Thursday, 15 September 2011

low cost lovelies

finally made it out of the house it felt good .. even doing the dreaded school run felt great as i knew i was on my way out!!..

so i dropped off my little boy who is still at that stage where he shouts "kiss and a hug" before he goes into his class.. which i love him for because i just know in about 2 years he will rather me drop him off outside of the school gates and put his head down pretending not to know me.. i will weep then I'm sure of it!!..

right were was i.. oh yes.. so i dropped him off and took a stroll into town.. didn't have that much money on me as i had forgotten my purse silly me so it was literally loose change rolling around in the bottom of my bag bother for me.. if i see something i like the charity shops by me tend to put things away so i knew if i saw something i could always do that...

my favourite charity shop wasn't even open yet so i was bit fuming at that because it is pretty much the cheapest one in town as well so i went and had a mooch around the other two.. and i was glad i did because in the second one i went into i came across a few bits ..picked them up took them to the till to see about putting them away.. when she told me the price of it all.. i went through my bag.picking out dead receipts and bits of fluff and got the money together ( i have no shame in handing over change.. i paid my window cleaner £1.50 last week in copper!!) so anyways i picked up this little lot all for the princely sum of £2.50!!..

i got two of these little tea light holders..

Ive put them on a shelf on my landing just outside of my bathroom.. it does look a bit like an alter at the minute so I'm not sure how long that will stay like that!
a Laura Ashley candle holder .. i thought id show you the bottom of it so you know I'm not lying.. think its the type that you put your oil in the top.. but Ive not used that stuff since i was about 15 and was a body shop fiend so I'm not sure were id buy it from now??... but it still gives off a nice light with a tea light in though..

these four lovely pastel gingham mugs were still in their box.. brand new.. i had to have them as the colours just go perfect in my kitchen.. and i have smashed a few cups over the past few weeks so could do with a few more !

and lastly these sweet little sherry glasses..not that I'm a massive fan of sherry..but i have been known to get through the cooking sherry when there was no booze in the house .. ( but that was a few years ago when it was more of a party house than a shabby chic house!) ..i saw the coloured stems first and at the minute i seem to be a coloured thought these would go somewhere in the house to!..

so i popped them on the kitchen dresser but you cant really see them in this picture can you.. i promise you they are there and they do look rather pretty not to overpowering .i do like clutter but not to much !!

so all that for £2.50... that's why i love charity shops the randomness of it all and on a good day the low cost loveliness of it all!!
well I'm going back down to town now ..picking up a little leather biker jacket that I had to put away yesterday as obviously id used up all my loose change!! its a style Ive been after for ages but couldn't afford TopShop's prices this is only £3.99 and Ive already planned my autumn winter wardrobe around it!! ..


  1. What great bargains, i havent had a chance to have a mooch around my fav CS lately as i am working full time...sigh... i am going to make time this sat after dropping off my son a kickboxing .. everything is £1 in that shop ...eek
    Mantha xx

  2. What gorgeous things, so pretty and colourful.
    I remember those Body Shop burners so well, I always had one on the go back in the 1990s. x

  3. There is nothing like charity shops to raise the spirits and wasn't it nice of them to put the jacket away for you ,they don't seem to like doing it these days
    Lovely finds and really cheap too
    xx fee

  4. You find some wonderful gems in your CS.Ours is not coming up with the goods at the moment,but I keep checking...just in case! :0)

  5. dear God woman, you are the bargain hunter!

    I love the snuggle before going in to school too. But my favourite part has to be when Girly Girl is coming out and spots me in the playground. Her face lights up and I feel like my heart will go pop!

  6. Well done on your bargains , i love charity shops we have quite a few near us , in fact one of them everything in it is £1 its amazing x

  7. The antique Rose wallpaper was the sample I had behind the fire to begin with - but wasnt sure if it was too pink with the red??.......will have to look for some of your living room piccies on your blog!! I must admit I preferred the bigger roses to this ditsy pattern........oh decisions decisions.

    Our most local Range has just opened and another is opening half an hour away sometime before Xmas - seem to be springing up everywhere so you might be lucky soon!

  8. If you do buy sherry to go with the glasses I have a lovely recipe for a sausagemeat & prune stuffing that also uses sherry! Roll on Christmas!
    Z xx

  9. The antique Rose wallpaper stunning. You have too many cup and soccers collection, I bought "laura ashley" 's six cup before two days from online laura ashley showroom.
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