Saturday, 1 August 2009


hi all

my sister gave me a very long tieback the other day, there was only one so couldn't really use it for tiebacks but i thought it looked so rich and heavy looking that i knew it would fit somewhere!

Ive just hung it on my curtain pole, it does look a little bit like we could pull it and the bells would start ringing i suppose but i think its lovely!!!

i think the colour looks lovely against my curtains to...


  1. It does add a certain something babe!! Colours are yummy!
    Annie x

    Ooh thanks for adding me to your blog list just made my day!!

  2. Lovely, It looks very regal and expensive. I have a pair of black beaded feather ones I bought for my bathroom but I never put the curtains up I was going to in there so I had no use for them, but I loved them so much I wrapped them around some candle wall sconces X