Tuesday, 28 June 2011

guess ??

can you guess what is low, a little bit squashy, with a touch of gold and a white leaf threaded through ??..........

guessed what it is yet ......!!?????

why its my Laura Ashley sofa that i got off the my fave website ever and ever and ever!!..

we were in badly need of a sofa for the front room as the leather corner one we had, had a huge rip in, which got bigger every time i looked at it.. it was also pretty battered up and not in a good battered up looks fantastic with age look.. just looked battered!!..

so i had been looking on eBay for a while but kept either missing the auction, or was getting pipped at the post..so once again the freecycle fairy came to my rescue!

i got a two and a three seater..i have to admit they are a bit beaten up as well ..but for nothing i can deal with this..
when the hubby picked them up and brought them back to the house we still had the leather sofa in the room plus the floral sofa so we actually had four sofas all in the same room haha it was a little bit to much!!
Ive found a company near to me who re-fill the cushions making them comfy and not feeling like you're sitting on a biscuit so I'm going to send the cushions away to them to get that done and i feel like they are a bit low for me.. so Ive found on eBay someone who makes feet for sofas so I'm going to get some of them just so the sofa is a bit higher as at the moment I'm feeling like I'm sat on the floor!!..

i have to admit the room feels a lot lighter and when the sun is streaming in through the window it gives off such a golden light its lovely...

just have to find some nice cushions now or some nice fabric at least to make some of my own.. any suggestions I'll gladly accept to!!

so now I'm off to fill a glass with pink wine and lounge on the sofa!!!


  1. Wow - you are lucky with the freecycling!! I would desperately love a new sofa - but with everything that is happening in our lives at the moment, this would be a purchase too far! Now that our 13 year old is almost the same size as us, our 2 seaters need to be stretched a bit. Also, I do feel our red chesterfields limit me on my decorating options, so would love a beigey/cream one too!
    Well done!

  2. Wow free cycle is your little angel indeed. Enjoy your day, dee x

  3. One of the springs inside our sofa has broken,so when you sit down you nearly get swallowed up by the thing!
    Freecycle is the way to go obviously.Love your 'new' sofa,I have the same colour combo..cream and red.Have a look on ebay for cushions,I've found some lovely ones there recently. :0)

  4. I hearby name thee the Freecycle Queen.

  5. What a fabulous freebie! Ours is awful, full of requests for laptops and furniture. x

  6. Well done, you.
    Can't wait to see your tadaaaaah moment!

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  8. Your freecycle is amazing - ours seems to be a list of 'wants' rather than anything else. I did get an old deckchair and a Lloyd Loom bedside table so I can't complain too much, but that was several years ago now. I'll keep my eyes peeled tho just in case!!
    Lovely sofas - I'm looking forward to seeing what you come up with for the cushions!

  9. That's a great find, you have some great luck with that site :0) xx Well done

  10. Hey Charl,
    Thanks for the bake-a-boo comment, I know what you mean about copying the style, it was soo pretty, something to aspire to I guess!
    Hope you have a fab weekend xx Gem

  11. I noticed in your photograph that, One of the springs inside our sofa has broken,so when you sit down you nearly get swallowed up by the thing.
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