Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Summer Holiday

hi all

well i feel like Ive not posted for such a long time but i think its only been about a week or so but in blog times that's ages!

anyways last week we set off for four days in a little cottage in criccieth in wales

it was such a lovely place. it had the feel of a lovely french fishing village ( even though Ive never stayed in a french fishing village!) so calm and peaceful, not to touristy but enough to do so that you didn't get bored!

we stayed in a beautiful little cottage that was about five minutes walk from the town centre

it had a lovely feel to it and i think that was down to the fact that it felt like a well loved little cottage and not just a dank dark holiday let. It had beautiful furniture and had a really well kept feel to it!

i don't think this picture really does the room justice but it had such a lovely cosy warm feeling and it had exactly the same cast iron fireplace that i have in my bedroom except that the cottages had a perfectly restored one in black and not a very carelessly painted one in pink!

there was tons of stripped pine to the house and a beautiful tiled hallway floor
it really was a shabby chic kinda house with lots of nooks and crannys!

we had such a lovely time that Ive been left with restless legs now.. I'm sat in work and really don't want to be there

there is is a great pebbly beach which my oldest loved to explore for crabs etc with his daddy..there was a couple of charity shops and a gorgeous shop that stocked all sorts of lovely house goodies. i really could see myself living here!

there was even a shop in the next town that had a gorgeous shop full of Emma bridgewater goodies and cath kidston towels etc
so for now we are going to have to settle for perhaps a few days away or a week at the most and enjoy it and who knows maybe in a few years time once the babies have got a bit older we might be able to get a little holiday bolt hole..who knows!!!!

i bought a few goodies from the charity shops ( they even have one that's open on a Sunday that's more than enough reason to move don't you think!) but alas our digital camera got broke so cant take any more piccies with it at the moment..once i do I'll show you what we bought!

also just to thank little gem for my awards..Ive never had one before so am feeling rather thrilled from it!.
I'm not sure how i go about sending them to people so until i do please enjoy them from my blog !!!


  1. ooo glad you had a nice time, sounds great!

    The award thing - just copy the pictures and do a post on your blog saying who you want to give them to. Then go and tell the people that theres an award waiting for them on your blog xx

  2. I know Criccieth very well, lovely holidays spent there as a child :) You can't go to Criccieth without having a yummy Cadwaladers Ice cream, i hope you enjoyed 1, or 2 :)


  3. Ooh how strange, we were in Criccieth on our holiday. Small world and what a beautiful place.

  4. How lovely that you had a shabby holiday... though that sounds so wrong........ glad you enjoyed the time away...... :-)

    Love and hugs Mwah X x X x X x X

  5. Hi Charl!
    Lovely holidays!
    What a pity that your camera got broken!
    And many compliments on your 1st award!
    Let's toast!