Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Are these actions normal!!!???

i am on a diet.. have been for the past few weeks as i really want to feel good in the summer months

so why oh why was i desperate to bake fairy cakes first thing this morning!!

i wasn't starting work until 10.30, the hubby had taken the boys to the in laws which is were they go on a Wednesday when I'm in work and i had from 8.00 am onwards to myself..

did i lounge on the sofa watching a bit of gmtv, perhaps joining in with Mr motivator with exercise, did i go and have a nice long leisurely bath and just chill out before the madhouse of work ????

oh no.. i kept on my spider man tshirt that i wear for bed..stuck my jeans on and ran round to the shop for eggs and sugar!!!!!!

i don't know what come over me.. i just felt the need to bake cakes, cakes that i cant even eat!!!!

this was what my kitchen looked like when i should have been getting ready for work!!

i thought i would leave the icing until i finished work, as i really was running out of time this morning

i have been dying to get home, put the babies to bed and then get on with my cake decorating all day!!..

honestly do you think i have gone a little bit mad.. has all the lettuce I'm eating sent me a tad loopy.. i think so!

anyways here are the finished results... they actually look like my two year old has decorated them.. i just don't have the knack of making them look like others do..but who cares!!

there is chocolate butter cream, lemon flavoured yellow butter cream and good ol pink butter cream all decorated with chocolate chunks or hundreds and thousands!!

theres tons of them.. think hubby will have to take some into work with him and I'll dish the rest out to anyone who comes to the house.. "hello Mr postman..please eat one of my cakes!!!"

i have to admit my finger has been in the bowl a couple of times to try the butter cream..only for research reasons mind!!.. i have to make sure the butter icing tastes correct!!

I'm sure I'm not the only one who feels the need to make fairy cakes am i!

right lets move on now, as I'm starving!

i bought this lovely plant holder from the charity shop and i think it will go perfect in my living room either on my side table or on my mantelpiece, only i don't know what type of plant to put in it.. I'm thinking more of one that drapes down if you know what i mean!..

I'm rubbish at buying plants though, never know what to look for, could you give me some tips please!!

also picked up this picture at the same time.. I'm going to change the frame as this one is a bit rammy and add this to my collection of pics that I'm going to put up in the lounge once i get enough! i love the pinks and creams in it, very pretty..almost good enough to eat...oh eck theres my stomach rumbling again!!!!!!!

well I'm off to watch Big Brother.. what are your thoughts about it this year.. it does really attract the cream of the crop doesn't it !!!!


  1. charl I have been trying to diet for a fortnight - ha! I'm obsessed with baking and obviously I eat it too!!
    I'm still at the dipping in and out stage of BB - had to turn off the other night as that posh bloke - his new name is surely not a coincidence!!! - was doing my head in - is anybody really that wet!!
    I know what you mean about the cream of the crop its like a flipping freak show!!

  2. When you go on i diet, i'm sure it just makes you eat worse!!!!
    Try 'eating healthy' rather than the dreaded 'diet' word. It always helps me - weird what the mind does isn't it??

  3. Total madness for sure! Hee Hee! On to Big Brother......I hate it so much that I have to watch it. The people are always horrendous. I cant stand it when they say 'Ive worked so hard to get here???' What? They filled in an application form then did stupid things so they could say 'Im mad I am' to get on the show.......Priceless! X

  4. your'e right..i need to call it healthy eating instead of a diet..perhaps that way i wont start viewing everything as food like they do in cartoons. you know when peoples heads turn into pieces of steak etc!!!

    yep BB is so bad its good...i am likeing the curly haired blokey though hes easy to watch..that freddie though bluegh.and his singing makes me cringe!!!!!