Wednesday, 30 March 2011

wednesday wardrobe find!

just had a mammoth eBay listing session.. i have been at it since about 10am ..
have been spending probably a bit to much on eBay lately all the £2.99 and £3.99s start adding up when you buy a few don't they!!..whoops !
so i got the hubby to get all my summer stuff from the loft down .. thought i could sift out all the stuff that i cant get into anymore ( boo hoo..this is stuff that i could actually wear after i had the baby's .. but now i seem to have gone into eating overdrive!!).. there was stacks that i was putting so its just taken ages.. taking photos and then listing it all.. just watch now..nothing will probably sell!!!
honestly i still haven't put all the things on that i wanted to .i just lost the will to live in the end.. !!

anyways i was taking all the clothes back upstairs and was shoving it all back into the wardrobe as i have no were else to put it for now ( so it better had sell!) and found this bag lurking right at the back under boots and allsorts..

at first i thought it was a bag of clothes that id bought and stashed.. ( you do that to don't you!!??)...but it didn't feel like clothes.. so i thought id better bring it down and have a look..

ooo how exciting!!

first out of the bag was this pretty cup..

and then i remembered what it was id bought..

a saucer to match the cup

and a plate come out of the bag to...

all for £2. 99 not bad hey...!


.. it wasn't just these three pieces.. it was for all this set.. six of each.. wowser!!..

its so pretty .. i love the pale green flowers against the gold edging .. ..

and now i have a proper little set for tea parties this would look perfect alongside cucumber sandwiches wouldn't it !!

its in my china cupboard now just waiting for its first outing!!..

i am happy that i found it as I'm stuck in today.. my youngest bubs has his wheezy chest again and its raining round here so i don't really want to take him out in the damp as that tends to make him worse.. so as i couldn't get to the charity shops ..its like the charity shops have come to me!!!

Monday, 28 March 2011

flowers in the attic

i helped my sister sort out her loft on Friday.. its a proper room not like mine where you have to duck your head and watch out for the fibre glass insulation getting on you!
no this has windows and a fireplace and a staircase leading up to it behind a door.. i love it!
but it is still very much an attic i.e its full of junk .. for the time being that is.. their plan is to make it into a lovely girls bedroom for my two nieces .. you know I'm going to be going for sleep overs when they move up into it!

so we were throwing things away, saving things of sentimental value , and putting things into the charity shop..

i came away with a few rather nice bits and pieces myself which is always a bonus .. and i was provided lunch along with wine so I'll defo help her again!!..

i took a big bag of boys clothes but aged 10 -11 still got a few years before they get to be worn!

and then some lovely floral curtains which i think originally are from IKEA .. they were brand new as well..

i love the fabric..

i have been thinking about putting them up on my dining room window but I'm not sure yet as the window isn't that wide so think they may look a bit fussy up.. i love the floral pattern though and it almost nearly matches the lining of my baskets on top of my welsh dresser

so I'm sure I'll find a home for them somewhere either in this room or somewhere else!!

and then we came across this little cupboard.. which my sis had intended to put up in the girls room but then ummed and ahhed saying " would i really use it .. would the girls want this up by the time we get round to doing the room?!".. i was ready to let her know that for the time being i would give it a little home it being stuck up in a dusty old loft until the time comes for them to make that room into a girls space.. ( and by that time they wont want this up anyway!)
so home it came with me and i got the hubby to put it up in the kitchen!

i just think its soo cute .. i think it was my mums.. i think she bought it from the charity shop .. had it on her wall for a while then passed it onto my sis who has never used it.. so as is usually the case in our family it just went on to the next member of the family!!..

were we put the little cupboard little tea and cakes chalk board was there so i moved it next to the shelves near my sink and i like it better there than before i think..

heres a corner of my kitchen pic!!..


really could do with replacing the washing machine curtain .. somehow i managed to set the bottom of the fabric along with my sock on fire so its all scorched i don't even know how it happened.. i think it was off a piece of burnt toast haha.. the things that happen in kitchens hey!!

Sunday, 27 March 2011

ABC easy as 123

well i have spotted this on a few blogs and have decided that as i have nothing to write about today i'll have a go at this.. .. its the abc of my life... here goes!!

A. Age:30 - eeek how did that happen!!

B. Bed: Double really could do with a much bigger one considering the baby's get in with us every early morning .. not doing anything for my back!!

C. Chore you dislike: cleaning the bathroom.. i don't know why but i hate doing it ..especially the floor

D: Dogs: i like little cute pups but then they grow so i dont like them then!.. we are not having a dog for a pet in our house .. i do keep having to tell the rest of the family who at this minute are on a "lets get a dog " campaign

E. Essential start to your day: two cups of coffee one after the other

F. Favourite Colour: pink.. then blue and red

G. Gold or Silver: Silver

H. Height: 5ft 5

I. Instruments you play(ed): i was actually in the school brass band were i played the euphonium but i couldn't actually play anything and couldn't even get a sound out of it so i use to pretend to play it when the whole band was playing!!

