Saturday, 30 May 2009

pretty dishy!

take a look at this lovely dish i bought for 20p.yes a whole twenty pence...!!

its a little serving dish with little sections so i think i may use this for when I'm having a cheeky gin and tonic and do require a selection of peanuts as an accompaniment!!!

you cant really tell with my rubbish photography skills but the edges are raised flowers..its so prett, its got a crack in it so i'm just hoping it doesn't break the first time i use it!

we are having my sister, bro in law and family round later for a BBQ so this may make an appearance at one point in the night even if its just me boring them with how pretty i think it is!!

speaking of dishes ..did anyone catch Brandon flowers from the killers on Jonathan Ross last night ( see what i did there!!)
honestly i think I'm in love with him!!

me and my sister went to see them in March and had such an amazing time.. they were fantastic he is such a showman as well..ooh this fancying a band member is taking me back to my Take That days when i was at school, I'm going to end up putting posters up of Brandon above my bed ..ha ha can you imagine the hubby's face if i did that!!
well i taped it so you know what I'm going to keep watching now don't you.. all 5 minutes of Brandon's loveliness.. ( although saying that he doesn't say a i would probably start to wind him up with my big gob!)

well it looks like the lovely weather is staying with us .. yippee.. there were a few miserable days this week but this is more like it don't you think ! we are off to a big park today with a picnic, we were going to go to a beach but the weather man says that there is a cool breeze on the coast so I'm staying inland!!!

hope you all have a good weekend..


  1. brandon is the bomb. the sex bomb.

  2. wow that dish is gorgeous!! both of them ;)

  3. Didn't see wossy, but might catch him online but love your pretty dish and I love that it has all the aging marks etc...well spotted xx