Thursday, 29 October 2009

And so to bed...

well obviously not yet.. i haven't been blessed with children who actually go to sleep in the it shall be how many more hours before i can climb into my big gorgeous old bed and sleep!!!..
when i get there though this lovelies to greet me!!!..
i got this lovely cosy king size throw over from the charity shop the other day.. its huge..

my ideal really is to have a cath kidston gorgeous one but alas i do not have £130 to spend on bedding ( well not until i find that elusive money tree!) so until then i have to pretend that i have one..
the colours are quite pale but i thought along side my white bedding it would look so fresh and pretty...also very feminine ( sorry hubs i know its your room to!!)

then my mum bought me these lovely pajamas.. they are soooo pretty..

the pink of them doesn't really come across in the pics because the light is quite pale but they are a really pretty pink and then the little flowers and the little trims of lace around the coller and short sleeves.. ooo gorgeousness...
very shabby chic don't you think ..

so cant wait tonight to go and have a nice soak in the bath.. then take my gossipy mags ( thanks sis!) and have an early night wearing my new pj's under my snuggly new quilt..

only trouble is we'll end up with the boys in the bed early morning and I'll be hanging on for dear life to the mattress with a bad back and a child digging their arms into my back.....



  1. What a beautiful find. It looks just lovely on the wonderful bed of yours. You lucky thing!

  2. A lovely find!I hope you get your dream CK bedspread one day.You never know...Xmas is coming....


  3. What a great find! And I LOVE LOVE LOVE the pj's your mum got you, lucky girl!
    Laura x

  4. Just discovered your blog - you find some great things. Feel free to join in my giveaway!