Tuesday, 14 December 2010

freecycle strikes again

ahoy there...!!
feel like Ive not posted in ages and ages.. i have had things to talk about but i think because Ive been sooo cold Ive just ran out of motivation !!

anyway i thought i better get into gear because the oldest boy breaks up on Friday so theres no way I'll get that much of a chance to blog with the whirlwind around!!

just thought id show you my newest freecycle finds..honestly Ive had some good stuff from it. but these do really come at the top of me list i think!!

in the summer when i knew i was being made redundant i said to the hubby that i really wanted to get a new cooker with some of the money i got.. but then because money does actually burn a hole in our pockets we ended up buying other things ( really should have put it in a savings account but that would be what sensible people did!!) like hiring camper vans for the weekend.. or going out for tea twice a week you know that type of thing!!
anyways we really did need a new cooker though as ours was battered.. but it wasn't meant to be..until one fine morning when i opened up my emails and there was an offer of a cooker.. didn't really read the post properly just replied and asked if we could have it..
we got it... and the cooker that we got was exactly the same as the one i had wanted all along!!!!!!!

a big ol silver range cooker.. can you believe that!!..

anyways we had to get a little converter kit as it had been converted to a different type of gas ( didn't realise there was more than one me self!) and then get a friend of the hubby's to install it and check it wasn't going to blow the house up.. but all is fine.
here she is !.. we just need to stick some tiles alongside the existing ones as they were obviously only the width of our previous little cooker we were offered the hood as well but our kitchen is quite small and i thought the huge silver hood might be a bit much in there!!

so because the cooker was bigger than what we had before we had to have a shift around with the cupboards to make space.. i was looking through one of my old country homes and interiors mags and something just jumped out at me on the page.. someone had Incorporated their welsh dresser into their kitchen cupboards..i asked the hubby if we could do that.. he looked at me with that weary glazed look he gets from time to time when it comes to me and diy.. but worked it out and reckoned it would work

we took the retro cupboard off the wall that never held that much inside just junk and did a bit of banging and knocking and measuring and voila.. i now have my dresser from this post.....

now in my kitchen!!
it has meant that the freezer is now under the stairs in the pantry and he had to build me a wine rack from the old kitchen cupboard which still needs painting but i feel like i have my very own country kitchen at last!!!
a dresser and a range cooker in a 1970s extension of a terraced house!!!!

.. i make myself laugh actually!

it has made a difference though the room feels a lot wider now the big cupboard has come off the wall .. it really is in need of a paint now and hole filling were the cupboard was but i have tried to take pics were you couldn't see that bit!!

anyway on to my next freecycle find.. lately i have been trying to make some money by finding cheaper bits of furniture .. making them over and putting them on Ebay.. so when someone posted that they had a sideboard to offer i thought ooh yes I'll get this ..give it the pretty vintage treatment and make a quick bob... until the lady sent me the picture of it and i thought..that's going no were but my house!!
well the hubby and the bro in law went to pick it up in the snow.. ( don't think they were best pleased with me on this occasion!!) brought it home and it was HUGE!!... i thought i would pop it in the alcove were the dresser had lived in the living room but it was far to big.. after trying not to look to much at the hubby as he asked if i had asked for any measurements at all.. i had a light bulb moment.. the bathroom!!..
it could act as a sort of wash stand and a towel cupboard all in one!!
so up they took it ..it is very heavy oh dear!..

this was Friday evening .. Saturday morning i was up with the birds... sanding and painting.. dedicated or just plain freakish ..you decide!!

anyways its mostly done..

I'm going to sand the top down to make it a lot lighter so you can see the gorgeous detail around the mirror..

there was a bit of beading lost off the door in transportation but just adds to the shabby effect me thinks!!

so what went in the space were the dresser was originally then.. i hear you ask!!

the cupboard that had been in the bathroom holding my towels!!..
the hubby took out the glass shelves as they were pretty lethal.. made some new shelves from mdf and then i gave them a slap of paint!!
I'm still figuring out how to dress this cupboard this is a work in progress!! but it fits the space just right!!
I think this house will never stop moving round!!


  1. You have been busy I love your new country kitchen its perfect. well done you on getting that cooker and the sidebaord is lovely especially after you have painted it ,its always good to have a move around it keeps things interesting .
    Enjoy your day
    xx fee

  2. wow and double wow, it looks amazing. Free cycle is great i have had my kids beds off their and also my vintage sewing machine. But wow that cooker is amazing im so impressed and your dresser looks fab next to it. And i can't believe that dresser in your bathroom its looks amazing and so not heavy any more. Well done you. What was your kitchen vintage wall cupboard like that that you took down? Have a good week. Dee x

  3. Blimey - you tired me out just reading that!!

    Great freecycle finds - and you've made them look fab :)

    Enjoy the quiet before the hols start!!

  4. Gorgeous revamps ~ sounds like you love to keep busy :0) My favourite has got to be that bathroom storage, your bathroom is so very pretty x

  5. Yay! all looks fantastic!
    Great freecycle goodies!xx

  6. WoW! is all I can say.I have all these ideas of what I'm going to do with my pieces of wooden furniture..one day!! You always inspire me when I visit your blog.Hope you still have some energy left to enjoy Christmas! ;0)

  7. Gosh that is a make over and a half all beautiful things that fit perfectly.

    I love it when a light bulb moment comes over.

    Nina x

  8. Everything looks so lovely I am so jealous of your oven it's fabulous. I love the fact it's recycled.

  9. Wowza that cupboard is gorgeous, you just gotta love freecycle, I'm a huge stalker on there every night LOL! Put all my old stuff on there too, can't be just chucking things away.

    Bet you can't wait to cook over christmas in that oven, fabulous xx

  10. So many well deserved WOWS, have another one, wow. I really am impressed, well done you.

  11. What wonderful freecycle finds! I wish I was as creative
    I got my husband to build a mock dresser in my kitchen when we redid it so it looks rather like yours as it is part of the kitchen surfaces. here is mine:

  12. Charl the dresser looks SO fab! We need to see more of your gorgeous kitchen! Well done on your makeovers and fab finds.

  13. Wow you are clever and a girl after my own heart, although it is taking me a bit longer to paint my charity shop finds. I love the sideboard in the bathroom it looks great. I haven't heard of this freecycle but I think I shall have to look into it as you keep mentioning it.

  14. Crikey - you've been busy. But it all looks really lovely. Hope you are pleased with your new cooker/range and cook lots of lovely things on it!

  15. Isn't Freecycle just great?!
    I've had some wonderful items via freecycle, my favourite has to be the Seated Arbour in the garden though.
    I love what you have done with the sideboard!

    Sandie xx

  16. What a brilliant thing to get from Freecyle that cooker looks fab. I love your kitchen it looks so cosy and your sideboard makeover is fantastic x