Tuesday, 13 September 2011

tuesdays thrift from last week!

well i have been stuck in the house the past few days due to my oldest boy having had a high temperature and sore throat.. cant believe it, hes only been back to school for a week and i have had to ring the school already to say hes not coming in how bads that!..
so we've had a couple of pyjama days, well more so me the boys have both been wanting to get dressed and Ive been clinging onto my comfy togs for as long as i could!..
so we've been stuck in, its been a shame as the weather has been fab here.. very windy of course but the sun has been so bright in a real blue sky .. Ive had to make do with walking round my little yard or staring out of the window at it..
i think hes back to school tomorrow.... he was back to normal by about lunch time today
cue.. mummy shouting an awful lot and him being a cheeky five year old..ahh yes hes ready to go back in tomorrow!!

so because Ive not been able to get out for the past few days i thought id show you some of the pretties i bought last week, last Tuesday in fact so very much Tuesdays thrift just a week late that's all!

well first off this wasn't thrifted but it might as well have been it was from Pound Stretcher and only cost £7.99..im going to add a trim of white pompom on it as i think it needs a bit of a finish to it but how pretty is that.. yes i know its probably meant for a seven year olds bedroom but i thought it would be perfect for the kitchen!

i know this is a particularly un-inspiring picture.. I'm not sure what happened to the light when i took it but this was the best out of the bunch of the pictures !!.. i bought these two pink petal ware plates for a pound from a charity shop that has more displays than anything.. and everything you think oh that's nice wonder how much that is.. theres a dirty big sticker on it saying "display, not for sale!" how silly is that.. so i was amazed that these were being sold!!
i haven't got any pink utility china so i was pleased to pick these up .. just need to have a look round for more!

i got these two cornishware wish it was ..for a pound from the market.. sat on my dresser at the minute with my real cornishware cups and saucers and it looks alright really next to it so we wont say its a big fake if anyone asks!

a bit of a dodgy closeup of my two washing up brushes that i bought from B&M's they were only 99p so that's why i got the two.. i tend to be the chief washer upper in our house .. ( even though I'm so rubbish at it.. you always find bits of stuff still on the plates after I've washed up..gross! ) so i might as well have something pretty to use!!

i picked up these beaded tea light holders over the weekend.. they give off a lovely warm glow when the candle is lit.. nothing better now its getting cooler than to start lighting the candles again and just making everywhere feel all nice and cosy ..

this mirror cost 30p.... yes can you believe it 30p...before you get to excited though and think i got the bargain of the century.. it is actually really tiny .. the photo makes it look big doesn't it.. its about the size of my hand!!

yet another glass cake stand.. a girl can never have enough cake stands!!

i love the top of it.. i think its a very elegant number this one!

pink, blue, cupcake print, polka dot.........its like all my favourite things in one place....

on my new glass chopping board!!

i got this from B&M's as well for £2.49, same time as i bought my washing up brushes.. man i love that shop it just never fails to make me buy something from there!!

so there you go.. just a few bits, they've kept me going but i feel the force of the charity shops calling me tomorrow !!


  1. lovely stuff, my fave is the cake stand!

  2. Hiya
    Yes, Kent Test is just like 11+ and neither are very nice. Still 2 down and 2 more to go tomorrow then it is all over!
    Some lovely purchases as usual...I must track down a B&M's!!
    I saw that lamp in poundstretcher too - but couldnt justify spending the money when I havent really got a space to put it in. But what made me laugh is when you said it was prob meant for a 7 yr olds room. At work today, I took some of my bunting in for a garden party we are having on Sunday. Everyone was questioning where I use it etc, so I showed them piccies of my house on my blog. They thought my house looked like a dolls house (as in the interior decor not the size!), they felt sorry for my hubby and they said that it looked like a childrens bedroom everywhere!!! See we def have the same taste then! -x-

  3. Blimey, you've done well again! Funny that the mirror looks so big in the photo when it's really the size of your hand! Love the little lamp, you're right it will look super-gorge with a pom pom trim. Don't forget to post a pic to show us when you've done it!

    There is a B&M in the town near my sister so I'm going to pop in sometime and see what they've got for me!

    Nicki xx

  4. love all your bargains,especialy the lamp,its the sort of thing i go for to ,and loving the brushes ,we dont have a b&ms here so will have to look out for it when im next out and about

  5. I agree, A girl can NEVER have enough cakestands. I would dedicate an entire room to them if I was allowed! Your washing up brushes are so pretty. I should suggest something like that at work, it would make doing dishes a bit more exciting!

  6. I do like those washing up brushes and reckon that lampshade would look fantastic with a pom pom trim. x

  7. Your 'fake' cornishware looks pretty good to me.

  8. corking purchases lady. I especially love the washing up brushes.And you are totally right, it's vital to have a choice of cake stands. I was working it out in my pea brain the other night, and I think I've got three pedestal stands, two of the two tier variety, and one cup cake stand. Hmm. Actually, that doesn't sound like enough really. What if I go bonkers baking cakes and need more? I need at least another two!

    sorry your little lad has been poorly already. Rotten luck. I don't feel bad about ringing the school any more. I really don't. I'd rather keep my girly home if she's not right, than send her into the germ pit to pick up more. Right at the start of summer hols she had an ear infection and was out of action for the best part of a week. That was seriously rotten luck!


  9. I keep hearing about this BMs - how can I find out where my nearest one is?! It sounds fantastic! I love the pink plates and glass cakestand too - I totally agree that you can never have enough cakestands, but my fiance disagrees! x

  10. I have those washing up brushes too, aren't they fab! I also got the broom, dust pan and brush, mop and bucket to match, and a shower cap with the same floral pattern on too, which goes perfectly in our blue floral bathroom, I love B&M! :) xxx

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