Saturday, 17 April 2010

Pots and Benches in no particular order!!

well my cold is still here.. i think it must be having an extended stay in my system.. perhaps i should start charging bed and breakfast for it now.. have to say its getting a little bit boring now.. the only upside is i do love my voice it sounds all gravely and sexy like!!!!..

anyways enough of that .. just thought id show you the pots that i brought from the Charity shops the other day.. when i finally ventured out. first time out in a week it was great..

the lady in the shop was laughing at this and said it was called a goes'under... think she was meaning that it should be stuck under the bed at night for emergencies!!.. which when thinking about it is a good idea. Ive always liked the idea of an en suite !!!!

i thought this will look lovely full of lavender for the house.. so think i might take some cuttings of my lavender plant and get planting! i love the detail on the handle..

i thought it was really pretty the whole thing.. you just couldn't have a wee in it could you !!

in the next shop i picked up this rather large enamel bowl..i think I'm going to put some herbs in this but keep this outside,

I'm kinda chomping at the bit to get started on my little yard now.. last year i just didn't have the time to get it looking nice, what with working three days and having two small boys to look after.. but I'm determined that this year I'm going to get it looking tip top.. it just looks so neglected and scruffy,

first off was we needed a garden bench.. i want a wooden one.. so i put a Wanted ad on freecycle for a garden bench..and look what hubby picked up for me on Thursday night!... a wooden garden bench.. YAY!!.. now i want to paint it so i had stated in my ad that i wasn't bothered if it wasn't in fantastic condition .. as long as it was sturdy enough..

anyways its a bit weather worn but its going to be perked up with nice bright red paint so will be as good as new!!..( and i think the brother in law has some red gloss for me so will only have to pay for the paintbrushes.. cheap makeover or what !!!!!!!)

i want to get cracking on the yard this week so hopefully will have some pics to show you next week of it..
i don't know about you but this sunny weather really makes you want to do things doesn't it!!..
so I've been doing a bit of this

and trying to make the house actually appear clean as well as tidy for a change, i felt ashamed at the amount of dirt and grease that was on all my kitchen bits and bobs.. i really must get into a better routine so for this week at least they look nice and shiny!!

righty then. it looks like its going to be another lovely day.. ( sunny but not that warm for maxi dresses and flip flops like i saw a few girls out in yesterday.... or perhaps im just getting very nesh in me old age!) .. have a good weekend whatever you have planned.


  1. I love your pots, especially the, erm, bedroom utensil. :) I have a po too, and I use it to keep all my tiny little odd balls of wool in. I love your pink shelf in the kitchen, it really sets the place off, with all your lovely things on it, gorgeous. xxx

  2. Hiya, im glad its not just me who is always on rightmove!!! Ive given myself a reality check and decided that we will not move again unless some round coloured balls produce some magic numbers lol!!! I'm in love with your bathroom, it looks stunning!!! Don't know about you but if I leave the housework for just one it looks like it hasnt been done for ages!!
    Have a great weekend!!
    Claire xx

  3. Above should day...oops x

  4. I know, one whiff of the sun and blokes are in shorts and girls in cropped tops and bare legs!

    Love your pots, and you are not alone in having to wash everything in the kitchen from time to time. That rotten greasy gunk gets everywhere.
    Your garden bench is going to look fab :O)

    have a good weekend, get better! xx

  5. Love the 'goes under' or 'po' as I call them! I've got a I've put a pot plant in..and the other for pot pourri in the bathroom.Can't wait to see the bench after it's makeover! Enjoy the rest of the weekend..looks like the weather's going to be great.

    Bellaboo :0)

  6. I love your pretty chamber pot. I have a few dotted around the house, I put plants in them, scented sachets, dried lavender, vintage bunnies..I too need to get stuck in to garden, picnic bench in need of a clean..

    Have a lovely weekend
    Warm wishes
    Isabelle x

  7. The chamber pot is very pretty you say, far too nice to pee in!
    I cant wait to see the finished bench, what a bargain!

  8. Your violet patterned pot is lovely, it would look great planted up with little lavenders or spring bulbs. I know what you mean about the greasy gunk that covers everything in the kitchen. I spent hours washing all my crocks this week to get rid of it. It certainly feels better seeing everything shiny and clean again.
    Ann x

  9. love your finds - this weather is just wonderful for raising spirits isn't it!

  10. really pretty colour schemes, have u seen the portmarion collection at john lewis, it's got polka dots and little bird patterns all over it, similar colours. So far i've got the cake stand and the tea for 2 tea pot!
    Rianna xxxxx

  11. Love using things for plants that were originally for something else and the two you have found are gorgeous and will look great. My great aunt used to have one of those 'ensuites' right up until she was over 90, god knows how she managed it LOL.

    Should really take a leaf out of your book with the kitchen things, have been ignoring them all winter.

    Have a great week. x

  12. Hello Charl,
    your pot will look gorgeous with Lavender in! Your kitchen shelf full of tins is so pretty!
    Have a great week! Love the idea for the garden bench.
    Have a great week!
    Rachel x

  13. Ohooo I like everything Charl, hmmm guess what I am going to ask for on Freecycle. We shall see if I can get one too, I would love one all painted up and can't wait to see yours :0)

    I used peelable self adhesive film for my Billy, you can buy it anywhere, mine was from the bargain shop, often hard to get pretty patterns and colours, so when I saw the floraly one, I grabbed it :0)



  14. lucky you with the garden bench,i have sent a few feelers out to see if i can find any freecycle treasure-so far just metal hammer magazines for dear oh-=S,i knew i shouldnt have shown him that listing...
    i love your pretty shelf,so gorgeous


  15. Lovely pretty things.
    We have a few potties in our garden filled with plants. The women in the charity shop thought I was bonkers when I told them what I planned to use them for.
    Hope you feel better soon.

  16. hi charl I'm guessing you are busy doing up your yard I feel awful as I didn't see your comment on my flicker photos about the gingham contact paper its from a small paint/decorators shop in my town you can buy it per meter .I could get you some if you want some .
    I cant wait to see your pics from your new project

  17. So many pretty things! Just found your blog - it's great! x

  18. Hello Charl

    Greetings from Sweeeden

    You did well with your cs finds. Loove the white enamel bowl. Brilliant idea and perfect for herbs :-). And didn't you do well with the bench. Lucky girl ;)
    Look forward to seeing the piccy's of your garden'yard'. ENJOY!
    Julie x

    BTW The snooow has almost gone, but ground a bit hard still, can't wait to get out and potter too!

  19. Your pink shelf is so pretty!

    Victoria xx

  20. Hi Charl your pots are lovely, I could do with one of them, perhaps the enamel one for my campervan!
    The potty of Lavender will look good and smell good.
    Your shelf is very pretty, do I love a
    Your comment on the maxi dresses...I saw a few out recently and thought how good they looked, but when i put one on I thnk oh no not on me, I may give it another go this summer they do look cool.
    Have fun playing house, I do!

  21. Just popping by to say hello, you havnt posted in a little while, hope all is well! X

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