Saturday, 17 April 2010

Pots and Benches in no particular order!!

well my cold is still here.. i think it must be having an extended stay in my system.. perhaps i should start charging bed and breakfast for it now.. have to say its getting a little bit boring now.. the only upside is i do love my voice it sounds all gravely and sexy like!!!!..

anyways enough of that .. just thought id show you the pots that i brought from the Charity shops the other day.. when i finally ventured out. first time out in a week it was great..

the lady in the shop was laughing at this and said it was called a goes'under... think she was meaning that it should be stuck under the bed at night for emergencies!!.. which when thinking about it is a good idea. Ive always liked the idea of an en suite !!!!

i thought this will look lovely full of lavender for the house.. so think i might take some cuttings of my lavender plant and get planting! i love the detail on the handle..

i thought it was really pretty the whole thing.. you just couldn't have a wee in it could you !!

in the next shop i picked up this rather large enamel bowl..i think I'm going to put some herbs in this but keep this outside,

I'm kinda chomping at the bit to get started on my little yard now.. last year i just didn't have the time to get it looking nice, what with working three days and having two small boys to look after.. but I'm determined that this year I'm going to get it looking tip top.. it just looks so neglected and scruffy,

first off was we needed a garden bench.. i want a wooden one.. so i put a Wanted ad on freecycle for a garden bench..and look what hubby picked up for me on Thursday night!... a wooden garden bench.. YAY!!.. now i want to paint it so i had stated in my ad that i wasn't bothered if it wasn't in fantastic condition .. as long as it was sturdy enough..

anyways its a bit weather worn but its going to be perked up with nice bright red paint so will be as good as new!!..( and i think the brother in law has some red gloss for me so will only have to pay for the paintbrushes.. cheap makeover or what !!!!!!!)

i want to get cracking on the yard this week so hopefully will have some pics to show you next week of it..
i don't know about you but this sunny weather really makes you want to do things doesn't it!!..
so I've been doing a bit of this

and trying to make the house actually appear clean as well as tidy for a change, i felt ashamed at the amount of dirt and grease that was on all my kitchen bits and bobs.. i really must get into a better routine so for this week at least they look nice and shiny!!

righty then. it looks like its going to be another lovely day.. ( sunny but not that warm for maxi dresses and flip flops like i saw a few girls out in yesterday.... or perhaps im just getting very nesh in me old age!) .. have a good weekend whatever you have planned.

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Every Cloud Has A Silver Lining!

Well this week has seen me off work.. Ive had a rotten cold.. it started last week so you would have thought by the weekend it would have gone.. ooh no.. we went to an engagement party Saturday night and it seemed to get worse from then on!

anyways there was no way i could be sat on reception with two giant bits of tissue stuck up my nose now could i..

so Ive been off.. ( secretly loving it as Ive the house to myself !!)..

anyways today i thought as I'm going brain dead from day time TV that i would treat myself to a magazine. so i bought ideal home as i could see that they had a few treats on offer!!

first off this free picture.. which is obviously along the lines of the "Keep Calm and Carry On" poster which I'm still to buy but really want one!

i thought it was very apt because although i have been feeling totally rotten.. i do now have the house to myself.. the sun is shining and Ive got stacks of washing and drying done as Ive been here to be able to keep on top of the washing and not sat in work, so really every cloud does have a silver lining!!!

so just need to buy a frame for this.. i think i know were I'm going to put this .
anyways i just thought id show you some of my faves from the mag..

i love the collection of bright cutlery in the white jars.. it looks so effective and so bright and cherry.. now i have white jars for my cutlery but at the minute very boring plain silver.. i think i know what I'm now going to be on the look out for !!!!
i adore this garden.. i would just love a real country cottage garden... at the minute i have a load of dead plants, 3 footballs and a toy motorbike !!!!

isn't this pretty though....

now I'm just loving this idea.. of putting the plates in frames.. i think its so effective.. this must be really easy to achieve and i think something I'm going to copy!!.. well you have to get your ideas from somewhere don't you!!

this little boys room looks so bright and clean!!!.. we are going to have to decorate in our boys room soon.. they just get so knocked about don't they.. everything seems to get bashed and jumped on!!!.. do you think people decorate before the cameras come in.. i know we'd have to !!

