Wednesday, 24 August 2011

a tale of two tea towels !

in the past Ive blogged about tea towels, i do have a bit of love of them, pretty ones though not the old ones you've had for years and have become like crisps!!
so last week after reading a certain email id been sent i realised that i was going to be able to write about tea towels again and not actually come across as a bit of a saddo like i usually feel because id been asked to do a review!!

i know get me doing a review.. this is a first !..i think several bloggers have been asked to do it so I'm good company..and it will be interesting to see what we all chose!..

the company is the website is like tea towel heaven!..
there are tons of gorgeous designs and as i had to pick a couple to review i was like a kid in a sweet shop i didn't know what to pick.

well i finally made my choices..

so i got my parcel all wrapped up in tissue paper.. i love getting things wrapped up in tissue paper i dont know why!!

you know that i had to choose a floral design first!..

so i went for the Victoria Rose Flowers Delightful this was from the "flowers and nature" section of the website

and its really is Delightful!!.. it has the most loveliest rose design on it ..lovely muted colours so it doesn't come across to garish, with lovely touches to it like the edged pattern, and the trailing roses over the top...

to me its like a beautiful piece of fabric that should be seen and not stuck in your tea towel drawer so i shall have this out at all times ( not to be used however...far to pretty!)
it really is a very pretty vintage piece isn't it!!

now for my second choice i picked the Scandinavian Folk Art tea towel, this was from the "world" section of the site,
this is more of a retro design which is a bit out of my comfort zone as i tend to veer towards the flowery side of vintage but there was something about this design that i really liked.. i love the bird print

and the real retro colours that have been used here, the blues and reds with oranges and yellows work so well together..

i just love this one, i just think again its a lovely piece of fabric and i may even frame this one and hang it up on the wall as its pretty cool i think !

so many thanks to Al from All tea towels for letting me review your scrummy tea towels and even better getting to keep them..and i am glad that its another lovely website for me to peruse to !!..


  1. beautiful charl, delightful prints, especially the birds ;0)

  2. Oh they are so beautiful! I agree the roses one is far too pretty to use lol.I'm off to check their website and to see if they post internationally!

  3. What lovely tea towels, the birds are my favourite. x

  4. They are lovely. They would make great pictures in a frame or cushion covers. I love the retro ones.

  5. Love the second tea towel, I'm a sucker for scandinavian style. I also own a couple of tea towels which are deemed far too pretty to use!

  6. Love the first one - so pretty. Love your blog!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  7. Your tea towels are pretty and so is your blog.I also have a thing about tea towels have a good basket full of them.Love Jill xx