Tuesday, 30 June 2009

a little lampshade lovin!

hi all
meet my new friend larry the lamp !!!!

i bought this sweet little lamp in 2 parts really!

i was in a charity shop in town the other week and i spotted the pretty little shade for 69p, i quickly put it on the counter to pay for it before anyone else spotted it!!

then when we were away last week i saw the base in another little charity shop, i saw it on the first day that we had a look round but i didnt get it as i thought do i really need it, but then i rememberd that i had bought the shade and it would look lovely with it.. so on our last day i went back and didnt expect to find it but there it was waiting for me to give it a home!!

it was only £1.80 so all in all it cost me £2.49!!!

anyways i think im a little bit in love with this lamp!!
i just think its soo pretty and i love the fact that if i fancy a change i could probably paint the base and it would still look pretty...

im still looking for a home for it in the house.. much to hubbys amusement who had told me that we really didnt need any more lamps in the house.. ( when does that matter though really!!)

do you think im a bit saddo for loving a lamp or do you get were im coming from haha!!


  1. Ooh Larry you are sooo pretty! I dont think you can ever have too many lamps X

  2. Hi Charl
    Just wanted to say a quick 'thank you' for your lovely kind message.

  3. It's nice to meet you,Larry!
    Lovely find!
    Welcome back home Charl!