a little article about Jan Constantine.. her cushions were what started off the whole LOVE craze i think.. i love that tpot!.. i always remember an article about were she lived.. its just a cute little cottage in Cornwall .. full of her cushions and designs.. my idea of heaven actually!

this little book was free with the mag aswell so just thought id show you some of my faves from here

love the leather and the floral together on this... looks very light and pretty

love these little table laid for afternoon tea

how pretty are the little frames all lined up .. its a bit grown up for me ( well what im saying is .. the beautiful room would get wreacked with our boys so its somthing i'll have to have when they move out!!!)

very bright and nautical inspired isnt it this room... i think you have to have quite a bright room to get away with this..

phew anyways im a bit tired out now looking through all this.. i'm just going off now to make a cuppa and have a few rows of this... for medical purposes only !!

Thursday, 8 April 2010

I Won !!!

i entered the giveaway over at the gorgeous Vintage Amethyst blog the other week ( if you haven't already.. get over to her blog .there are the most gorgeous things for sale .. ) and imagine my surprise when i checked my emails and i was told id won!!

oo i did get excited..!!

anyways today mr posty delivered this gorgeous pink parcel which i couldn't wait to open!!

but every time i went to open it i had the children demanding my attention.. how dare they!!

so i didn't get to open it until after tea time but it was worth the wait .

have a look!!

first off i got this lovely card from Alison .. who i have to say has lovely handwriting I'm a right scruffy writer so I'm always slightly envious of people with nice handwriting!!

anyways i could just eat these scrummy cakes on the front of the card!!

then the lovely parcels wrapped very elegant in white tissue paper and lovely silver ribbon..

and then here are the lovely things ive won.. oo i cant believe how lovely they are..

Ive put the heart candle holder on my bathroom window.. that will have a lovely scented candle in for when I'm having a nice bath..

the lovey wooden heart candle holder is on my hallway cupboard.. it just fits lovely

i just love this little LOVE sign.. i came back in before from being out and the hubby had already put it up on the front of my welsh dresser for me.. it looks so at home there

thank you so much Alison for the lovely giveaway..

Saturday, 3 April 2010

Tea towel tales!

you know your life has changed somewhat when you find yourself blogging about tea towels on a Saturday night !!!

aww well that's the joys of having children and having parents who have social lives of their own!!

anyways.. i just thought id show the lovely set that i picked up in wilkos no less.. and only £2.. they are so pretty.. I'm not sure if they are to pretty to actually use for drying up..

i mean they would make lovely show tea towels. you know the ones that dont actually get used.. but these always seem to end up being used.. as the hubby doesn't realise that we do actually like to have pretties around the house just to be looked at and nothing else!!

or it might make a nice cushion cover .. I'm not sure yet. oo decisions decisions haha

oo i got these lovely little mugs from the charity shop as well .. how lovely do they look with the a little set arnt they..they did have a few more of the same design in the charity shop so me thinks I'm going to go back and get the others.. that's if they're not gone!..( don't you just hate it when that happens!)

and finally i got this lovely platter.. how gorgeous is that.. the picture is a bit pants really as it doesn't show the lovely soft yellow colour.. its the Sunshine range from J&S Meakin,

i love the fact that its called sunshine as well.. what a lovely name!
oh and as the camera was out i thought id take a couple of pics of the living and dining room as it looks all cosy tonight!!

that table is looking a bit bare though.. could do with a nice bunch of something or other on it!

anyways I'm off to have a slice of pizza, a glass of rose and a dance round my handbag!!!
hope you all have a good bank hols.. hopefully we will be going to a carboot.. yay the first one of the year for me.. that is if it hasn't been rained off!!

Thursday, 1 April 2010

Practically Perfect

i think it was that wise ol bird Mary Poppins ( of Julie Andrews fame.. not fellow lovely sweet blogger lady!) who said of herself .. "practically perfect in every way"... well that's the only way i can describe my new shoes!

when things get you down or life just seems grey ... a pair of beauties on your tootsies can help lift spirits!!

and these lovelies do just the most gorgeousness of palest pinks

from the gorgeous bows..

to the delightful little pointed toe like a little nose...

to the fantastically highest heels ever !!!

honestly I'm a very simple gal.. just give me a pair of heels and I'll love you forever !!!