Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Every Cloud Has A Silver Lining!

Well this week has seen me off work.. Ive had a rotten cold.. it started last week so you would have thought by the weekend it would have gone.. ooh no.. we went to an engagement party Saturday night and it seemed to get worse from then on!

anyways there was no way i could be sat on reception with two giant bits of tissue stuck up my nose now could i..

so Ive been off.. ( secretly loving it as Ive the house to myself !!)..

anyways today i thought as I'm going brain dead from day time TV that i would treat myself to a magazine. so i bought ideal home as i could see that they had a few treats on offer!!

first off this free picture.. which is obviously along the lines of the "Keep Calm and Carry On" poster which I'm still to buy but really want one!

i thought it was very apt because although i have been feeling totally rotten.. i do now have the house to myself.. the sun is shining and Ive got stacks of washing and drying done as Ive been here to be able to keep on top of the washing and not sat in work, so really every cloud does have a silver lining!!!

so just need to buy a frame for this.. i think i know were I'm going to put this .
anyways i just thought id show you some of my faves from the mag..

i love the collection of bright cutlery in the white jars.. it looks so effective and so bright and cherry.. now i have white jars for my cutlery but at the minute very boring plain silver.. i think i know what I'm now going to be on the look out for !!!!
i adore this garden.. i would just love a real country cottage garden... at the minute i have a load of dead plants, 3 footballs and a toy motorbike !!!!

isn't this pretty though....

now I'm just loving this idea.. of putting the plates in frames.. i think its so effective.. this must be really easy to achieve and i think something I'm going to copy!!.. well you have to get your ideas from somewhere don't you!!

this little boys room looks so bright and clean!!!.. we are going to have to decorate in our boys room soon.. they just get so knocked about don't they.. everything seems to get bashed and jumped on!!!.. do you think people decorate before the cameras come in.. i know we'd have to !!

a little article about Jan Constantine.. her cushions were what started off the whole LOVE craze i think.. i love that tpot!.. i always remember an article about were she lived.. its just a cute little cottage in Cornwall .. full of her cushions and designs.. my idea of heaven actually!

this little book was free with the mag aswell so just thought id show you some of my faves from here

love the leather and the floral together on this... looks very light and pretty

love these little table laid for afternoon tea

how pretty are the little frames all lined up .. its a bit grown up for me ( well what im saying is .. the beautiful room would get wreacked with our boys so its somthing i'll have to have when they move out!!!)

very bright and nautical inspired isnt it this room... i think you have to have quite a bright room to get away with this..

phew anyways im a bit tired out now looking through all this.. i'm just going off now to make a cuppa and have a few rows of this... for medical purposes only !!


  1. I was wondering if to buy this month's Ideal Home and now after looking at yours , I think I will
    Hope you soon feel a lot better

  2. Poor you, hope your feeling better soon. xxx :)

  3. Hmmm guess where I am off to lol, norty charl ;0) Though to be fair that is the only one I really get nowadays, so I won't feel too bad on my little splurge.

    Popping on quickly to say thank you for your special comment on my post, your kind words meant alot to me X

  4. Sorry to hear you are poorly...get well soon!
    I'm off to buy that magazine.I'm quite restrained with my 'homes' mags and usually only get Country Homes and Interiors...but I'm going to treat myself this month.

    Bellaboo :0)

  5. the trouble is real people don't live in those rooms!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Hope you're soon feeling better.

  7. I would love an unruly cottage garden too, full of hollyhocks, lupins and foxgloves taller than me!
    Hope your feeling bettr sure the choccy will have done the trick!

  8. I bought an 'Every cloud has a silver lining' mug yesterday. Snap!

  9. I got that magazine too! Some great inspiration in it. Hope you get better soon!

  10. Not copying at all, it's being inspired! :O) I think I've been looking at that mag and then putting it back. I shall buy it immediately! Mind you, am sure husband mutters something like 'oh no' whenever he sees a home mag in my little paw. Usually I end up squealing 'ooh, now I like THAT' or 'ohhh, I'd LOVE a room like that' and it ends up costing him money! ha ha ha! I'm not sorry ;o)

    Sorry about you being poorly though, get well soon! xx

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