Saturday, 26 September 2009

Im back from outta space!

hi all

well its been a month since i last blogged cant believe it.. i have been keeping up to date with everyone elses lovely blogs but myself ive not had that much to say, i think my blogging mojo had left me but is now slowly creeping in by the back door!

today hubby and i plus the two boys went to a fair organ and vintage rally..i wasnt expecting much apart from a few homemade engines to look at, but it was really good... as usual my photography skills dont show anything really..honestly i take such pants photos!

s well as all the old engines, there was loads of old vintage and classic cars all the gorgeous moggy minors and Cadillacs, and triumphs really cute and then the big ol 1950s cars that were just amazing!s

.. i did find my ideal car.. a little old BMW that was bright pink with flowers on which i think was made for me

..although i wasn't allowed to get in and have a little feel for it. i made do with standing next to it looking on with love!!

although i do think my hair should have been in a massive beehive and a black and white mini dress dont you!!!

there was also a little childs fair.. so our oldest had a fine old time going on the mini train rides, bumper cars with daddy and a little helicopter ride..

and then these fair organs..they were like works of art.. absolutely amazing.. and so big.. they took the whole of the back of lorrys.. the amount of work that has gone into them is fantastic, i love the sound of them, just makes you feel like you're walking around at a summer fete in the 1950s!!

and then there was this futeristic number !!!

so anyways we had a nice little outing.. the boys started getting tired though which is always a recipe for disaster so it was straight into the car and then home for us!!

apparently there is a vintage auction there tomorrow.. might see if hubby will take me back and see if we get anything!!