose yellow shelf.. i think that's going to be my summer!!


  1. Oh my, this all looks lush- the tea trolly ( I must admit, I didn't hold much hope to begin with) BUT it looks gorgeous and fresh and I love the yellow shelves- such pretty cutouts at the top and the green shelves? Genius.

    You clearly have a good 'eye' for the vintage chic.!


  2. You have been busy with your paintbrush! I love the little shelf unit and your colour choices,also the Wilkinson's find.I pounced on an apron and oven gloves the other day from there.They were floral and gorgeous...very Cath,but at a fraction of the price.Trouble is they look so pretty I don't want to use them!

  3. Love all your colour choices! The tea trolley came out so cute! I LOVE the yellow, it's such a happy colour for me.I like the green too but I'm a bit over my green phase. My old house was painted that soft green almost all through so I'm ready for a change.

  4. If you have time could you bring your paintbrush round to my house??? lol Everything looks lovely the green and yellow go nice together and I love the blue benches all you need now is a bit of sunshine, Lucey x

  5. Wow you have been busy ;-) Love the shelves your kitchen looks adorable and so cosy. The benches have come up a treat to. Amazing what a tin of paint does, enjoy your week, dee x

  6. wow you really have been very busy, i could do with you in my house as I have so many things to paint! It all looks amazing, love that little shelf you found in the charity shop. Scarlett x

  7. I am very jealous about all of your makeovers - especially the benches! I keep looking on ebay for a cheap local one I could makeover, but havent found it yet!
    We really do have the same taste and ideas!! I saw your piccie of the Wilkinson teapot box and was just thinking I will have to comment to say I have the same one and that I use it to keep my teatowels in..................then I scrolled down and saw that you use yours for the same thing!!!

  8. Oh if only I reach into the computer and replace your kitchen with mine!

    Victoria xx

  9. Yay Charl's back!!
    Your makeovers are fab, I think that little shelf is so cute, especially with those mini tins on, in fact all of the colours you've used are lovely and go really nicely with all of your pretty bits.
    I hope you don't stay away too long, you are one of my fave blogs to read :)
    Can you not find a camera on freecycle? you always find good things!

  10. Well give that girl a 'cream cake' didn't she do well.... I just love your kitchen and being a freecycle girl myself I love what you did with your bench. Pop on over to my space 'inbetween painting of course' and see what I did with my freecycle finds. Oh and glad to have you back in the land of blogging.
    Take care, keep safe, be happy
    Beverley xx

  11. I have such shelf and bench envy! I've been after a bench for ages but haven't come across one yet that I can afford, and certainly not for free! That yellow is a lovely colour and it goes really well with the green dresser unit. Gorgeous!

  12. lovely, lovely, lovely.You know how much I love a dollop of paint, your post has made me smile :o) x

  13. I think you deserve this weekend off it looks lovely. Must take a trip to Wilkinsons isn't it great what a tin of paint can do.
    Cate x

  14. Hi, I just called in on a blog jump and noticed that you a fellow jug lover. Your kitchen looks a treat. I love the dresser and shelf colours. They go so well together.
    Love from Mum
    We've also got loads of old paint in our garage!

  15. omg.. I would totally go and steal your whole dresser and all of its contents! it looks absolutely amazing.. and the little rack is really coming together! I love it!

    Im glad I found your blog ^_^



  16. So gorgeous! You have been busy. I really love the garden bench, the colour is stunning in the sunshine. x

  17. Your kitchen is amazing, pretty much how I hope to decorate my future kitchen. I'm also on a "obliterate all pine" mission! Last summer I tackled my mum's kitchen and painted all her orangey pine cupboards a lovely green. So much nicer :)

    Now I reeeeally want a pink tea trolley!

  18. Love your handiwork and all of the colours you've chosen. I get a bit stuck on white and you've inspired me to think outside the box!

  19. I bought a beautiful shelf from the charity shop. It was purple wood so I just knew it was going to be painted but could not think of what colour to do it, I thing white will be best.
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