Wednesday, 31 August 2011

carboot madness

me and the hubby braved the elements on Monday and not only went to the car boot but actually were selling from the back of our very own car boot to!..
we were actually helping out the hubbys grandad who just wanted to clear out his shed so on Sunday we deposited the kids at their nans and we went and sorted out the shed.. ( Ive kept a few things back for myself but I'll save that for another post!) anyway we basically had a bootfull of tools, books and many other random things ..
went through my mother in laws loft to and got a few things from there and then there was a few bits out of our loft to clear to.. lets just say the car was packed to the rafters !!..
so car was all packed and it looked promising when we first woke up there seemed to be a sun rising in the distance i was feeling positive..
i kid you not the minute we shut our front door and opened the car door it started battering it down.. i mean what is that all about !
so we were in two minds about what to do ..but we just thought lets do it .. we didn't have the kids, and i couldn't face emptying that car it was to depressing a thought!
anyways we got there and it was full of people.. sellers and buyers.. it made me laugh so much when we drove on to the field you could see the look in peoples eyes .. " ahh heres a new seller.. new stuff for us to buy now!.".. honestly we were swamped by people.. i felt like a famous person surrounded by the paps!!..i ended up getting one bloke to help me put the cloths on our paste tables , to give him something to do while the hubby fended off the others with the line "erm can you give me a minute mate !"
so we did rather well.. that was more of the grandads things that just went in a flash.. if you want to know the best things to sell at a car boot.. Tools!!.. they were going like hotcakes !!.. my table looked a bit more forlorn and looked actually like the type of table i give a miss.. i think it was the amount of tack that was on mine.. my sister came along with my mum at one point .my mum ended up buying two things off me .. i did try and give it to her for free but she was having none of it .. so i gave her a reduced price.. you know family rates and all !!

by the end of the morning i was getting a bit fed up of the actual amazing cheek of some people.. the rudeness of others and i was cold.. so we decided to start packing up.. we still had a few things so the hubby ( very clever he is to!) went up to one of the "you can tell he is a professional trader because he had a big van!" and said he could have the bits we had left for a fiver if he wanted.. he said yes!.. so it meant we had a nice empty car and we got rid of everything!!

so there was still a few die hard sellers which meant we could walk around and have a look ourselves..and because it was so late in the day we got everything at v silly prices!!

i got this picture and i thought it would be lovely for our bathroom..

i picked up this china mug and coaster for 20p!..

stuffed them on my dresser theres always a place for everything in my house!!

id walked past this cup a few times and it was there at the very end of the morning so i think it was waiting for me to take it home! the seller wasn't budging though and i still had to pay a pound for it but its ok because its very pretty and is ideal for our toothbrushes !

not sure why its come out upside down this picture but anyways its got the date on it 1918 so a little bit of an antique isn't it!!

oh and i erm kinda picked up another (cough cough..haven't got a problem really ..)
shelf.. yes that's right i bought another shelf!!..

i had to it has all the elements of a good shelf.. solid wood and little hooks so i can hang things off it to .. i had to have it and it was only a pound..i couldn't walk past!!..
so last night the hubby was trying his best to ignore me asking him to put it up..but then i started banging around a bit and i think he thought anything for a quiet life so got the drill out!! ..

i am going to get some nice tea light holders to go on this sweet little thing.. I'm thinking jewel colours like greens and keep your peelers peeled for me !!

oh did pick up a lovely vintage style cardie as well with lace and beads on but forgot to take a picture of it doh .. ( oh well I'll start Friday Frocks soon and show you then!) but that was only 50p to!!
think that is the last time i do a carboot for a long time though i was exhausted when we got home!!


  1. love that 1918 cup in dusky pink! beautiful!!!!
    bet it was exciting to sell as well as buy... your home always looks so full of lovely treasures charl xxxx

  2. You've done really well there. You deserve a rest now looking at all your beautiful things.
    Love from Mum

  3. I love the cup too - what a good idea, to use it for toothbrushes!! And that picture looks great in the bathroom. Another shelf!!.......does look good though! I can never find things to hang from the hooks on shelves though - an odd heart and thats it!?!
    Hope you havent got a cold now?!!

  4. Charl, your posts always make me laugh, theres just something about the way you write thats so true! Another shelf, well for £1 you can't hardly leave it there can you!? It looks really cute, and the cup is lovely too. OOh please do keep up with Fridays frocks, I always loved them, and the cardi sounds cute.
    So sweet that your mum comments too, how lovely :) xxx

  5. Oh lordy, we're gathering together a load of things ready to do a car boot sale ourselves but I can't handle the people scratting about when we first get there. I get really cross with people pushing and shoving and getting in the way. I'm rubbish at negotiating prices and I just know I'd end up leaving the husband on our stall whilst I treasure hunt myself - we'd take more home than we went with! Not sure I can cope with people moaning about how crap my stuff is, either. BUT I'm starting to run out of funds for my new china addiction...

    Love your new shelf - absolute bargain. Have found a similar shelf to your yellow kitchen one that I want to hang in my house but I can't find anywhere for it. Will you pop round? You can always find a space for a shelf can't you :-) I am desperate to hang pretty things from hooks. (I know, I'm a saddo.)

    I shouldn't laugh but it's bloody typical that it threw it down just as you were leaving!

    Nicki xx

  6. i think your post are really funny , they make me smile ,have done couple of car boots myself with the kids there exhausting , and in the wind and rain but we got rid of loads of stuff i would have normaly thrown out but its amazing what people will buy

  7. thats a good days work at the car boot, you've found some lovely treasures there!! XXX

  8. Yay for the boot sale! I need to do some selling at the booty soon, i just find it difficult to stay behind my table and not go looking for other stuff to bring home :o) I love that pink mug and shelf - great buys. Scarlett x

  9. Hello You, its good to meet you,too!
    Thankyou for your lovely comment round at mine, i have been having a quick read of yours, its good to get to meet new people.

    Love your thrifting adventures & home making - A girl can never have to many hooks I say!


  10. You can never have enough china or shelves :)
    unless you live in my house.
    Cate x

  11. Ooh gorgeous blog - right up my street! We have just discovered car booting, but are not quite used to the early morning starts with a new born baby :-) I love all the pretty goodies on your dresser! Kisses Kitty x

  12. Oh well done to you - both for making some sales and picking up some lovely finds too.
    I am loving that little antique cup- very sweet. And a shelf for a pound? Can't go wrong!