J. Job: housekeeper to a very fine family ... ( my own!)

K. Kids: 2 boys

L. Live: a very small town in between liverpool and manchester.. not very exciting.. has more kebab shops than anything else!

M. Mom's Name: sue

N. Nicknames: charl, and lotty

O. Overnight stays in hospital: stayed overnight when Ive had the baby's and then had to stay in with my little boy when hes been a bit poorly..

P. Pet Peeves: people swearing really loudly when my children are around.. holding the doors open for people and them just walking through and not saying thank you or even acknowledging that I'm stood rudeness basically!

Q. Quote from a movie: " the air was full of spices. !" colonel Brandon ( aka the delicious alan rickman) in sense and sensibility

R. Righty or Lefty: Righty

S. Siblings: 1 sister and 2 brothers

T. Time you wake up: usually from about 6.30 onwards..

U. Underwear: grey !!

V. Vegetables you don't like: peas, sweetcorn and sprouts ( Although i make my boys eat all of these and tell them off for not eating their greens!)

W. What makes you late: i always start to tidy up the house just as I'm suppose to be leaving ..i always do it and am always late it drives the hubby mad but i just cant leave the House untidy

X. X rays you've had: my teeth, my head and my neck

Y. Yummy food you make: I'm a good is a little bit on the dodgy side.. although i do make a mean chicken casserole

Z. Zoo animal favourites: I'm rubbish at the zoo as i wont go near any of the animals as I'm a bit of a wuss !.. don't mind the penguins!

so there you go.. my abc.. whats yours!!

Friday, 25 March 2011


this is more of a Friday night frock ... and theres no frock but for the first time jeans are making an appearance!!

i live in jeans .. i am actually in need of some new jeans now as one pair has got paint all over them and my other pair are actually to small ( eek diet time again me thinks!) .. so at the minute i only have one pair of skinny jeans that are half decent!

so as its a Friday night i thought i would show an outfit that i might . .( given half the chance!) wear if i was going out for the evening.. Ive always thought Friday nights tend to be the more casual of the weekend .. well in my hey day it was. i would wear jeans or trousers on a Friday and then the little dress would come out on a Saturday!

i picked up this top from the charity shop this week £2.99

i love it... the nude shade makes for a great background to the black floral pattern..

its buttoned up the back and has the same lovely button detail on the cuffs..

its also a little bit floaty so covers a multitude without looking like mama cass in a kaftan!

teamed with my straight leg jeans which are dotty p's but i bought them from the charity shop £3.99
they are a lovely fit, quite flattering on actually which is always a bonus!

now i would have to wear these beauties .. eeeek i bought these this week as a treat to myself .. don't you think they are just gorgeous ..

and guess what they are really comfy as well .. i think its the platform that makes them so comfy..

these were from NEXT and did actually cost me £25 but i feel as they will go with so many things that they are bound to pay for themselves in the end!!
i just think the colour goes perfect with the top and as they are so fantastically high and gorgeous they instantly glam up any outfit!!

to add hint of sparkle but not to much Ive topped the outfit off with a necklace that i bought on our honeymoon in Greece ..

add to it a vintage clutch bag that i found in our loft not long after we had moved in and I'm ready to go..

just need to order the taxi and put on my lipstick...

reality ... I'm just running a bath and am going to read the latest Maeve Binchy whilst enjoying a very large glass of rose!!...

Thursday, 24 March 2011

one hundred and fifty pence

was all this little beauty cost me!!...

£1.50 for the little piece of gorgeousness!!

... i bought it from the charity shop in town, now this is the shop were when you ask how much something is they give you the once over and usually add another couple of pounds on.. so i was expecting it to be over a fiver at least.. but there is a little old lady who works in this shop who likes me and my mum, and it was her who was on the till when i went in...

when i spotted it i went straight over to it to have a look at it and when i turned round she was already stood behind me saying "its lovely that isn't it.. just needs a bit of tlc ..are you going to have it!!?" so i asked her how much it was and she said "oh lets say £1.50 i nearly hugged her but didn't want to draw attention to it.. as I'm sure the manageress would have charged in and said it was actually £8.50 as she tends to do!!..

so here it is. i have wanted one of these sewing boxes for so long but i have always found them to be terribly overpriced ..for now its got a little home next to the fireplace..

the boys keep messing with it opening it up and the like so all that can be heard from our house at the minute is my dulcet tones shouting "leave it alone.. can i Not have anything nice for more than five minutes!!"..i am a right battle axe i do admit it!

