Saturday, 5 December 2009

how hard can it be!

until this week .. i never knew that there was so many shades of grey!!!!!!

i thought you either had a dark grey or a light grey!!

Ive been back to Homebase now four times each time buying a tester pot of a different grey, the man who mixes the paint up even knows who i am now and is finding it ever so amusing that i still cant decide!!

can anyone help me.. I'm looking for a nice pale grey.. not to cold.. not to bluey .. something that perhaps looks a bit Swedish..somthing that will look nice with reds and whites..

anyone make any recommendations!!

Wednesday, 2 December 2009

charity shops 1 the big town 0 !!!

on Saturday me and my sister went to Liverpool for the day.. off we trotted without any children just ourselves for a nice girly day out..
we thought we might have a nice drinky and lunch as well halfway through the day whilst going through all the bags of gorgeous clothes that we had treated ourselves to ..

now whilst we did have a laugh together and we did try on some beautiful clothes..
we were very much overwhelmed by the amount of people in town.. the sheer noise every were.. and the volume that people were buying.. ( schoolgirls in Zara buying beautiful clothes.. so not fair!!)

we took ourselves off to primark.. and for a while got carried away shoving all sorts of clothes into our baskets..however i bought about 3 things and one of them was a pair of tights!!!..
everything i tried on looked awful.. i looked awful as i was hungry and tired so had that lovely grey pallor .. and we just couldn't wait to leave and get back home!!
we didn't go for lunch but we did have a well deserved glass of white when we got home!!!

now we are not country bumpkins.. we only live about 15 mins away on the train from Liverpool.. growing up we went to town with our mum practically every weekend.. but you know it was just a bit of a nightmare.. i couldn't wait to come home and get to the charity shops.. were i wasn't faced with volumes upon volumes of sequin tops or tiny dresses that only a 15yr old could get into on a night out.. there was no "normal" clothes.. no just nice nipping to the shops, type of clothes.. it was all geared towards going out and that was it.. even the girls walking round town ( in their rollers might i add) looked dressed for a night out.. this was at 2pm !!
all in all it was a very depressing experience and not one i want to repeat for a long time!!
so anyways i got to go to my precious charity shops this week and came away with a few nice bits.. ( and breathe!!!!!!!!)

i bought this gorgeous sweet little china posy.. i love it.. Ive had my eye on it for ages but then it disappeared so i thought it had been sold.. but no out it came and was a pound cheaper so i had to buy it..
i love the colour of the pot.. that green is so pretty . .i love it alongside my others,,

i love this oval plate that is just made for serving up nice little sandwiches or little cakes!!..

(can you see my new posy alongside its new family..looks sweet doesn't it!!)

and then this pretty round plate to eat the said cake or sandwiches from..

i just love floral plates they always manage to look so pretty don't they!!!

a few books to read when i get the chance.. not had any new books for a while so cant wait to get into these.. nice girly chick lit ones. nothing to taxing!

and then this gorgeous little mug to serve my coffee from when I'm reading my book and eating my cakes.. i love the little union jacks on the front.. I'm not at all in the slightest patriotic but i do love the little design!!

i even managed to pick up a gorgeous H&M black satin blouse which is just gorgeous.. so you know what i don't even need to go into the big smoke and stress myself out ..
its charity shops all the way for me............ ( well until perhaps after January sales when it wont be so bad!!!!! )