Saturday, 3 April 2010

Tea towel tales!

you know your life has changed somewhat when you find yourself blogging about tea towels on a Saturday night !!!

aww well that's the joys of having children and having parents who have social lives of their own!!

anyways.. i just thought id show the lovely set that i picked up in wilkos no less.. and only £2.. they are so pretty.. I'm not sure if they are to pretty to actually use for drying up..

i mean they would make lovely show tea towels. you know the ones that dont actually get used.. but these always seem to end up being used.. as the hubby doesn't realise that we do actually like to have pretties around the house just to be looked at and nothing else!!

or it might make a nice cushion cover .. I'm not sure yet. oo decisions decisions haha

oo i got these lovely little mugs from the charity shop as well .. how lovely do they look with the a little set arnt they..they did have a few more of the same design in the charity shop so me thinks I'm going to go back and get the others.. that's if they're not gone!..( don't you just hate it when that happens!)

and finally i got this lovely platter.. how gorgeous is that.. the picture is a bit pants really as it doesn't show the lovely soft yellow colour.. its the Sunshine range from J&S Meakin,

i love the fact that its called sunshine as well.. what a lovely name!
oh and as the camera was out i thought id take a couple of pics of the living and dining room as it looks all cosy tonight!!

that table is looking a bit bare though.. could do with a nice bunch of something or other on it!

anyways I'm off to have a slice of pizza, a glass of rose and a dance round my handbag!!!
hope you all have a good bank hols.. hopefully we will be going to a carboot.. yay the first one of the year for me.. that is if it hasn't been rained off!!


  1. Happy Easter!
    Like your buys, and your house does in deed look cosy!

  2. I cant wait to get Car Booting too, havent been to any yet this year either. Infact I may look out for one tommorrow.
    I LOVE the platter by the way and well done on discovering the Wilko treasures.
    Have a fabby Easter wont you!

  3. nothing wrong with blogging about tea towels! 'specially when they are so pretty.

    Yes, your home looks gloriously cosy at night. I have fairy lights up year round too. In the dining room, kitchen, upstairs landing and bedroom. Much to my mum's horror, she's always spouting on about bad luck, but I tell her that they aren't Christmas decorations, but every day lights. Most of them have flowers around each bulb!

    Happy Easter x

  4. Your fairy lights make it look so cosy. Those mugs are a perfect match for the tea towels.

  5. Your house is simply gorgeous, I absolutely love it.
    Is'nt it great that most of the high street shops are stocking up on floral things, I am loving it, as I love all things floral, and at the prices the high street shops are charging, it is fab, such great bargains! I love the tea towels. xxxx

  6. love the mugs - there is something to be said for a quiet Saturday night in though!

  7. I adore the fairy lights in your living room. So pretty!

    I have some Cath Kidston tea towels I refuse to use. I caught my boyfriend with one the other week and whipped it from his hands! So I completely understand why you wouldn't want to use those pretty floral cloths. :)

  8. Those tea towels are fab and your rooms look so cosy!! :D

  9. very lovely!! i am addicted to pretty teatowels!!

  10. oooh I love the tea towels. I might have to see if my local wilkinsons have some.

    Also love your cs finds! Hope you managed to get to a car boot.

  11. I also have tea towels that are just for show on the cooker but they always get used .I am standing there glaring at my husband as he's dragging my cath kidston tea towel around the bottom of an old wok and not wanting to say anything because he's actually doing some house work .And I also got the very same mugs from my local charity shop what a great buy .I think I'll nip to wilkos in the morning to see if ours have those tea towels they look great