Sunday, 25 March 2012

tinkling the ivories

well you know how muchly i love freecycle.. considering Ive furnished most of my house with its help!!
the other week an offer post popped up in my inbox i looked at it but thought there was no way the hubby would go with the flow on this one.. what with the transporting of it and the actual finding a place for it ..anyways the hubby noticed this email a few days later and first words out of his mouth was "ask if we can have it!!"

so after making sure we found a space for it and organised a van and two helpers we got this little beauty !!

a piano !!

i was a little worried as i hadn't seen a picture of it so was a bit concerned that it might look like the pianos that you get in primary schools all boxy and light pine..but i was pleasantly surprised it is rather a lovely piece.. a few scratches here and there and it needs a slight tune but nothing to serious!!

the hubby has already found his niche as a piano player!!..hes learnt Adele's "someone like you" and coldplays "trouble" and a couple of Beatles numbers!..its lovely to hear the sound of it being played on a sunny morning the sound floating around the house as the sun is shining through the windows...very nice!!