Tuesday, 30 August 2011

dream house ....

what is your dream house?

mine changes regularly .. sometimes its a massive detached house on a tree lined road with a huge garden..other times its a white weather boarded cottage by the sea, and then sometimes its a little cottage with roses around the door and ivy growing up the walls with a gorgeous cottage garden...i think it does depend on if I've been watching "escape to the country" or if we've been on holiday or out for a drive and i have seen a type of house that day.. I'm very fickle i have to tell you !!.. ( is it just me but when Ive been anywhere and i love the houses .. i go home and get straight onto "Rightmove"so i can have a nose around the houses in that area!!

anyways i have my dream house at the minute.. i see it everyday, its really me .. its a pity that its meant to hold butter!!..
yes my dream house is in the form of a butter dish!!..

my mum brought me this last week and its been taking pride of place on my little yellow shelf ever since!..

it comes with trailing roses around windows and doors

stuffed to the brim window boxes full of blooms

lovely original blue shutters framing all the windows,

so if you ever hear the nasally tones of Lloyd Grossman asking " who lives in a house like this" and you see the prettiest cottage ever .. you'll know that its me !!

ey a girl can dream cant she.. !!


  1. Ohhhhh that is simply darling! Like you my dream home changes all the time. What a lovely gift from your mum.

  2. I love your dream and what a beautiful little cottage...bless our mum's,

  3. That's such a cute little trinket.
    I'm lucky, I live in my dream house although I'd swap it for an Art Deco appartment in Mumbai or a Rajasthani lakeside castle with peacocks on the lawn if I really had to. x

  4. it's a lovely dream house!

  5. Oh how sweet, lovely dream house. I live in my dream house and have done for over 20 years, I can regularly be heard stating "I'm only leaving here in a box".
    Carol xx

  6. Im there with you on the "rightmove" site!! Like you, I look at the houses of places I have visted and like. I also look on there at new houses that have been put on in our area (especially Whitstable) for pretty interior ideas!

  7. I LOVE 'Escape to the Country',I'm always hoping the couple will want a cottage,rather than a barn conversion or a modern place. :0)

  8. Same! I love our little house but occasionally I fancy a place by the sea that I can decorate with whitewashed wood and seaside-themed bits and bobs!

    Nicki xx

  9. That has got to be the best butter dish ever! My dream house is definitely by the sea, couldn't not live by the sea. It will also hopefully have a kitchen similar to yours, tons of utility china, a shiny kitchenaid on the worktop and mismatched painted chairs round the kitchen table! (It will happen one day, it will!)