Thursday, 18 August 2011

Gift and Thrift...

it was our wedding anniversary the other week..we were very romantic and went to Drayton Manor theme park with the kids and my sister, brother in law and their brood to !!.. yes it was a romantic day walking hand in hand through Thomas the Tank land and gazing into each others eyes over a picnic bench burger and chips in front of us and a crying kid along side!!!.
actually it was a lovely day, the sun shone all day and the kids for most of it were brilliant..we would go back as it was great for the kids small and big!! and you can camp there so if you want to pace yourself or go back for more you can.. so we said perhaps next year we'll think about camping .. (hmm you might find that i stop in the hotel and go down and see if everyone is alright in the morning!!)

so as it was our anniversary this means little gifts were purchased and given to each other.. usually the hubby buys me an item of clothing that i then return to the shop and buy something that 1. fits me.. and 2. is actually to my taste!!.. he does try i know but i did have to ask him this year not to buy me any thing that resembles clothes !! the clever little thing took himself off to Cath Kidston and bought me these sweet little tins

and some gift vouchers yay..which means i get to go back again and buy myself some other scrummy things!!..very excited.. and I'm going to go on a complete child free day so i can stay in there for ages just looking at everything!!

then a friend bought me the sweetest mini cake stand, and i just adore it!!

isn't it funny how something so little can make my day!!?
it really goes with the little yellow shelf doesn't it .. I'm loving yellows and limes and pinks together at the minute..
i obviously am going to have to buy some mini paper cake cases now and make some ultra cute cupcakes to go on it aren't i !!..

and from small to big .. how gorgeous is this triple cake stand

this was off my sisters inlaws who are part of our extended family ..its even better when they know your taste isn't it!!..
so they bought us the lovely cake stand which has now took pride of place in the kitchen and this adorable little heart hanger with a cupcake design on

.. they know me so well.. don't think the hubby was as impressed with it as me but he'll live!!....

so from gifts to thrifts ( see what i did there!)
here's the latest charity shop buys ...

this gorgeous mirror .. so small and delicate but pretty heavy actually...

my mum isn't sure if its actually silver, theres no stamp or hallmark on it but it could be couldn't it!
.. it does need a bit of a clean up so will set to that , just love the amazingness of the back of it so much detail

.. it seems a shame to put it on the wall as you miss out on all of that ..

a rather modern picture for me but i thought it was quite cool, and it was still in its wrapper, guessing somebody changed their mind..

i know were this is going but i need a few more pictures that are similar in style or colour before it goes up on the wall!

just thought both of these items have been paid for by my mum when we were out so i guess this is thrifted that was gifted !!

have got a few more things to show you but battery has run out on camera so cant today.. im sure the suspense will kill you but you'll have to wait a few more days heehee..!!


  1. lovely treats- your home looks wonderful with all your pretty things, love that mirror. happy anniversary xxxx

  2. Happy Anniversary! I love all your gifts and buys.Enjoy your CK trip! :0)

  3. Happy Anniversay! Well done hubby on choosing lovely gifts! I love your new cakestands too, they look lovely in your kitchen.

  4. Happy Anniversary! Oh i love all your treats! Scarlett x

  5. Belated Anniversary wishes!

    Lots of goodies there! Especially like the mirror - I have a thing about mirrors and need to find some more to fill a wall!!

    Cant wait to see the rest!

  6. Happy Anniversary! Didn't your husband do well! I have those tins too, love them. I think I'm addicted to tins, have got so many it's ridiculous! I need tins to put my tins in....

    I really love the look of your house, would love to see more photos. I've probably missed lots having only just started to follow you. Am going to have a proper nosy when I get time. Love your blog, you make me laugh!! (we so have the same sense of humour! ha!)

    Nicki xx