Monday, 5 September 2011

chickens, waterfalls and egg cups

evening all...

well the pretty vintage household took ourselves off on a mini break this weekend!!..
it came at the end of a pretty long summer holidays i have to be honest and our holiday back in May felt a very long time ago it was much needed!!..
but then saying that when you go away with kids its not a restful holiday is it really, i mean its still the same as being at home but just in a different house!!..
that sounds awful doesn't it .. sorry!
anyways id been looking on eBay and the Internet trying to get a little last minute deal on a cottage somewhere, when i stumbled upon a listing on eBay, it was quite cheap and it wasn't that far really from us.. so it meant that there wasn't going to be hours and hours of driving to get to it..

so we were in wales but on the Shropshire borders i think .. i kept getting confused because one minute id see a sign saying welcome to wales then id see a sign saying welcome to England!
we were staying about 8 miles outside of Oswestry which is shrewsbury way i have to be honest i don't even know what the little town was called it just began with a double L LLsomthing!!
it was the sweetest little house.. it was called the smithy and it used to be the blacksmiths..

we had chickens outside that we could go and pick eggs from..

i obviously sent the hubby in to do this job.. i stayed on the other side of the gate chatting chicken talk to them..

the smithy itself was a real surprise from the outside it just looked like this tiny shed but then when you got inside it was lovely really open plan and high up..
it had a wood burner were the hubby was found here both evenings stoking up the fire and generally being fire hungry as only men are!!

I'll show you some pics now to give you a little idea of what it was like...

this was the view all around us. this was taken from the windows of the bedroom

gotta love a stable door..!!

our lovely comfy bed.. we put the boys on two put me up beds pushed together in the eves of the room.. they loved it ..

anyways we took ourselves off for many drives to discover nice places.. first place we went to was to see a beautiful waterfall .. it was stunning.. now I'm not really a lover of nature id rather be in the gift shop or cafe next to the place of natural beauty ( ooo they sell book marks and ice creams I'll see you later!) but even i thought it was gorgeous .. so it must be!

the air felt so clean and beautiful to, that i just know if my boys lived near to it they would never get bad chests again..

next day after a bit of a slobby morning we drove up to this which was a fantastic dam built in the Victorian age and again it really was stunning,

we even found out that underneath all the water was the remains of the village that had been standing there when the dam was being built.that was a bit strange to think that under all that water there was actually houses ..creepy..
there was even a fairy tale tower that was actually built to filter the water ( am i sounding a bit like a school trip report ..sorry !) and because it was all misty and drizzly it looked even more ethereal than it usually does i should imagine!!..

anyway mummy had been very good and hadn't mentioned any shops until later on that day!..
well the rain was coming down a lot so we had to do something indoors !!
these bright egg cups/sundae dishes i don't know what they are really, called to me, so it was to the charity shops for us!..

i just had to have them with their lovely bright colours and the mini spoons that came with them!

it was a day for bright colour as sitting not far from these beauties was this little beauty.. a bright yellow gravy jug..

it doesn't have a name on it just had an England stamp on it,

i love it though the bright acidic yellow of it, this is now popped on a shelf with my kitchen jugs..

so all to soon it was time to come home, and as always the sun was cracking the flags when we were leaving bah ...the English weather it hates us going on holiday .. it really does we drive into rain .. we leave sunshine behind.. it always happens!!.. anyway it was gorgeous and there was also a car boot sale not far from we were staying so we thought it would be rude not to go...i saw quite a bit that i could have bought but funds were running a bit low as they tend to do on the day your coming home from a break don't you find.. but i picked up this lovely cup and saucer for 20p

and the cutest tiny little jug also for 20p

.. they were actually in the same box,
and these two rather tall candle sticks complete with square candles that aren't staying i assure you!..

i am going to give them a nice lick of paint and replace candles with a nice size pillar candle just in time for the cold months coming up!

so there you go..if you got this far.. well done you !!...


  1. Sounds like a lovely relaxing break and I'm pleased to hear you got your shopping in too!! We took the MIL away this weekend and I was totally hoping to get to an antiques emporium in a nearby village but it just wasn't to be so I settled for G&Ts outdoors instead!

    Had to laugh at you saying that 'obviously' you sent the husband to collect the eggs - I would have done too, can't bear chickens, they give me the heebies!

    Didn't you get some lovely bits and bobs!


  2. I would never have thought of looking on ebay for a cottage - great idea, will remember that when looking for a little break away.

    I adore all your bright china, those sundae dishes are amazing! Scarlett x

  3. Remind me then never to book a holiday the same time as you! he he!!!!
    It looks like you had a lovely time despite the shocking weather. The thought of fresh eggs and that cosy holiday let. Lovely, bet it is nice to curl up in front of the stove on a cold winters day too!

  4. Looks like a cute little cottage, the stable door is amazing! I love how your new dishes match your spice jars.

  5. lovely cottage , i never knew you could get these on ebay either, sweet little jugs too , i love car boots its so exciting when you find a little gem amongst all the rubbishy bits

  6. Gorgeous finds from a lovely break away..sounded & looked gorgeous hun xx Clare x

  7. It looks lovely and you gotta love a stable door. That waterfall is beautiful!
    P.S. Your pink text on grey background is so much easier to read than on the blue. My eyes, which aren't the bestest, always struggled with the blue.

  8. Agree with TCG about the text..much easier now!
    Love your little cosy cottage,just the sort of place we like to stay.The area looks familiar,maybe we've been there on our travels.
    Gorgeous bargain finds too! :0)

  9. Love the look of that cottage, it's a beautiful part of the world, isn't it?
    I've never thought of trawling eBay for a bargain break, great idea. x

  10. Wow what a gorgeous break you had, love the stable door and of course the pretty finds, well done you :) Thanks for your kind thoughts, taking things very slowly, hopefully each day shall get brighter. Ah the fabric, yes isn't it just like our pretty CK Paris Rose wallpaper ;) Perfect match pretty much, it is called Nancy, by Clarke & Clarke, comes in many colourways and I opted for the chintz, as the most like the wallpaper, have a look on ebay ;) xx

  11. Wow I love those tins, the cup and that quilt!

    Maybe wait until you are a little older before you declutter, I think it's better to really want to do it than to do it on a whim.

    It's taken me until 37 to realise what I really love and what is just in the house because it was a bargain!