Tuesday, 2 June 2009

morning sunshine

i am so loving these beautiful summer mornings now.. although just watching the gmtv weather they have said that's it now for the next week or so..boohoo... i am such a nicer person when its sunny!
the sun makes everything feel better in my opinion, everything looks brighter and lovelier don't you think
i always think white bedlinen is the best when its hot outside it looks fresh and clean and feels lovely to sleep in,
i bought a lovely set from homebase of all places a couple of months ago but haven't used it until now, it was half price which was probably why i bought it in the first place
its so lovely though i hadn't realised how pretty it was

its so vintage looking i think,
like something that you would find in Granny's linen wardrobe! the detail is gorgeous,
so I'm going to have to look after this one.. no eating chocolate ice cream in bed don't want any spillages on this!!
you know i really must get some new pillows they look rubbish dont they like biscuits..i do like a plumped up pillow!!
my photos probably don't do it much justice..i am pants at taking pics!!

i was sat on my bed before thinking how lovely my bedroom feels when its sunny.. last year it was that horrible putty colour and it just felt so drab, now its the lovely blue it feels so fresh, the only thing is i hardly get a chance to sit and enjoy it!
in the day I'm either at work or looking after the two boys and then come evening I'm either pottering around downstairs or i just get straight into bed and go to sleep!
so thought id take a few moments to look out my window whilst sitting on my lovely comfy bed!

its lovely you know because even though we live in a terrace and don't have an actual back garden the houses opposite do have gardens and they face our house so i do get to look at lots of pretty plants and flowers without actually having to put any work in!!

ooh another thing about the warm days and nights that I'm enjoying is .. you can hang your washing out at 9pm the night before and leave it over night and then its dry for you in the morning.. how much washing can you get done..its great isn't it!

( you know my neighbour was in her backyard as i took this picture before she must think I'm a little strange taking piccies of my washing !!!!)

right all hope you have a good day enjoy the sun if you can 

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  1. I love white bedlinen and yours is very pretty, i wonder if they still do it?!!