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Tuesdays thrift & an award!

well the sun is shining .. it feels so lovely on your face when your'e walking.. if i close my eyes and not look at the bare branches on the trees i could almost think it was summer

however it is still not warm enough for a sleeveless short jumpsuit that i spotted a girl in before
( and how come these girls all have smooth brown legs and brand new summer outfits on when its still March!!)

it is i have to admit beautiful to be out in the sunshine.. it made me feel that motivated that i even took the baby to the park.. a very rare occurrence for me.. i hate the park.. i hate the constant lifting them up on to the slide.. and then running round to the bottom to make sure they don't go flying off.. i hate the muddy grass and the fact that when its time to leave they normally start kicking up a fuss lying in the muddy grass and i end up in wrestling them into a pram...

but it was alright today!!.. i even managed an hour.. now that's a good mummy don't you think.. usually its fifteen minutes and that's their lot!

anyways to reward myself for my park visit, me and the bubs popped into town before just to have a mooch.. i came away with a few things!

i think the sun was making me aim for brighter things.. as i picked up a flask type item ( it is designed to keep your drinks hot or cold but its got a pushy button not a cup for a top so don't know what you call it!)

but i just loved the bright pattern .. it came with the original box which shows off some more funky patterns..

i love this bird one i think i would have that one as well so might have to have a mooch on eBay for something similar!

i love the little pictures on the back and how very politely we are told it keeps our brews .. "any way you wish!!"..

kinda loving the girls yellow flares in this picture!!

then this bangle which is very like the striped pattern on the flask thingy isn't it.. i need some jewellery for summer time and this would definitely brighten up a dull outfit!

then i picked up ( or dropped actually oops) what i think is jam pot..

a big strawberry!!.. when i lifted the lid out dropped the spoon and broke on me.. stuffed that back into the pot hoping no one would notice.. the lady at the till did.. but gave me 50p off !!!

I'll just have to get the superglue out later !

then these two little glasses.. the red one definitely is a candle holder..but i think the blue one is just a little dish.. but that's going to be a candle holder to.. i love popping tea lights into any old thing.

so there we go.. a nice bright day.. can you believe i haven't got any pegs.. ( i seem to have lost them all since last year how mad is that!) so have not been able to hang my washing out.. a trip to asda should rectify that.. as clothes just brought in off the line has to be one of the best smells ever!!!

well Ive won the from the lovely blog a Liebster Blog award!!
( if you haven't already gone checked out this Lady's blog please do .. its lovely full of lovely pretties and room makeovers.. its great !!)

Thank you for thinking of me in your nominations lovely.. just wondered though what does Liebster mean.. is it a bloggy term that Ive never heard of or is something so obvious that Ive showed my true thick colours!!

so the rules for this are that i have to link it back to the blogger who awarded me and then pass it onto other lovely blogs who have under 300 followers but I'm sure most of you lovely bloggers already will have received this by now.. ( and if you haven't .. you can now!..) so for anyone who reads my ramblings well you deserve an award just for that anyways.. so take it for yourself and stick it on your sidebar.. go on you deserve it!!
i love all the blogs that i read, i love blogging i really do.. i very rarely buy housey mags these days as all the beautiful blogs out there really do fill my nosy, creative, inspirational needs so i think you all deserve it !!

that may not be the rules to the award but hey its allowed!!

Monday, 21 March 2011

weekend haul

i had a right haul this weekend and i didn't step near a shop all weekend.. spent Saturday at the park with the children and yesterday i wasn't feeling very well so spent all day in my pj's ( even missing out on a roast dinner .. that's how ill i was feeling!) ..
but somehow have still managed to accumulate a great little amount!!

first off i was given lovely bedding from the hubby's gran.. Ive already changed the bedding so i could put this one on my bed ...
now even though i have a blue bedroom i don't normally go for blue bedding ( apart from the rosali of course!) but it looks so pretty.. i love the pleated edging on this and the little beads on the flowers.. very pretty..

and then there is this lovely set.. a lovely cornflower blue with the prettiest little floral pattern and lovely edging..

then my mother in law rang on Saturday night asking if i wanted the cupboard that's in her hallway.. (did i ever.. have been lusting after this for ages..!!) so off went the hubby yesterday to pick it up..

I'm going to give it a pretty vintage paint job!!.. and i think i might change the handles but i love this cupboard.. i love the shape of it and since I've been together with the hubby i have always wanted this cupboard as i could see it all shabbied up!!.

then came a few more surprises.. all this lovely glass ware..

now you just cant beat a good clear out can you and even better if the stuff that's being cleared out comes in your direction!... i love that people know i will have their stuff.!!

i love this pineapple dish..

and then this dish which reminds me of a punch bowl was the hubbies grans... great grans... a proper antique .. will have to keep this somewhere very safe..
i think its two fishes holding the bowl..

Ive tried to show you the detail on it but as this camera is like a child's camera its not come up very well...

a few more pretty dishes.. one that is probably going to go in our bedroom for little trinkets..

and a trifle bowl and nice dishes for salads when we have guests..

next we have some fairy lights..

i lurve fairy lights and its very handy as the ones around my fireplace have finally given up the ghost and Ive really noticed the difference so i am going to put the white cable ones around the mirror and find a home for the others somewhere!!

then my sister popped round with a bag of clothes, she was having a little clear out and gave us these little numbers!

so all in all.. i don't think Ive had a bad weekend do you!!

hope you had a good weekend to and were able to enjoy the spring sunshine that we had. if you got into a certain spot the sun was warm it was lovely!