Thursday, 11 November 2010

bring on the brights

well today has truly been a blustery cold and altogether unpleasant day around these parts.. this morning it was sooo dark i had to have all the lamps on just to get some light in the house.. i can not be doing with dull days.. yesterday it was gorgeous.. bright clear sky's.. beautiful sunshine.. i walked miles yesterday today i wanted to hibernate!!
so i thought i would cheer myself up with some colour.. it is true just seeing bright colours. ( nothing to garish mind...I'm not a clown!) makes you feel so uplifted doesnt it.. i think that's why i love reading all the lovely blogs out there.. because the pictures are just so pretty and usually so bright and colourful that you cant help but smile!!

so i thought i would post a few piccies of things around my house that are nice and bright and a little bit cheerful!!

this is actually a tea towel.. i got in a set of three.. its to beautiful to use to dry dishes me thinks and I'm going to buy a few more to make cushions from.. the little china cup pattern is so pretty don't you think

a basket of toys .. i love the bold colours next to each other.. have you seen Timmy the dancing sheep watching over them.!!

my polka dot shower curtain along side my Paris rose wallpaper.. i wasn't sure if it both went together at first but i like a bit of clashing of patterns from time to time!!

my lovely crochet bargain blanket !

just a little corner in the kitchen of paler colours but pretty all the same!

the fab detail on a monsoon skirt i bought from the charity shop the other day.. this detail goes all the way round the skirt.. and its so vivid and bright.. a real party skirt.. ooo just picture me dancing around the living room whilst x factor is on haha.. ( this is the sad sorry state of our social lives at the minute!)

i also picked up this vintage skirt as well.. i just love the colour so bright that i had to buy it. .im thinking a big pussy bow blouse with this and heels ( I'm channelling the "Mad Men" 1950s-1960's look here if you hadn't guessed... just got to get Joan's killer figure first!)
my Russian dolls..although they arnt a full set.. and they are a bit different from the usual Russian dolls as these are cerise pink.. but still fab all the same!

my slowly increasing utility china collection .. (apart from the spotty jug that's from sainsburys!) ..i have a few more of these around the house but these are the ones that actually get used for gravy's, sauces etc

the fab new cups we bought for the boys the other day .. i couldn't resist taking a pic as i loved the colours together.. they reminded me of a fruit pastel lolly ice!!

and my red and white candles in a lovely wooden holder.. which i cant believe Ive never painted... see there is a tiny bit of wood that lives in my house unpainted.. !!!!
well the wind really has picked up outside now..eeek.. theres a storm coming..batten down the hatches and all that.. im off to get snuggly and cosy and finish the rest of my book ..
bye for now


  1. All the colours have cheered me up !! Can you believe this weather - the wind is rattling our windows at the moment - wonder if we will have any fences left in the morning

  2. awww lovely guided tour of the treats n treasures corners of your beautiful home ;0)
    love the jugs x and the wall paper in the bathroom!...its sooo very dark my camera is light sensitive n means bad piccys in low light winter months ;(...we've had a mix of weathers here in the west country seems one min sunny , next wind and rain! grrr!...
    Though its lovely to be cozy in side while its wet outside makes you appreciate home comforts ;0)x

  3. p.s the tea towel cup design is beautifu!!!! what shop was that by if you dont mind me asking? x

  4. Lovely photos, lots of scrummy things there to brighten your day. I too would love to know where the tea towels were from? Bibs x

  5. That's a great idea for the t towel.I was looking at some lovely ones in BHS yesterday,and thinking the same as you...too nice to use!
    Thanks for the brightness..I needed that.
    LOVE your bathroom wallpaper... SOOOO much! :0)

  6. So bright and colourful that you've cheered up this dark, windy day.

  7. ohhhh im catching up in blog land at work naughty of me i know. I adore so many of your things, Your gorg wall paper in your bathroom, your jugs the colours are so pretty and girly, the beautiful blanket, your dolls...goodness i feel like im on that programme from years ago can't remember its name now where items went by on the moving belt and you had to try and remember them to win ;-)) You have a lovely home.. dee ;-)) x

  8. What a nice cheery post. Love the candles in their holder. x

  9. Wow looking at your beautiful things has brightened up my day no end! Pitch black in Birmingham at the moment.

    Your house looks beautiful- and I love that skirt! x

  10. You have a wonderful, cosy and pretty home. Just right for dull November days. It's amde me feel all cosy.


  11. Thanks for your comment lovely, I shall indeed take on your g&t suggestion!! Coming back and looking at this post has once again cheered me's lovely to look at pretty things rather than dusty things for once :) x

  12. Such pretty things. I love looking around your home, it is so lovely. Thank you for sharing. I do find it inspiring.
    Z xx

  13. Boy do I know what you mean about needing to see some colour. Things have been so drab here wetaher wise! Thanks for sharing those pretty pics and for entering my giveaway!

  14. What a lovely colourful post :) I agree it is stupidly cold lately! It is soooooo hard to pull myself out of my cosy bed in the mornings :( but colours really do help! I might have to candy stripe one of my walls just for winter ;) x

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  16. lovely post - its absolutely freezing out there xxx

  17. Hej Charl

    Thanks for you kind comment.
    I've had this Ikea table and chairs 3 years now...originally in the summer house...hardly used then when Jon moved here last year we brought it to this's always xtended.
    I really dislike it now actually, as it has so many digs and dents and chips on the top of the table with 2 teenage boys grr...the table runner hides a multitude of chips lol!
    I LOVE white it's very flattering...
    Keep warm
    Happy December Days...

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