Monday, 30 November 2009

the things you find!

tomorrow we are having our loft insulated...brrrr its getting so cold now that I'm glad its getting done. think it will make a big difference.. our house feels like a fridge at the moment..Ive constantly got the heating on and am normally found in weird and wonderful layered outfits just to keep warm.. ( saying that. the kids are always warm and hubby is normally in shorts.. so perhaps I'm just very cold blooded!)..

anyways because everything has to be cleared out of the loft i came home from work to find this little lot in my bedroom

ooo looks nice doesn't it!!!!

....lots of bin bags and all sorts of bric a bac!!..

most of it is pure tat.. and hence the reason why its up in the loft and not around the house on show.. but then Ive re-discovered a few things that i shall be keeping down stairs from now on!

this lovely picture.. in a lovely silver frame.. now when i finally get round to doing my hallway which i want to do in whites and greys i think this will look really nice with it.. its quite modern but i think its rather pretty so who cares that its not very vintage looking!

this lovely old green vintage quilt.... id completely forgotten that i had this.. this will be great on my sofa especially with the cold nights now.. it will really tie in with my pinky red and green theme that i have in the living room.. cant believe that's been stashed up in the loft all this time!

a lovely cream little lamp table..perfect for displaying some pretties on of some sort.. not sure where this is going to go yet..which is probably the reason its up in the loft anyways!.. might paint it a completely different colour and pop it somewhere though. theres always a home for abandoned furniture in this house!!!

awww my wedding dress... its rotten now.. and a bit smelly from being stored up there .but its still big and fancy!!.. i tried it on before and it fits!!.. 2 baby's on i didn't think that was to bad really.. it was huge and so heavy Ive no idea how i managed a whole day in it!!!..

a funky red chair that we bought for our oldest but he started using it to climb up on things..being only 18 months at the time we thought best to take it off him but i think he can have it back now.. hes 3 now so I'm sure he'll be fine.. just have to make sure the baby who loves climbing doesn't use it as a "get me up" on to things!!

and then diary from 1999..when i was 18-19.... Ive been having a laugh reading it tonight.. oh its so full of angst!!..

isn't it amazing though the things that are so important to you when you're younger that now just wouldn't bother you. i literally went shopping for clothes nearly every other day..worried about my figure and my hair.. and was out 3 nights a week .. now i never buy clothes .. wash my hair when i remember and go out about once a year!!!!.. having children really does make you take a back seat when it comes to yourself doesn't it!!!!

i found some more mundane things like bags of clothes that Ive been collecting for my little boys and just shoving up in the loft until they would fit them..and now they do fit into them.. so there is tons of clothes that need washing and ironing now but its most handy as we needed to buy them new clothes and Ive been worrying a little bit as they were in need of new stuff and its been under my roof the whole time!!

so it just goes to show you sometimes the things you want and need are under your own roof anyways!!!!

Thursday, 12 November 2009

I heart you !!

looking round my little home Ive realised i have two things as a theme running through it.. flowers and hearts!!

i find I'm a little magpie if i see anything floral or heart shaped!!.

here's some of my hearts that are around my home...

hope you enjoyed seeing some of my hearts!!

well I'm off now to try and sort my hair out.. had a crazy idea about dyeing it red.. now i look like me circa 1996... its so not a good look... !!!!

Monday, 9 November 2009

Lunch time lovelies!!

took myself off into town on my lunch break today.. thought i would take advantage of that gorgeous winter bright sunshine before the fog set in on us.. and it really did..really quickly so glad i went when i did!!

its such bliss when you can nip in and out of shops without getting a buggy stuck in the doorway .. or you look down and realise you're baby is/has getting sticky hand marks all over the clothes ..or is just pulling them off all the hangers as a little game... its so nice to just walk around the little charity shops and not have to buy 4 broken toys for them just so that you can look in peace!!!

anyways I'm going off the subject somewhat there arnt i!
were was i...oh yes.. i took myself off all wrapped up, enjoyed the nice brisk walk into town and came across these little lovelies

these gorgeous little glasses.. who's blue is sooo vintage looking i think.. I'm in need of a new shelf being put up in the kitchen just for these as i think they should be on display

this lovely picture all the detail is sewn on. really lovely.. just going to whack a bit of cream paint on the frame and then add it to my ever growing collection of pics that are waiting to go up in the living room

this pretty water glass/carafe type thingy.. with really pretty rose detail..very delicate,

this is going to have to go somewhere out of sticky fingers reach as i think one drop on the floor and it will just smash.. very thin and pretty though..!

and last but not least this lovely picture of a lady walking in what looks like a very pretty garden..

oh and then on the way back into work i bought my self an iced bun..but obviously that got eaten very quickly so couldn't take a picture of that particular lovely... MMmmmmm delicious!!!!!

diet starts tomorrow !!!


Friday, 6 November 2009


Just thought id share my new things of the week

new lights making a cosy feel

five blank wooden hearts ready to be painted up and hung around the house or maybe kept together as bunting.

new magazine to drool over

even more new boots.. cant wait to wear these! will only be worn when not a lot of walking or indeed moving is involved i think they are quite high!!

new fairy lights. new crafty bits, new mag, new shoes ...what more can a girl ask for!!

Sunday, 1 November 2009

Night out!

well me and the hubby actually went out for the night on Friday... a proper night out.. with no kiddies, or child friendly pubs were you can eat a meal together and have indigestion because your up and down slides with the kids in between meals!!
just me and hubs together on our own!
a first for quite a while.. we havent been out for so long that we didn't even know were to go!!..
we had to ring some friends up and ask them were the cool young beautiful people go these days!!!
how tragic is that at all!!..
anyways Ive been worrying all week about what i was going to put on.. what do people wear to go out in now, i wanted to feel comfortable but not look to mumsy and i just wanted to feel young again!

so i found in my wardrobe ( which is made up mainly of rubbish) a little black lacey dress that i bought from the charity shop in the summer for something silly like £2.99 and thought how very similar it looked to all the little black lacey dresses that are in the shops now so ahead of my game in the fashion stakes arnt i!!..

so with that i was on all the websites asos, topshop, river island.. to see what i could wear on my feet to go with the dress.. didnt want to look like id made to much of an effort either ( oh isn't it a minefield now.. i never use to be this bothered..just went out and danced all night then!) so i
actually went and paid full price for a pair of shoe boots from new look.. and guess what happened.. got the heel stuck in a grate in the floor and ripped the leather off the heel..can u believe that.. i never pay full price and look what happens when i treat meself gutted!!

fuming over the ripped heel!!!!!

it was so nice getting ready though..the boys went over to my in laws about tea time so i had about 3 hours all to myself to get ready.. this is sooo unusual that i was actually a little bit lost as I'm used to getting ready in about 10 mins .. but id just recieved my cath kidston mag friday morning and there is a page all about getting ready for a night out so i was trying to follow all the steps, long soak in the bath, doing my nails.. i added a few steps of my own to.. slapping on the fake tan and pouring a large glass of rose wine!!!

anyways we had a nice evening.. had a laugh together and actually were just a young couple for the evening again and not just mum and dad!!