Thursday, 8 April 2010

I Won !!!

i entered the giveaway over at the gorgeous Vintage Amethyst blog the other week ( if you haven't already.. get over to her blog .there are the most gorgeous things for sale .. ) and imagine my surprise when i checked my emails and i was told id won!!

oo i did get excited..!!

anyways today mr posty delivered this gorgeous pink parcel which i couldn't wait to open!!

but every time i went to open it i had the children demanding my attention.. how dare they!!

so i didn't get to open it until after tea time but it was worth the wait .

have a look!!

first off i got this lovely card from Alison .. who i have to say has lovely handwriting I'm a right scruffy writer so I'm always slightly envious of people with nice handwriting!!

anyways i could just eat these scrummy cakes on the front of the card!!

then the lovely parcels wrapped very elegant in white tissue paper and lovely silver ribbon..

and then here are the lovely things ive won.. oo i cant believe how lovely they are..

Ive put the heart candle holder on my bathroom window.. that will have a lovely scented candle in for when I'm having a nice bath..

the lovey wooden heart candle holder is on my hallway cupboard.. it just fits lovely

i just love this little LOVE sign.. i came back in before from being out and the hubby had already put it up on the front of my welsh dresser for me.. it looks so at home there

thank you so much Alison for the lovely giveaway..


  1. oh you lucky thing! Yes, VA is one of the best online shops. I've got several of the paper rose garlands, and must buy more. They are so beautiful (and her packages are always wrapped in pretty outer wrapping and tissue, makes things even nicer somehow).

    Everything you won is just beautiful! Enjoy. :O) xx

  2. You lucky girl! Congratulations!
    I love the tin heart candle holders and the LOVE sign. I've seen the tea light holder in a lovely shade of green too...on my wish list.

    Sandie xx

  3. Hallo
    Aaahhh I'm so glad that the goodies arrived safely & that you like them.
    Oohhh as for the handwriting, *eek* I think my handwriting is absolutely awful & always feel a little foolish when writing cards to people, so thank you for the compliment you have given me a little confidence boost! *Tee hee*
    I'm so glad you won as everything looks so perfect in your home.
    Well done again.

  4. Gorgeous - well done on winning :D

  5. Well done on winning such a lovely give away. :) xxx

  6. You lucky thing. What a great giveaway to win. Beautiful items. Well done.

  7. what a fab giveaway...lucky you xxxx

  8. Congratulations! You lucky thing! Alison has gorgeous things in her online boutique! They look perfect in your home too!
    Love your bargain tea towels on a previous post and your bedding!
    Have a lovely week!
    Rachel x

  9. Congratulations on winning...and what gorgeous things too!I've been after one of those hanging candle holders for a while now.Yours looks perfect at the bathroom window...Oh I LOVE any kind of heart-y thing!Funny...I bought the same t.towels when I was away,and was just thinking the same as you..I don't want them to get all grubby,the way they do after a couple of uses!
    Lovely to catch up with your blog...feel like I've been away from blogland for ages!

    Bellaboo :0)

  10. Hi
    Lovely items. Great blog - am getting addicted to all this! Am using my daughters log in so must create one for myself!
    Anyway, was wondering where you got those lovely "curtains" hanging in your bathroom??